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Found 30 results

  1. What do you guys think should be in Halo 5's forge? I think there should be placeable enemy spawn points, so you can fight Promethians or the Covenant on your own maps, flyable pelicans and phantoms, definately forge world, changeable themes for individual items, like UNSC, Covenant, or Forunner (halo reach style). Also, there should be weather effects such as snow, rain, sandstorm, fog, and some others. Please leave a comment with what you think should be in forge.
  2. This is a map built using mostly natural pieces. I added a shmeef in a boat as well. There aren't any base like structures. There is a small structure built into the side of the "mountain" which is a research facility. This map was intended for KOTH but I was having trouble getting it done. There is a warthog, banshee, mongoose, and ghost for each team. There is a rocket launcher in the research facility on top of the crate. There is a sniper rifle on top of the research facility. There is also a sticky detonator, scattershot, shotgun, and beam rifle. There are also neat spots for sniping. And some of them involve a little bit of parkour. And there are different routes you can take to get to the battlefield. Please check out my YouTube channel I dont have any Halo videos up yet but I will once I get a capture card. Thanks! link - https://www.youtube.com/user/blue14810 Here is the link to the map - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/923d367b-ed9e-4123-bcd0-12c1f7c81464 I got the boat idea from Oakley's boat tutorial video.
  3. Hey people! I know everyone probably knows about this already, But I feel like I should share this with everyone. Okay, So we had a pretty decent forge area in Halo: Reach. But have you ever wondered how much more space we could've had? Well, Here is a good example. See all of that space?! And only that small fragment was Forge World. Yes yes, I know it was an amazing area, With more land and ocean to use. (Thanks 343 for the Forge Islands, Totally the Forge World we wanted) But you know, This is crazy!! Imagine all the cool stuff we could've done with this space!! Leave your suggestions below. -Thank you, The Dumb Marine
  4. Gamertag: ChancierHornet Map: Lumberyard https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/dcd6132e-7699-47e8-95cf-7079cfb8845b Gametype: Timber https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/124d9e5b-0352-4a31-90da-911879e6dcb1 Lumberyard is a map designed to be played with the 343 Industries approved "Timber" gametype which contains an extremely hilarious mod. The main feature of this map is the fifty pine trees standing in a grid formation within the centre. What makes these trees special is the fact that they can be uprooted and used as an all manner of different weapons, from Sticky Detonators to the all favourite Gravity Hammer. The objective is simple. Use trees to destroy the opposing team and before long, not even a woodchuck can save them! 2-10 players recommended. *TIMBER GAMETYPE MUST BE USED FOR MODS TO WORK IN CUSTOM GAMES.*
  5. well this is just an idea i had and thought i should bring this up and share it but what i originally wanted from forge was to be able to not only make the map in any way but also be able to spawn enemies like the covenant and such but i dont want to do 10 or 15 at a time no i want to be able to spawn atleast 100-200 at a time a true challenge and testament to if you are a true spartan or not basically i wanted to be able to spawn armies of covies in forge and then play with a group and fight them back to an objective like i said this would be a great concept and id love to see it in an update for xbox live please feel free to add ideas to this and tell me what you think of my idea and if possible can 343 add this idea in an update to halo 4 and possibly any future halo games thanks solventdeath simply the idea is a massive combo of firefight but massive scale and forge so make as many enemies as possible and create the map to your standard i had a map built for the concept of maybe 12 spartans vs several hundred covies like 600 + depending on how long it takes because i wanted it to be set to keep spawning covies at a specific interval of time so like every 4 or 5 min maybe it spawns 200 more enemies untill you complete the objective but it would be a true testament of skill and true dedication to this game !
  6. If 343 makes a new forge world, they should maje so that you are able to create your own terrain and add your own weather. The map should be completely flat with no terrain, oly a flat landscape. This forge world would need its own gametype, and when you finish building the terrain, you would be able to go into normal forge to build your map. The weather setting should be in the terrain builder as well, but it would turn on when you are playing custom games. Also for u would be able to add snow, water, etc, to the map when you are on terrain builder. Right a post on what you think, and if you have any ideas.
  7. I really hope I'm just getting the wrong impression, but right now, forge mode looks pretty bad. There is no massive "Forge World" like in Halo: Reach. There are only 3 maps that are very small (in comparison to Forge World). While I get that some people might like small maps, it seems like it's going to be impossible to build the massive cities and racing maps that you could build in Halo: Reach. Someone please tell me I'm missing something because forge is possibly my favorite mode and it only seems to have regressed from Halo: Reach.
  8. 343 I seriously hope you review these Halo 4 is probably the biggest game of your career and I love it. You've done great, BUT your forge world and custom games are a bit lacking. You had a lot to do to get the game done I totally understand, but you plan on having 3 DLC, if one of them had a more open ended larger forge world with more room to build is be ecstatic, yours are good but many agree with out a larger more open canvas for us to work on we are limited. And a lot of other users have posted similar topics. And maybe you could edit the custom games so we can edit it more especially weapon spawning on flood and just more game types in general would he awesome. Many agree that the custom games when you have a good gaming community on a nice custom map are one of the highlights and most fun parts of halo
  9. Ok so im new to this Forum and i'm starting this petition to let 343 know that we (the community) want a Forge world in Halo 4!I I was throwing around some ideas on how they could make a new Forge World, like having allot of different Forging environments into one single map like in Reach, or maybe just remake the old Forge World and put it in Halo 4 as a free downloadable piece of content, just like what Bungie did with the map Chill out in Halo Combat Evolved turning it into Cold Storage in Halo 3. Getting back to business here, all I ask of the Community is to say down in the Comments that you want Forge World back! Don't be afraid to comment either cause there are many Gamers out there that want the good ol' Forge world, and share this Thread so it can be the most popular thing on the Forums! I know its allot to ask but if we can get enough people then we will get what we receive. Please comment idea's too on what 343 can do. Thank You for your time, Love you 343! p.s...... we want Falcons/Hornets back too........
