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Found 13 results

  1. When I first joined the Halo community and signed up here at 343i.org, I did so with no thoughts of a lasting membership. I was looking for short-term help in operating Halo: Reach's File Share, but I ended up staying longer than I ever expected. Honestly, I fell in love with the community here and determined in myself that I would do my best to give back to the Community I had come to enjoy so thoroughly. Eventually I was offered a position on the staff as a Newsgroup writer- a position I was far from familiar with, having only posted a few articles prior to joining the team alongside Adam91 and Cooliest. While I didn't particularly enjoy the brutal task of searching for the latest news and typing it up, I did enjoy being part of what keeps the community active and closely knit. As the summer of 2014 rolled in, I knew that I would be partaking in a variety of endeavors that would keep me away from the gaming community and my laptop for a good chunk of the summer. I didn't want to occupy a staff postion that I wouldn't utilize and was instead moved to Communications to run the Community's Twitter. Upon returning I was offered the chance to join the ranks of one of the most demanding positions in the community; one requiring mature discernment and responsibility. I accepted and in August of 2014 I became a Community Moderator. I do so enjoy being a part of this community. I've had the opportunity to work on incredible projects with some of the most prominent members of this site, and I've been befriended by so very many of you. I've never experienced a community that has what this Forum has in terms of leadership, all the way down to new members that are already doing things to help the community. To receiving my first friendly PM from Victory Element, To spending hours chatting with Azaxx, To laughing with AD and Spades on Friday night, To running for President alongside Mayh3m (Tony Stark; SilverCenturion; whatever he's calling himself this week) and then later winning it alongisde Vitamin PWN, To that trading card game we set out to work on when Bnus first joined, (Even though I kept forgetting to check the skype chat :T) To that 2014 Fresh Start that would've never happened had Osi not been persistent in getting my attention, To the listening of Sparky's bedtime story (and the losing of its bookform and the burningdown of the house D:) To the laughing with Cooliest as Osi shot the rocket launcher in fornt of the wharthog, (That was the best campaign run ever.) To the tutilage of Halo and Moderating under Mayh3m, (Even though I showed you a thing or two when we took it to Madden ;D) To the PM subfolders that never were, (Red.wai ;- To the Truth or Dare game that left me sore from laughter, To the many time I managed to give Red a mini-stroke, (I'm so glad you survived) To Austin, and his love of beanies (and Taylor Swift) To Zelda and Hippie for putting up with my jokes, To Halo5Follower's friendship and cat, To debating Dircector, losing, and trying again anyways, To Danny's good luck that never was, To each and everyone of the members that made coming here everyday special, Thank You. I have so many memories with so many of you, but I only have so much time to dedicate. I love being a member of this Forum- that will never change. I write all of this to say, my life is changing. I've moved once in the past few months, and will be moving again within the coming months. I'm nearing the end of high school and preparing for college. I will be facing a lot of firsts, but no matter how much my life changes, one thing will remain the same- I love this Forum. I'll always remember the members here. Thanks for the memories. -BZ1
  2. So, I was just scrolling through web pages the other day. Then I saw this video. I feel as if BZ1 is having too much time on his hands. http://img.ifcdn.com/videos/3f8353f7acea5ad64cd872778e8b7860fdf581127ea08e837db107874751a5f0_1.mp4
  3. Sorry for the delay this month, it's been quite the busy start to a month but now that there is time to rest The Caption Contest must begin Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. *Looking at you BZ1!* One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what SignalingLionBait-1 said. Wolololololololololol." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. Have fun, PLEASE wear underwear, ALWAYS say never, may the odds be ever in your favor, get busy livin' or get busy dying. Alright now with the rules out of the way, get captioning: Thx to F1ZM/Yang/DarkAngel for the image suggestion. If you have any questions, concerns, or pictures that you'd just love to see me use in next months caption contest please do not hesitate to PM me.
