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  1. I have seen may other people with titles and just wondered how I could make my own
  2. I have an Xbox and ps3 but xbox is way better
  3. The banshee is great but I think we need more of a team based vehicle rather than a one for a single person. and I mean as well as the banshee.
  4. nowhere near as much as other people I have 13000
  5. GAME: Knock em off OBJECTIVE: Stay on the platforms while also trying to knock of all of your enemys DESCRIPTION: A very fun game where you must try to be the last man inside the hill, everyone starts off with a rail gun and 2 plasma grenades, when you get knocked off you must pick up a concussion rifle and start trying to knock everyone who is still up off. This map is made on ravine in an enclosed area. MAP/GAMETYPE: Knocked over on Knock em Down GAMERTAG: Fartz McPoo
  6. Has anyone else experienced this glitch. So I was playing spartan ops on the challenge and I experienced a glitch where I went to the evac zone yet I went too early so that it still said in the objectives menu that I still had to go to there, so I did that and then went on to kill all of the enemys but when they were all dead nothing would happen so I was stuck on the mission and I could run around the map but nothing would happen, so I just had to leave. I also have experienced this glitch many other times but haven't been able to put my finger on it until now. Has anyone else experienced this glitch? if so tell me. I hope 343 fixes this.
  7. A new map about a space station run by shmeefs and a lot of other cool stuff about space. MAP: shmeefs in space GAMERTAG: Fartz McPoo
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