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  1. Yikes, sorry. UGH I hate calling xbox live lol. I figured it was solely a Halo issue because everything in Live is working fine. I switched ISPs recently too and they say it's not their issue.
  2. Ok, so my Halo Reach matchmaking hasn't worked in three weeks now. Under network settings in the main menu, for upstream bandwidth and packet loss rate it is reading undetected but my NAT is open. Then in the matchmaking lobby it keeps telling me the Halo Reach server is unavailable at this time. EVERY other game I own works fine with matchmaking. It is just the Halo games. Same with Halo 3 and ODST. PLEASE someone help me. I have bought a new modem, doesn't work. I have switched ISPs, it does not work. What the hell could be wrong?? I've already reset the modem and the internet and cleared the cache on my xbox and reset my xbox's network settings to factory and reset them up. I have tried all those normal things. This is a serious issue I am having so please don't respond with "reset your xbox's internet settings". And my disc is not scratched, plus I have two copies of it and neither works.
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