  4. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    My Signature
  5. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    Signature for BZ1 NG
  6. Welcome everyone to the official 343i "Who Wore It Best?" This is a new game that I hope each all of you will either compete or at least vote in. The rules are quite simple and instructions are listed below: The Game. The game consists of 12 Rounds, each round consists of 3 Phases, each of which you have a particular task to accomplish. Phase 1 (Preparation) Phase 1 is about a 3 week long period. Members will use this time to create a Profile picture and a signature based off of the theme I provide. Phase 2 (Submissions) 3 Weeks after the theme is announced, members will "wear" their profile picture and signature for that one day. On that day, members MUST post in the submission thread provided, their profile picture and their signature to be eligible. Phase 3 (Voting) On the morning of the next day the voting will begin and last for four days. (You cannot vote for yourself) Once the voting is complete (the four days are over) the participant with the most votes will win. If You Win If you win a round you will be added to the list below and you will choose the theme for the next round. (Note: You have 24 hours to PM me with the new theme, if I do not receive a PM with the theme from the winner, I will choose one myself OR choose one that other members have suggested to me via PM.) At the end of 12 rounds, the member with the most rounds won, will be the member "Who Wore It Best" Rules: All submissions must succumb to the same size restrictions that are already set for Avatars and Signatures. Do not have any questionable or inappropriate content in your Avatar or Signature. Do not post more than (1) Avatar for each theme Do not post more than (1) Signature for each theme "What if there is a tie?" If there should be a tie, there will be a re-vote the next day consisting only of those members who tied. If a tie breaker results in a tie, I will flip a coin to determine the winner. -Members Who Have Worn It Best- Total Mayh3m Vitamin PWN Round 3 The theme for Round 2 is "Unggoy" -Phase 2 begins April 7!- Good luck to all the particpants! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion? Message BZ1
  7. STATE OF THE FORUM ADDRESS By VitaGuy & BZ1 My fellow forumites,i thank you for picking me to join Beckoningzebra1 as co-president. Now i'm gonna keep this concise so open your ear holes and listen up! I know stuff seems bad right now, we got that purple shortage going on, an overabundance of the letter y, and bunch of other bad stuff too. My presidential partner BeckoningZebra1 and i are gonna fix that! We'll ship out our extra y's haul in some purple, and while we're at it we'll fix the forum economy and make sure all forum members have fresh oxygen to breath! In addition to all that, we're gonna make the forums a safer more civilized place for members, all while increasing the awesomeness 10 fold! Now you may be thinking what do you want from us? all we ask from you is precious little, all we're asking you to do is pull together with your fellow members and stay awesome! Thank you and we hope to have your continued support and trust. -Vitamin PWN My fellow forumians. It is an honor to be so graciously chosen to the office of co-President. Few members receive the chance to serve their Forum at this level, and I count myself blessed to be one of those few. I know we've been through some rough times as of late, we've had military coup, after military coup attempt to restore the democracy that the former President, Mr. Mudkip, demolished in wake of his dictatorship. Each attempt ending the same, as no one could withstand the Mudkip's strong willed tactics. He made the most of his term. He banned lover's of "Friday," tormented the bread people, and taunted ninjas. But his term is over. A new age has begun, one of Peace. With many disputes being handled already, we have already started the process of restoring the forum to the greatness that was. I and my counterpart Vitamin PWN, have bright plans for the future of the forum. -BZ1 We pray that you will back us, and that we will have your full support pressing on. THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF THE FORUM
  8. I wanted to do something special for my 1,000 post so I decided to write about my favorite armor ability, and why I think it should be in Halo 5. I hope you enjoy my 1,000 post, and post your thoughts below. Back in Halo: Reach, my favorite armor ability was Armor Lock. There were so many unique strategies you could develop from it. It allowed you to survive explosions, it was perfect for CQC pummels, you could ricochet projectiles with it, if you were really a team player it even allowed a distraction. Armor Lock became the first thing people think of when they hear Halo: Reach multiplayer. When the armor abilities in Halo 4 were being showcased I got a pretty excited seeing the Hardlight shield. I thought that 343 had decided that rather than completely removing an awesome gameplay element from Halo: Reach they'd just alter it a bit, or at least that's what I