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Found 20 results

  1. So, the Halo Reach Map Packs that come with CEA. I think the Map Packs that come with CEA are cool because they provide a new style and open difference betwit requires more skill to stay alive. The difference between the two graphics aren't to noticable, and after continously playing the same maps, it's nice to getso e new maps to use. So what are your thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I am having trouble downloading the DLC map packs. I have purchased and downloaded the War Games Map Pass and have 4.8 GB free memory on my hard drive (maps only need 1.5 GB). When I go to then download the maps, they don't download successfully. If I choose "Confirm Purchase", I get an error code 80153003. The maps actually appear to download but when they get to 100% complete, they say "Cannot download Castle Map Pack" and I do not have access to the maps in War Games. I have already spent some time troubleshooting with Xbox tech support, with no positive results. We tried to delete all of the maps and the War Games Map Pass and then download again. We tried clearing cache. We tried reverting back to before my latest Xbox live update, then re-downloading the update, and re-downloading the maps. None of this has worked. I have run out of ideas. Can anyone help?
  3. So I was thinking about this pretty strongly... should 343i include a free, community made map pack? It would be filled with maps for each game mode, and some extra aesthetically pleasing details. The maps might be made by THFE, or they could be by unassociated map makers. I think this would improve community morale, bring players back to Halo, and be lots of fun. Also, they could add these maps to the official multiplayer playlists or even have one of its own. Obviously it would take place on the four forge maps in Halo 4, and they would be equally varied and distributed. I think this addition would be promising. I know that they do already have community maps in War Games, but I'm asking for a full fledged map pack that is treated as so and even includes achievements. Anyways, guys, your opinions?
  4. Hello my fellow forgers and anyone else out there who stumbled upon this topic, I have had an idea I have Ben gathering resources for for a long time now, and it is time to unveil it, Halo: Battlefront. This is going to be a reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 within Halo 4. I know there are a lot of people out there who loved Star Wars: Battlefront 2 as much as I did, and were crushed by the fact that it was abandoned a speculated 60% or more into completion do to the fall of Lucas Arts, So I have taken it upon myself to try to get together a team if experienced forgers to make this happen, I have the Gametype ready to go, all that needs to be done now, is the maps, I need a series of modded maps. My first project I am going to undertake in this, is the Jedi Temple, I am going to need about 100 dominion base stripes to create the holo book cases in the library, if there is a way to get the holographic table in impact over to forge world, that would be awesome, I also need about another 100 or so block 4x4 flats at make this happen. I also need a team of at least 5 other experienced forgers who can memorize a map layout and have a passion far making this happen, to make this happen, the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 game mode is in the dominion game mode, allowing me to fully exploit the game to its fullest potential. Please guys, lets make this happen. So to catigorise all of this an give a proper list, here is what I need, and what my goals are. NEEDS: -Modded forge Island with 100 dominion base stripes, 100 block 4x4 flat, 50 Circular Ramp small -5 experienced forgers with a passion for Forging and Star Wars battlefront 2, Good memory, and ability to listen and get things done -People experienced with modding game types for further tweaking -Many Beta testers when the maps are ready -floor plans of all of the SW:BF2 maps (Google sketchup optional) -patience as this will definitely take months to perfect Goals: -to rebirth Star Wars: Battlefront 2 -to provide the halo community with a fun, interactive game type -to revolutionize Halo 4's multiplayer -to create a smooth gameplay experience that I well balanced and well designed
  5. DEFENDER MAP PACK The Defender Map Pack is my first map pack release, and features three small Lockout/Guardian style maps: Stigma, Atlas, and Warden, each playing differently for different gametypes. Stigma: "Lost dreams and faded memories influenced the construction of this strangely familiar observation platform. 4-8 Players" Gametypes: Slayer, Swat, KotH, Regicide Atlas: "Hanging just below the surface, this facility remains intact after years of neglect. 2-6 Players" Gametypes: Slayer, Swat, KotH, Regicide, Oddball Warden: "This comm relay provides clear signals amidst the surrounding debris. 4-8 Players" Gametypes: Slayer, Swat, KotH, Regicide, Oddball, CTF Fileshare: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/squally%20dabeanz/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 After building my map Stigma and seeing how popular it was becoming, I decided to carry on the theme of Lockout/Guardian style maps, and build one on each of the other two canvases (Erosion and Impact). Stigma was more of a general purpose competetive map, so I decided to make the other two a bit more specific in purposes. Atlas is catered toward 2V2s and small FFA gametypes, while Warden focuses more on tight teamwork with objective gametypes, especially CTF. That being said, Stigma is played best with slayer and KotH.
