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  1. I decided to play a few games of Flood to see if I could increase my commendation percentage. I checked my commendation stats before I started the game. During the match I received a "Final Conversion" medal which should have added towards my Flood commendation progress but it did not. Anyone else having issues with commendations not registering. Is it possible I need to wait for the stats to load? I know this isn't the case with any of the other comm.
  2. 8 hours is a long time for the servers to be down. A few hours is understandable, but 8 hours on a Friday night, is going to have a lot of people upset. You can get updates about the current server issue here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status Although it doesn't look like there has been an update for a few hours now.... Hurry up, we wanna play!
  3. Here are a few quick suggestions I believe are vital for better online/MM game play... 1) Allow parties to be visible in the pregame lobby. There is currently no way to tell if your opponents/teammates are partied up or not. HUGE DISADVANTAGE 2) Weapon spawns on Slayer, BTB & both regicide game types needs to be increased (especially heavy & mid grade weapons). Many times your ordnance is of no help, and weapons don't spawn often enough for the game to have that competitive nature you want. 3) The Flood are too strong in the Flood game type. The thruster pack is too powerful and allows the Flood way to much control of the game. Decrease health as well as thruster pack ability to even the odds. 4) This might be a long shot but I really think they should bring back Campaign scoring, medals and XP. I know there was issues with farming in Reach, but if you did it right you should be able to prevent this. With the way it stands now, once the campaign is completed there is no real incentive to go back and re-play.
  4. No worries. Sorry for the snappy reply....
  5. Thanks man, really helpful. Nice way to treat a new member of the forum....
  6. How long is the ban for? In Halo:Reach I believe it was 10-15 min.
  7. I know many Halo players have an issue with 343's implementation of kill cams in some of the MM play lists. I myself stand pretty neutral on the subject. I can see how they would be annoying for players who don't like/use them, but on the other hand it's nice to see how you were killed, by whom and maybe learn a few new strategies along the way. Now whether or not they determine to keep kill cams or not, I still think players should be able to read who killed you in the game/kill log after dying. In the play lists that don't have kill cams (dominion, BTB, etc.) it does not indicate anywhere on screen who just killed you. The re-spawn times are longer (with no instant spawn available) and by the time you are spawned your death is not listed in the log. This is extremely aggravating seeing as every other halo in recent memory listed this after your death. It's a huge disadvantage to not be able to see who killed you, as you cannot use opponents weapon and location info for yourself or your teammates!! 343 Please do something to fix this and at least briefly list who killed you after your deaths.
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