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Found 2 results

  1. Hillo well, it seems i had a pleasant surprise while i was in Chemistry at school today....i am the new MoM! hooray As May's Member of the Month, I have to give shout-outs, and i quick brief about the site, and me i think...or something like that lol. Well back in the day, when the site was still growing, a young Mudkip was born here, and did nothing...expect post like three things....then the mudkip grew up and evolved into an Azaxx. He then became active and gained friends, from the highest mods, to his beloved awards. He then posted quality posts, and shared some of his art work, because he loved the amazing forums that much. He then went on a mission, no become mod! He then gave up,...kinda lazy lol. He made the Official Halo 4 News Board, and still updates it with confirmed news! He then decided he could help more with the forums, and made a drawing request page, for members to post pictures, and get them hand drawn by him. This is going well, with it a 'hot' topic! He then...bored in chemistry, went on these very forums, to go afk whenever Fire said for me to stay on lol. Then he came back, then afk, then he finally came back...and he was minus green! So then he created this topic and realised that he is speaking in third person, but doesn't want to edit the entire post so continues.... He would like to give a very selected shout-outs to regular members. (not moderators) ZB-85 ~ One of the kindest members of the forums. He is a great member to talk to, because he will take his time to listen to peoples troubles. He is a great forum poster azwell and help members, without wanting anything in return. Archangel Tyrael ~ Though i like his other name better, because he killed kings lol, he is such a dedicated member and news reporter. On the field whenever possible, he goes out of is way to make sure the important news, gets to you! Theorix ~ My art God, I know the signature shop gets a bit heck-tick at times, but he makes sure all requests are done, to the highest level of ossimness. One day i hope I can be by your side. Ms. Mystic ~ One of my personal favourite members. She is always kind and caring towards other members. She makes the best comebacks I've ever seen on a forum, and her knowledge and fact giving in her posts shows a top quality poster. Glad she came back to the forums Le Derp King ~ This month and a bit before, he is always there when I'm on to break the silence ..or my spamming in the shout-box lol. He has a excellent eye for Forge, and has help me on a few occasions. Thanks again Derp. Now to the Moderators, former ones and the Admin; Twam, thank you in supporting me in what I have done this past month and beforehand, also thanks for the votes lol, and four cheers for our Moderators, they do a fantastic job keeping things ordered on this forum. Well I have one last thing to add, as the new MoM, i have been told i get a request that gets considered by the Moderators/Admin, and it hard to think so here this goes.... I suggest you have a few members with a rank called 'awards' or something and they can be PM'd about missing awards ect? That would take a lot of stress off of mods, they wouldn't even need to worry about them. And get constant private messages about the awards. So that raps up this post, hopefully I will be seen as a excellent member, even when this Honour expires. Thanks for this wonderful month. -Azaxx. ps. I leave you with, my best PC art lol, dont judge Theorix...
  2. Got some bad news today, regarding my schooling and grades. This is a major set back for my life, and I really have to get it back on track otherwise my future life wont be good as I want it to be. This in turn is setting back things I really enjoy, like gaming in general, having fun on the pc, which includes this community forum. But as I was chosen as Member of the Month, I feel I am to continue shoutbox spamming, and posting as I do, but at a lot lesser rate. I will come on a couple of times during the week, to check up on this fantastic forums, pm's, shoutbox and my beloved awards. I will continue to post Halo 4 News, on my ongoing topic, and post art when I can. Sad I have to leave you guys and girls, but once I get everything in my life sorted out, I promise I will come back to these forums, to have fun as I have done in the past. So long, and see you when I do. - Azaxx
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