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  1. How many members + a little more info on the clan?
  2. Greetings! *deep bow* The name is Archon SNiPER, and the game is Halo 4. I've surprised myself with this game, coming out on either top or in second place every game so far; usually with a Sniper Rifle or a Directed Marksman Rifle. I'm currently 17 years old, and I've played Halo for 4 years now. I'm looking for a clan to play with, so I don't keep on getting stuck with people who, quite frankly, are very bad. (inb4 egotistical) NOT JUST ANY CLAN, HOWEVER!!! I'm looking for a clan that fits at least two of the following criteria: 1. COMPETITIVE ~ This means that its members play to WIN, not just **** around. 2. TIGHT-KNIT ~ This means that its members look out for each other, and cover each other's asses in combat. 3. WILLING TO GET BETTER ~ Exactly as it says. I want to play with people to want to get better, as I want to as well. Please reply or message me if you are in a clan that fits at least two of the above criteria. Thanks!! Bump.
  3. It's been stated that the Directed Marksman Rifle(DMR) and the Battle Rifle(BR) do the same amount of damage, although the BR spreads that amount of damage over the course of three bullets. It is true that the DMR has a faster rate of fire, but it is untrue that the DMR does the same amount of damage to anywhere on the body, that a BR does to the head. A single shot from the DMR is = to one shot from a BR, spread over three bullets. It IS possible to drag the bullets from a BR shot into a spread, therefore increasing the area that can be hit. This however, could cause the enemy to only take one or two of the bullets from the BR. If you pit two inaccurate players against each other, jumping and moving around, one with the DMR and one with the BR, the BR will win because of the higher chance to hit (Theoretically of course. There are factors to consider, including terrain, power-ups, and grenades.). If you're a better shot, USE THE DMR, IT IS BETTER IN THAT SITUATION. tl;dr use a DMR if you're good; BR if you're bad
  4. Scratch that, I'm leaving Saturday, June 2nd. Friday night, June 1st is my only option until the 5th I think.
  5. That works better for me anyway. I'm leaving school a week early, so I have to take my finals a week early too; one two-hour final after school every day from Tuesday to Friday. I'm using the entirety of Sunday and Monday to sleep, wake up, study, wash, rinse, repeat.
  6. Sweet. You want to get something together on Saturday?
  7. Hola, My name is Cynicz00. Well, at least it is to the Internet. I'm 16, a sophomore in high school, and f*cking sick of the stereotype my age group has become, and so I came to the Internet and gaming. Here, I've been able to converse with people that don't have the combined IQ of soap. As you can see, I lead an exciting life. To preserve my grades, I only play Halo: Reach competitively during the weekends, but I'll be on multiple hours every day in about a week when finals are over. Things that might interest me in you, or you in me: - I'm just started playing Halo: Reach again after a break, so I'd like a "clan" or just some cool peeps to play with online. My new "friends list" is empty. - My K/D is positive 4/5 times (I'm basing that off purely vague memory). - People that kill teammates for "power-weapons" should die in a fire. Underwater. In a volcano. - Dat Halo 4. - Interested in career in game model design. Not necessarily Halo, but obviously that'd be cool. If you know how one would get started with the basics of that aspect of game design, drop me a message. That about wraps it up. I look forward to doing "whatever people do here" with you guys. Dearest Regards, - Cynicz00
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