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  1. Let me preface this by saying I love the game modes and maps its a lot of fun. But we could use more variety I had friends complain about the narrow range of game modes in comparison to past halo like no swat or griffball in matchmaking but I'm assuming and hoping that's because the game is in its early stages so 343 didn't want such a spread of players just yet so they wanted more dense matchmaking game modes but if there will be more I will be a happy camper and if 343 didn't plan on it I hope they read this and others advice for the game and Better it to let there reputation for halo 4 amd there legacy live on through this game
  2. 343 I seriously hope you review these Halo 4 is probably the biggest game of your career and I love it. You've done great, BUT your forge world and custom games are a bit lacking. You had a lot to do to get the game done I totally understand, but you plan on having 3 DLC, if one of them had a more open ended larger forge world with more room to build is be ecstatic, yours are good but many agree with out a larger more open canvas for us to work on we are limited. And a lot of other users have posted similar topics. And maybe you could edit the custom games so we can edit it more especially weapon spawning on flood and just more game types in general would he awesome. Many agree that the custom games when you have a good gaming community on a nice custom map are one of the highlights and most fun parts of halo
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