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  1. Well its got everything the halo reach forge had in the structures catagory but its a shame they havent added more to that, I am also bit dissapointed they didnt add a decal option to the pieces so that you could switch the item too for example the current wall piece still looks mettalic they added some fine detail but it still looks like a unsc piece there should be a decal setting to swap it so the overlay can change and look more like a covenant wall piece or a forrunner wall piece much like they do with the weapon decals you caan get.
  2. I would love to, but my creativity feels stiffilled opon playing some of the forge maps and seeing the lag of dead space available to creae what i want.
  3. Just been playing around in all the forge maps and seriously let down. I feel as a major forger from halo3 factory to halo reach's forge world I have created well over 100 maps. Let me go into why I am let down. Halo Reach because it was one single large world it meant there was a large amount of open free space to play with and create entirely original maps using only the pieces available. However sense Halo 4 split up forge into 3 maps they have seriously reduced the amount of dead space that so much more useful. In forge world there was enough space that you could lay down 20+ colossus walls flat and not run into anything or go out of bounds Now however you can hardly put down 5 without hitting a rock a tree a wall or go out of bounds. This i feel has really reduced the amount of creativity and individual imput. Don't get me wrong I love all the new textures and features the Halo forge 4 has to offer its much more user friendly theirs more items to choose from better lighting effects easier to control and navigate but there is nowhere to use or do anything. I feel the original forge world needs to be ported over and or a large empty space is necessary to give forgers the freedom to create what they want and not be forced to work around the preexisting surface or boundries that is available. Also why was the falcon taken way can any1 link me.
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