thought. Turns out they did remove armor lock following Reach's run. Completely. The Hardlight shield falls hard in trying to satisfy those that hated armor lock and those that loved it. Where Armor Lock was versatile for many play styles, the Hardlight shield's only use is to deflect. Well, I don't want to see the Hardlight shield return in Halo 5. I want to see Armor Lock return. I don't want to see Armor Lock return in Halo 5 in a way that it would cause gameplay to slow down. The only way I can see armor lock returning is if the way it's utilized is changed. What I mean is, no more 8 second Armor locking. Eight seconds is way too overpowered, I realize that. So what I suggest is quite simply make Armor Lock last for two seconds. When Armor Lock is used, it should deplete the entire refill cycle. The refill cycle can remain the same, I think it fits in quite all right with the current "play speed" in Halo. I also think that smaller vehicles such as the mongoose and the ghost should still explode when they ram into players in Armor Lock. But larger vehicles, such as the Wharthog and the tanks should only receive 1/3 or 1/2 the total amount of damage that particular vehicle can withstand. I think if Armor Lock were presented in a way such as this, that it would not only provide balanced unaltered gameplay flow, but also more innovative tactics and interesting CQC battles. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please be sure to tell me what your thought are on this and if you'd like to see Armor Lock return in Halo 5. -BZ1
  9. My fellow forumians. Friends, family, Jedi, mudkips, dragons, breads, dogs, the uncooked moa, rockets of all colors, and of course Skummgummigube, the time of elections has come again. This is a wonderful time, a time full of betrayals, blackmailings, shootings, subliminal messages, lies, and under handed methods of becoming the next president of the forum. If I've yet to receive your vote, please allow me the chance to convince you that I am the President you're looking for with the reasons listed below: I'm a Jedi. Honestly, does anyone remember the last time we had a Jedi for president? Jedi are used to handling things like mouthy politicians. We are the peace keepers, and peace will be maintained in the forum for the entirety of my term. I'm a zebra. There has never in the history of our great Forum been a zebra to receive the title "President of the Forum." Hopefully this election we can change that, together. I'm not a Pirate. Cling! Clang! Whewsh!- That, my friend, is the sound of pirates fighting. A sound that you'll be hearing throughout the next 4 months if you choose to elect a Pirate into the office of President. Pirates. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrule, the land of legends. The realm where a great hero resides. Someone who fights so very hard to defends the ones he loves. He does everything in his power to protect the people of Hyrule and save the princess. So how does the princess repay him for his actions? She doesn't. DDDDDDD: Rather she names his entire franchise after herself and doesn't even reveal her heroes name. I will not add anymore to this, I'll let you ponder in your thoughts when it comes to the ruler of Hyrule. Hyrulians. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Pokemon. I think we can all remember what the last term has been like with a Pokemon president. *cough*the mudkip*cough* Pokemon. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Skylander. Skylanders are fierce creatures that inhabit Skyland. They're most famed member, Spyro, is a purple, fire-breathing dragon. This mess the forum dictator has created will take a someone a bit more experienced to clean up. Skylanders. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a vitamin. Vitamins may keep you healthy, but are they good for you? Well according to our trusted scientist here at 343i.org, Dr. B.S. Bularky, every time you swallow one of those dreadful capsules it attaches on to the walls of your stomach. It can't be dissolved by the gastric juices. Rather it stays on the walls if the stomach and builds up making you look fatter after every dose. Eventually, you die. Vitamins. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not Silent. I won't be silent when the forum requires direction, but on the contrary I will do my absolute best to lead the forum through the voice of the members. Silence. It. Can't. Be. Trusted. I'm not a Yoshi. Yoshi has carried Mario many places, helped him solve many puzzles, and mad some pretty stellar jumps, but you know what? Every time Yoshi has ever been hit by a fireball, chased by a Chomper, Targeted by a Bill, or touched by a goomba, he's fled. He's left the battle, leaving the plumber in the red hat all alone, without a weapon. Yoshi. They. Can't. Be. Trusted. http://youtu.be/Lzh0KbZCGDs Vote BeckoningZebra1. -A President, you can trust. Please note that this is for fun and does not in any way, shape, or form, represent my actual views of these members. I like to consider each of these members my friend. I have deep respect for them and wish them nothing but the best of luck this upcoming election.
