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Found 9 results

  1. Hope you guys get a laugh from the second part of Bungie's Community Theatre show.
  2. Hillo all, Azaxx here. This thread is about what you guys and girls have thought about the recent playlist; Community Forge Test. I honestly think that most maps are pretty much perfect. Though the map I believe called Despair is definitely the worst map by far. Incredibly one sided and poorly spawned. The centre section is poorly made for KoTH and the map is easily taken over by one team. Every time I have played on this map I've lost, and by a considerable amount. Although I am a good player and do have off matches every now and again. A loss of 40 kills for infinity slayer is just embarrassing and pathetic especially when you get the most kills on the team with 6. It only needs spawn work and less power weapons, and this map could become incredibly fun. But atm, it's terrible IMO. With that said, the remake of Blackout (shutout), Scythe and Simplex are superb maps. The spawning I found was perfect. The maps are easy to traverse and the weapons found on the maps aren't overpowering when one team gets most of them. I do like how they implemented a few different gametypes into the playlist, SWAT, Infinity Slayer, CTF and KoTH (may be more, but I've never seen them). This should be making KoTH fans happy, how they lost the standalone playlist a while back. Personally I think SWAT of Scythe has to be the best combination. The ease of moving and clear Line of Sight makes this a perfect map for it, and all 3 SWAT weapons. Magnum being my favourite for this map getting a nice 33-8 once. Though that was dwarfed by my game in Simplex going 44-18 . That sums up my opinion, so to all who have played it. What do you think of it?
  3. Azaxx

    I am back!

    Hillo all. As some of you noticed, I have increased my activity on here, and thought I might come back online once more. I will not be as active until exams finish, but I will be on for maybe 8 or so hours a day, not my usual 12 or more lol. Anyways, nice to see my shout box lead wasn't taken, that's a plus I can take from this break One thing I ask though, what happened that was important that I missed on my break? Thanks and see'ya around all.
  4. A group of three including myself have come up with this month's Top 15 Members. The following members have been very dedicated, have good behavior and most importantly don't 'aim' to be on this list, they do stuff for others out of kindness. This list will not be numbered, as all are equally deserving of this special placing. Now to the list, these candidates are our Septembers top 15! The Director Azaxx GermanShepherdD Archangel Tyrael Absolute Dog Choot 'em Zaguroth Quantum CandiBunni Sykowolf Total Mayh3m Bullet DoctorB77 Mr.Biggles Congratulations to these people, well deserved. Look forward to next month's picking!
  5. Well, as some of you know, I kinda came back to the shoutbox today, without saying I'm back. So uhhh, I'm back. To all of those who posted in my departure topic, thank you, it does really mean a lot to me. I still won't be as active as I used to be, but I'll still be here watching and posting. Oh and one last thing. What happened when I was away, I didn't pay that much attention to stuff, except very important things here. Azaxx
  6. As 'some' of you know I have issues from this site and my personal life. Stuff that has upset and annoyed me. So I decided to take time off and do stuff that i need to attend to, like my failing grades at school and other things that I wont talk about. Im going to take 1-2 weeks off the site to cool down and such, might be longer or shorter, but that depends on how I feel. I'll come on for the PM's I get and to reply to them. But I'm not posting or helping in the shoutbox, so Donut the shoutbox is all yours once again. I'll only post if it's absolutely needed. Like the Spectral Jester Playdate. But apart from that, I wont be adding to the site, because it's unneeded. I hope you guys enjoy spam free shoutbox and forums, and I'll see you whenever I return.
  7. OK. Hillo! WEll I got bored and decided to draw some Halo pictures, with a pencil, no colours. And I asked if anyone wanted a picture done. Vitamin PWN said yes, and gave me a ODST image. So i did it and here you go Vit! If anyone want pictures done by me for them, request here. That's if you want epic drawings Note, they have to be related to Halo, and you must provide an image. [Also I know that picture is hard to see, I didnt have a camera so I had to use the ipad lol]
  8. Got some bad news today, regarding my schooling and grades. This is a major set back for my life, and I really have to get it back on track otherwise my future life wont be good as I want it to be. This in turn is setting back things I really enjoy, like gaming in general, having fun on the pc, which includes this community forum. But as I was chosen as Member of the Month, I feel I am to continue shoutbox spamming, and posting as I do, but at a lot lesser rate. I will come on a couple of times during the week, to check up on this fantastic forums, pm's, shoutbox and my beloved awards. I will continue to post Halo 4 News, on my ongoing topic, and post art when I can. Sad I have to leave you guys and girls, but once I get everything in my life sorted out, I promise I will come back to these forums, to have fun as I have done in the past. So long, and see you when I do. - Azaxx
  9. Ok, HILLO, thought i might say that! Not long ago i made a topic of my 500th post, with members who at the time made a difference to me on this site. But this topic is about who helped me from when i started here, to this post. This is a very selective group of people, please don't be hurt if you aren't mentioned, as i said this people who have been there ALL of the time i have been here. The order is in order of posts, not order of awesomeness. Spectral Jester ~ This british man is a true hero to this site, i have enjoyed his company and his dedication like his weekly marketplace updates, this man puts so much time into this site its not funny...well it kinda is i guess lol. Also, Aussies are better in cricket SJ,not the poms Absolute Dog ~ He is a main reason I joined so many things in this site, his baby; the forge competition was such a big thing to me, though i didn't come first, it was such a nice thing to be in, and what he does to make us happy goes a lot of the times, unnoticed. But also seriously dint trust him, your name will be changed . Mr. Biggles ~ Our happy british member, like SJ azwell (aza, aswell....get it...lol) but yeah, a true helper to the site, he is a very proud member, also a kind and caring one who loves to help around. And good job on the cyan Biggles. Vitamin PWN ~ Late at night is when I get bored, and do you know who is on to keep me entertained, yes it's Mr. V. Because my timezone as you may know is very different to most of yours, i don't get to speak to anyone much, but he is always happy to speak to me and have a joke azwell. Thanks for staying up late Mr. V! ZB-85 ~ ZB, is i think our kindest member, no offence guys/girls, he will always welcome anyone, no matter who they are, he doesn't get into fights, he does hold grudges, he is a genuine happy, and caring person. Thanks for always welcoming me! Ms. Mystic ~ One of the kindest people I know ever, on the internet and in RL, she really cares what goes one with people and does her best to be kind. She stands up to her opinion which not many people do well. Thanks Mystic for the good times we've had. Donut ~ The funniest member I believe, an amazing forger. Though he can get angry with members, its his happiness and ability to be funny what counts. Donut is also someone you can rely on to play with, he also makes brilliant machinimas and I hope to see the newest one fully done soon! Thanks for all of my funny moments here Donut. Le Derp King ~ The first Aussie i have met on here, this person is a true helper when it comes to Halo, so you always rely on him, he sticks to his word and his dedicated with what he does. Have loves a chat with me and having fun,and thats what i value in people. Thanks again and go Essendon Bombers! Okay that pretty much is it for the main people I believe have helped me get to this incredible achievement, don't be sad if you weren't on this list, this was very selective and you still are awesome friends. Also thanks to Twam! for letting this site get regular maintenance and work on, without him, nothing would be achieved, though i don't understand anything about the computers and stuff that he goes on about. Also if I may, can i request that all of this text is changed to yellow as i cant do it on the ipad and if someone can, change the member names to the colour that is shown on this site...thanks! Ps. Im expecting a little award soon ! Your faithful Australian, Azaxx!
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