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Found 6 results

  1. This is going to be lengthy, so for those about to endeavor into the black hole I call a forum post, I salute you (TL;DR provided at end). I have been playing Halo all of my life, and I have an emotional connection to it that I don't have with any other game. My dad and I used to play the game together while I was growing up, spending hours upon hours just trying to get all the skulls and beat the games on legendary. I loved every damn minute of it, and that is still considered the best season of my life. My dad died my freshman year of high school, and still today, the halo series is my favorite video game series ever because I can go play it and just remember my dad and how much it meant to him to play with me. We were both so lost in the story of the game, and I had never been happier. I love this series with all of my heart. You have done a great job with what you were given, it is nearly impossible to satisfy an entire fanbase for something as large as halo, and seeing you continue to improve halo 5 well beyond its release is fantastic to see. These will be a few things that I think you could incorporate that would make halo 6 be a game that could rival even the first trilogy (as far as campaign goes). This is more for me than anyone else seeing as how this won't get noticed by 343i First off, Music. This is SOOOO important to many people like me who need to feel the emotion while playing. I felt like a bad *** at all the right times in the original trilogy, and also felt the sadness and seriousness when I was supposed to. The music is so important to this! I think along with a few adjustments to the music style now, the only thing I would touch is the volume. This is very noticeable in halo 4. My FAVORITE song from the halo soundtracks (besides under cover of night) is "Arrival" in halo 4. Pre-release, that song singlehandedly would get me juiced for halo 4. But when I played the campaign, the music was so quiet! that song came on at the perfect moment, but I could not enjoy it. You made such a beautiful blend of badassery and emotion into one song and then let it sit in the background. Please make music more of a focus in H6. Next is keep the extended universe to a minimum please! I didn't read any halo novels until after I completed the original trilogy and everything there was what I needed to know. I felt like the characters mattered, and they were all so cool and real. I come in to halo 5 and IDK what is even going on, like who the hell is this squad and why do I care? Buck is the only person who I was able to even recognize and relate to. Locke was so underdeveloped within the game, and that left a bad taste in the mouth. I don't want to have to spend a ton of time outside of the game to understand why I'm shooting. Just include a better narrative with the characters please! Also side note, please remove the squad system. I know that you want to introduce new things to the game, and i applaud you for being courageous enough to try, but your current campaign style just doesn't go with the halo games. And this last one is something that I have missed so much: REWARDING armor. Make us WORK for our armor, not just randomly give it out. H3 armor was so cool to me, and having to get achievements for armor made me invest so much time into the game, and I loved every second. The hayabusa armor baby let me tell you what I was the flyest 12 year old in the world. And the vid master MY GOD the vidmasters. I loved it and I know a lot of the community did too. Make it so that it isn't just head torso and legs. Add back in arms shoulders. I just want to get lost in the game looking for all of its little intricacies, and I can't really do that with these new halos. I am prob the only one that wants this but..... BRING BACK THE FLOOD PLEASE. They added so much depth and importance to your actions. They were a threat to the whole galaxy, and they were so freaky I loved it. Such a good enemy. It just doesn't feel like halo without them. A fist fight scene with chief. The halo 5 one was disappointing. It seemed slow and not like a supersoldier was throwing a punch. Ever move was telegraphed and easy to dodge. I want to see chief, the man who saved the f****** universe kick someones ***. Make the game rated M again, I want blood like the old days. Shoot an enemy, blood comes out. Simple. Finally, make your marketing campaign as epic, emotional, and gritty as halo 3's. When i see starry night to this day I die a little inside, and I get goosebumps. It was such a genius campaign, I want to feel that way for halo 6 so bad, I really do. The believe campaign was so good. Please 343 if nothing else, THIS. We love you 343i, we just want to see the best for the series that means so much to so many. Thanks for reading guys, have a blessed one. See you on the battlefield! TL;DR Improvements to music, minimizing of need for reading outside materials such as books for depth to story, rewarding of armor not microtransaction lottery thus giving campaign more replay value, bring back the motha F***** Flood, A GOOD fist fight scene with chief, Make the game rated M, and finally take note of the halo 3 believe advertisements.