  10. Reach featured ground breaking improvements to the forge. One of the lagerst was a blank canvas recomended for forge editing only called Forge World. Although Halo 4 added the option of all maps having a blank version, It's forge world equivallant was TOO SMALL. I would like to see a larger forge world type map in Halo five.
  11. Hello there this is a petition for a remake/port of the Halo Reach map Forge world. Like many others in this sub-thread I am disappointed there is no large scale maps in forge. 343i you have done a great job in making halo 4 but underestimated on something, that is a large scale map like forge world. Forge world was a awesome map without boundaries on what to do, but with halo 4 I am dissapointed in the sizes of the forge maps. They are Waaaaaaaay too small! If you truly listen to the community then you should listen to this concern as it will make many veteran fans happy as it will allow us to make epic ass maps again . HOW WILL IT BE IMPLEMENTED? It should be released as a DLC, preferably for free since it should of been in the original game. If not make it cheap . HOW DO I SUPPORT THIS? Keep this thread alive for 343 for to see and by posting in this on how you agree with me.
  12. Now, I do not want to hear people complaining that Forge is bad, or Forge World needs to come back, what I am here is to let you know how you can improve your confidence in the Forge mode. First things first, managing your Forge files. Always name your Forge files. If you Forge so many maps unnamed, you will find your self buried in Impacts. A safe way to make sure that you can find your map would be to name it something creative and easy to distinguish. Now, most people are sometimes mad when they try to open a map file, and it reads that they are opening a different variant of another map. This indicates that your file has been corrupted. A safe way to have your files protected would to have two of every file. This means that if one of the files are corrupted, you can always use the backup. The second point I want to get to is actually using the Forge. Tired of playing third party custom games that have flawed architecture? Well, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't make maps like that yourself. The first thing you should ever do when you enter Forge is press B, change Rotation Snap to 15 degrees, then scroll down to Magnets and turn them on to low. Now using the Forge, improvising may work for brainstorming and drafting, but your final product must show balance. This means that symmetrical maps are more balanced than asymmetrical maps. Speaking of the devil, when placing pieces, make sure you coordinate your pieces via Edit Coordinates (Press B then A), or that they are connected to Magnets. This will add professional measurement to your maps. Now on to Custom Games, when you desire a complex goal in your gametype, such as Battleship, or Monster Trucks, you must make the map flaw proof. If a single flaw were to be exploited in your map, anyone would abuse it. For instance, if my map was set on an open plain, and there was no walls or boundaries, someone could walk away from the game, and this would prove useful during Flood, but just because it is useful, does not mean that it is designated. The key element to a map is it's operation. What is your map's purpose? Is it a fortress to fight off the Flood? Is it a war ground for Mantis'? Add decor and design to your structures, so that they can shine and add flavor. Choice of map might concern you that are new to Forge. If you want a map that you can create a team war out of, definitely don't pick Erosion. If you are looking for interesting tunneling and large space, choose Impact. If you are looking for a map that involves making a city, I would choose Ravine. It depends on your purpose, and never underestimate the amount of space you need. In conclusion of the longest page on my screen, if you have an idea, go for it. It is better safe then sorry, so copy your files and flaw proof your maps. Never bias a map so that one team is more dominant than the other, and most importantly of all, there is a such thing as too big.
  13. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Final layers of shading, final ink detail. Completion of piece.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  14. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    First layer of shading.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  15. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Additional detail to background areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  16. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding ink to HUD details and Rocket launcher.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  17. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Addition of black band.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  18. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding title band.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  19. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Finalising shape of whole piece.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  20. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding detail to background areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  21. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Finalising shape of rocket launcher.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  22. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding detail to surrounding areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  23. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Initial pencil lines.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  24. I was going through all of the maps in forge and I noticed that the area included no forge world. I kind of expected for it to not be in the game however, I would still really like to add one if possible. The one in reach was perfect for me and it gave me A LOT of space to build. Some of the most creative things I've ever done has come out of that map. Halo 4 added a bunch of new and interesting things to the forge mode in the game. There's so many awesome things to try plus they brought in some of the great stuff from halo reach. So if you combine in some of the two's greatest features you'd have amazing forge creations popping out everywhere. The problem with some of the maps in the game is that they're too small. The map erosion, for example, Has a great little hangar to forge in, however it runs out of space really quickly. All I know is, is that when I get bored of the campaign and matchmaking I turn to forge and I cant paint a big picture without a big canvas.
  25. So I was thinking what if in halo 4 if there is forge world if they had more then one so post ideas and oppinions here.
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