  10. 2014 Fresh Start Hello everyone BZ1 here and I'm teaming up with Onsokumaru to announce the first play date of the year! Here's Onsokumaru with the details: Hello Friends! I hope your ready for the first event of the year! The game will be on Halo 4! We have great a game type line up for the event including: Infection(Flood), Sword Duels, Dominion, King of the Hill, Battlefront and so much more!! Also I will be introducing Dynasty Warriors! Prepare to battle your foes in head to head air battle to show which team is the strongest Space Warrior! Time: January 3, 10:00pm EST We'd like to see some new faces at this playdate, it'd be great if we could have some of you green members participate as well as you older members. We need to Kick of this year right by playing Halo with our fellow members of the forum! We hope to see you at the event! Be sure to RSVP below!
  11. As You all know Wednesday is Halo 4's First Birthday! And to celebrate this 343 industries is adding a new playlist just for this very special day. The Halo 4 Birthday Fiesta playlist will be featuring mini festive-colored Spartans and FFA Fiesta Slayer gameplay and I believe there'll be confetti involved as well. What's that? You say you'd love to participate in the the new 24-hour only playlist and unlock the new special 343i emblem as well, but you don't have anybody to play with? IT'S OK! You see UNSC Spartan-II and myself have decided to Host playdates so you don't miss out on this very special event. The first lobby will be held from 1:30-3:30pm EST (6:30-8:30pm GMT) and will be hosted by UNSC Spartan-II The second lobby will be hosted by yours truly, and will run from 10:00-11:00pm EST (3:00-4:00am GMT) I hope you can all attend and I look forward to seeing you there! EDIT: Be sure to RSVP by sending BZ1 or UNSC Spartan-II a message.
  12. Do you like having fun? Do you like Halo? Do you like being able to log onto a Forum and see beautifully detailed, well thought, tidy discussions? Guess what, we do to. You see, Total Mayh3m and myself love these things mentioned above. We strive to keep the Forum a happy fun place, that is why we have decided to start a dual USF campaign so that we can help even more. Mayh3m and myself would like to ensure nothing but the best for our Forum, right up to the leaders themselves. But you may be asking yourself, "Why would I vote for these guys? What makes them so different from the rest of the competition?" And you are completely entitled to ask a question like that and I'd be more than happy to give you an answer. Total Mayh3m joined this site back in October of 2011 and within 4 months he had obtained an award known as "Forum Defender." Later he received an award called "The Dog." These awards are reserved for only the most dedicated of members. Total Mayh3m worked hard to become one of the greatest members this site has ever known eventually even reaching the ranks of Community Moderator. And now recently Total Mayh3m has secured his position in this site's memory never to be forgotten. Total Mayh3m is a Legend of the Forum. A well deserved title for him, and I'm sure you'd agree. Credit to SelfDestruct Now I don't have nearly the resume of TM3. I've only been on this site for about 10 and a half months, but I've received my more than generous share of awards, -----some include------- the likes of "Member of the Month" ---- for my dedication to the forum-----and one I hold dearly "The Dog." Now this is all in the past, and I know we can't become President if we're living in the past, but we're not done. Total Mayh3m and I still have so much more to give to this site. We will continue to work profusely to keep this site tidy and clean, and work even harder to make it as Great as Halo itself. Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope if I have not persuaded you to vote for us, that I have inspired you to do something great yourself. VOTE TM3+BZ1 USF PRESIDENT 2013
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