  2. Hey guys; I've been a competitive Halo 3 die hard fan ever since I was a jit and now I'm 20. I haven't played halo since Reach. The game was okay, I stopped playing when I became a general or something. I lost the eagerness of trying to rank up because it didn't matter wether or won or lost I still rose in EXP. I saw halo 4 over some gameplay and thought it looked horrible. A lot of the aspects of the multiplayer didn't make sense to me from the variety of weapons on the map and random weapon drops to how the maps were constructed. But that's my personal opinion and a lot of people I know agreed with me as well as some people I read reviews over online. The online multiplayer was almost entirely unbalanced and just watching the gameplay hurted my eyes. Halo 4 isn't Halo, it's a completely different game. More or less a bad reboot of a Halo title. What keeps real Halo players playing after finishing the campaign is the multiplayer, everyone knows this. If the multiplayer is phenomanol for example: Halo 3 and Halo 2 then you'll gain a tremendous loyal customer fan base playing for years on end, waiting for the next sequel of the game to be mentioned. I sometimes have the urge to play Halo 3 but I'm busy studying most of the time for my next exam. I truly for the love of God don't want to see another grand disappointment from Industry 343 again in another Halo game; So here I am trying to make an attempt to reach out to the developers of Halo 5 in maybe making a difference in how the developers might change a few things. And I'm a point out some suggestions for you guys First off : 1. I don't need a 'guy' shouting in my ear piece about kill streaks and wether or not I get a double kill or a triple kill. Take the kill streak guy talking down a notch, it'll quickly get annoying for me and as well as other players. On top of that the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate about the gameplay, "4 against 1", "3 against 1", like shut up lol I wish there was an option to shut him up. And the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate of which game mode I'm about to play, I'm pretty sure I know what game mode I'm about to play when I choose from the option menu in multiplayer. Another thing too the 'Guy' mentions when and where the power weapons respawn again for Ex: Sniper, Sword, Rocket Launcher. I remember back in my day we had to memorize how long it took the power weapons to respawn. From my perspective the 'Guy' talking sucks the seriousness out of the game and brings the difficulty level down a lot. He talks a lot during gameplay it feels like he's always saying something It doesn't feel like I'm playing halo, you guys are trying too hard to make the game "cool", yeah it'll probably appeal to younger gamers but for older gamers that have played the previous games from Bungie, we don't like that. Haha. Make it an option wether or not we want more voice interaction from the game. 2. Did I see a deathcam in the beta? That has to go. This is not COD. This will ruin an old strategy everyone knows called "camping". Trust me, when I got a good camping spot with my sniper I don't want any enemy player knowing where I am. 3. The animations are cool and all but can they be a little quicker or can you just vanquish them all. I remember when I was playing Reach in a competitive game it'd take a whole millennium assassinating someone. When in Halo 3 it just took a little tap in the back to kill someone, and that kept the competitive flow of my game undisrupted and didn't leave me exposed to another enemy player since I can't do anything during the animation. 4. The game looks too easy with the jet-packs. You don't have to break a sweat trying to jump on a ledge, the jet packs do all the work for you. I remember in halo 3 that you'd have to find ways to get to those sweet secret spots and it took a skill to jump onto far away platforms not everyone could accomplish so easily. You built up that skill and make it into one of your tricks and that inhanced your competitive edge against other players who don't know the move. To be honest, that factor was one of the best things about playing halo 3 online. Maneuverability looks far too easy and can make the game sort of boring. Make the jet pack an option in one of the game modes. Like lets say Hardcore mode or Classic mode. 5. I didn't play the game my self so I can't say much else. I saw one other thing too; the stomping ability when you're in mid air and you can kill your foes underneath you is obviously taken from COD advance warfare. That has to be taken out or put as an option for a multiplayer match. You can easily just fly around stomping everyone you see in sight and them not knowing you're there. ________And that's it guys thanks for investing your time to read this I know it's kinda long but I had to say what was on my mind and I would like to see a difference in the new installment of the game. I care and I know a lot of my suggestions where opinionated remarks so don't critise me for speaking out I apprecaite it. I just signed up but I'm sure there's a lot of Bungie forum individuals here. The new Halo community shows promise trust me. You're company has great potential, hear us out and maybe we can make a great game together soon.
  3. i cant take full credit for the idea behind this topic, saw some other folks on here talking briefly about certain level modifiers from other games. well that got me thinking, i didnt realize that there are no built in hazards in h4 multiplayer maps. granted, some of the newer maps ive seen have started to add fusion coils back, but does any one remember the boundry turrets on snowbound, the bouncing bettys on sandtrap. what about the train on terminal (h2) <think thats the level im thinking. my point is, ive always thought that naturally occuring hazards in levels adds an element of chaos that makes the game fun IMO. neither team can fully compensate for such things, and i like haveing that neautral threat. even just effects for different levels would be cool. big sand storms that cut visibility in levels, fog, or other things to make subtle challenges. what do you guys think? what kind of level hazards/effects would be cool? would level hazards/effects even be good to add to halo multiplayer? let me know what you think
  4. Things I would like to see in future titles that can actually BE DONE with the Halo engine (terrain editors and cutting pieces wouldn't work): Precision editing returning: 'Nuf said. Interchangable palettes: Give us an option in the menu of which palette we would like to work with. In Halo 4 context, when you hit X, you'll see "Impact, Erosion, Ravine." Selecting one of these will lead you to the normal item menu, except eveything in there will have the skins of the selected palette. And not only three palettes from three maps. There are multiple themes we could use: Human Civilian, Human Slums, Human Military, Covenant, Forerunner, stone, etc. Weather Effects/ Time of day Effects: Easy to understand. In the gadgets menu, have a "Weather" menu. This will be similar to the visual filters. You place an orb on the map that will change the time of day and weather. Examples: Morning, Noon, Sunset, Night, Rain, Lightning Storm, Snow, Blizzard, Windy, Dusty, Light Rain, Cloudy. Environment Pieces: Also simple. Give us pieces that can change the environment around us. Trees, more rocks, shrubs, and terrain editing pieces. This wouldn't be a terrain editor exactly. Think of it like this: People already use rocks and tin cups to change the environment. Expand upon this idea, and give us smooth pieces with terrain skins of varying shapes and sizes to create smooth flat ground, or create rolling hills. They will still be made of individual pieces that can be placed on the existing terrain. Bulk pieces: We're almost there already with Coliseum Walls and the silo pieces on Impact. Give us large pieces with a low polygon count that can be used to create large environments at little cost on the engine. Large coliseum walls, entire ground structures (like the environment pieces), giant pillars, bigger ramps, that sort of thing. Better coordinates and rotational points: Think back to Reach. If you lined up a piece inside of anothe of the same dimensions and rotated it, it would still be inside the dimensions. This has been changed on some pieces in Halo 4, like the ramp 2X2 and corner 4X4. If you line them up then rotate them, they are off center. 343 needs to find the EXACT center of the pieces to set a rotation point. HOWEVER, they should not do this on pieces that are not an exact coordinate, like the 1X1 Tall and Thin and the Coliseum Wall. More on that here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/27355-colliseum-wall-problems-and-fixes/ More/Better canvases: Duh. Everyone complains about the current canvases. Now, they're not AS bad as everyone is making them out to be, but it would be nice to have some more user friendly canvses. Thank you 343 for listening to us and giving us Forge Island, but please do better with the default maps in the future. We don't want half finished "templates" to finish, but blank canvases to fully utilize. One example that I've talked about a lot is a snow canvas that would use the same texture mapping as the rocks on Ravine. They could make it so the pollar top of every piece that is exposed to the sky has snow on it. Scenery: We're getting closer with the inclusion of Dominion pieces as aesthetics, but there really should be more. Think of some of the maps in Halo 3. The first one that comes to my mind with aesthetic pieces is High Ground. That map had shelves, tables, radios, and laptops lying around. I'd like to see the inclusion of more practical aesthetic pieces like this in future titles. Dynamic Objects: Basically, give us stuff that moves. It's doesn't need to be anything crazy like custom moving pieces, but things like the Station Core on Impact. For example, give us a U shaped metal frame with movable gates attached to either side like in the back of High Ground. Nothing special, just a single piece that isn't stagnant. I'm probably missing some things, but I'll leave it open to you guys. What do you think? I'm trying to think of things they could add in that wouldn't disrupt the current engine or way the game handles. Forge is and always will be a map editor at heart, simply for easy of use. There are still many things that could be improved, and I want to hear if you guys have any ideas that could be implemented SIMPLY and stay true to what Forge is.
  5. Now look, Halo 4 is a great game, and the new infection mode looks fabulous, but there is one issue, the floods version of the sword has to much of a gap! Here me out, being a flood is suppose to make the character the underdog, and give the humans a chance to make it out alive when the time runs out, but the flood is way to over powered that it is just impossible. So I have a proposition, for custom games you should give us editors the option to choose which weapon the flood gets, so we can give them either the overpowered version of the sword, or the energy swords itself. Or even better, we can give the flood a freaking rocket launcher for all I care, please just make the change. <3. This would also help so many forgers who want to make small infection maps because the lunge would not be over done, and mini games because they could give the flood any weapon like in halo 3 and halo reach. Love, Dylan P.
  6. Just been playing around in all the forge maps and seriously let down. I feel as a major forger from halo3 factory to halo reach's forge world I have created well over 100 maps. Let me go into why I am let down. Halo Reach because it was one single large world it meant there was a large amount of open free space to play with and create entirely original maps using only the pieces available. However sense Halo 4 split up forge into 3 maps they have seriously reduced the amount of dead space that so much more useful. In forge world there was enough space that you could lay down 20+ colossus walls flat and not run into anything or go out of bounds Now however you can hardly put down 5 without hitting a rock a tree a wall or go out of bounds. This i feel has really reduced the amount of creativity and individual imput. Don't get me wrong I love all the new textures and features the Halo forge 4 has to offer its much more user friendly theirs more items to choose from better lighting effects easier to control and navigate but there is nowhere to use or do anything. I feel the original forge world needs to be ported over and or a large empty space is necessary to give forgers the freedom to create what they want and not be forced to work around the preexisting surface or boundries that is available. Also why was the falcon taken way can any1 link me.
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