  6. Sunday 20th jast miniute game night before release on 21 to participate in the halo 4rgers clan beta testing send me a message saying invite to Deni snipeS or to join clan send message saying clan join oh and over and out BRO HOOF /)
  7. there will be some last minute beta testing going on from Wednesday 16TH at 2 pm and one on the 20TH send message saying invite to this gamertag : Deni snipeS or to be invited to games later on send a friend request you could also join the halo 4rgers i am the leader and creator of these maps if you would like to be able to help with the map making process send me a message saying clan join
  8. Introducing the first "Map Pack" made from the community to the community. I have set up all these maps to have weapons on map and ALL gametypes working except grif ball (because there is no point). I have spent almost 2 months and $25 putting this together for everyone so enjoy Gamertag: Forge Map Pack Here is the map roster: Turf Construct Warlock Derelect Tombstone Colossus Ivory Tower Narrows Rat Race Lockout Orbital Foundation Celestial Fringe - Monoxide89 Cairo - Monoxide89 Inkaterra - Monoxide89 Contact - Squally DaBeanz Oasis - Squally DaBeanz Ascension -Mx957 Railway - FoRgE iNsANiity Cold Storage - Darkprince909 Thank you everyone that contributed
  9. Halo 3 was slower than 4, but it was more fair. Cortana comes outta lightbridge, then she disintegrates, seems logical. Well okay all cool characters in halo die (captain keyes & sergeant johnson). But whats about the new crimson map pack achievements? Stamp 20 players to death with a mantis! Maybe 343 wants to chain players who wanna have all achievements (You know what I mean if you have tried to kill players via stampin) nice that they want to have 800 m-points for this. One player betrayed me for a mantis and I couldn't kick him. In addition online coop gameplay is laggy, likewise most of bigger team maps. Oh well I also got killed by a "friendly" ghost and kill cam showed me that i haven't bordered on the ghost. It has to do with money, not? Still a merry little christmas!
  10. First let me say that I purchased the Halo 4 special edition xbox. This came with everything I needed. Now when I downloaded the Crimson Map pack the other day I was able to play it. Now whenever I get on Halo, it loads by saying "Unable to Validate Please make sure you are connected to Xbox LIVE and have the War Games Pass downloaded." I then click ok and am able to play matchmaking. However, I am not allowed to play the Crimson Maps. I checked in my system memory and it shows that I have crimson map pack downloaded as well as War Games Pass. Can someone please help me out?
  11. So what are everones thoughts on the Crimson Map Pack, now that its out? Personaly I just don't feel like the players should have had to pay for it at all, subsiquent maps, maybe. But I think there are very few maps per game type in the core verision and that being charged to have a few more, which in most games would have been ecpected at launch is a bit ridiculous, even if it is only ten dollars. So I'm just wondering am I alone in thinking this, or do you guys who have payed for the pack think that it was worth it/fair?
  12. So I only bought the Halo 4 standard edition cause I just got an xbox 360 and when I preordered halo 4 it was all out of Limited edition etc. I dont have the wargame season pass and was wondering if it was still worth buying. You save 15% on all map packs but you also need to spend money to buy that season pass so how would that save you any money? If it does, it would be very little anyway, since it cost 2000 MS points to buy and thats $33 in Australia. I dont know if its worth spending money just to save a little for future DLC. Any Suggestions? Cheers
  13. I have a request that I believe would change the game of Halo Multiplayer in its entirety. My suggestion is to release a map pack that contains every multiplayer level from each of the Halo games. I love Halo and play on a daily basis, but playing the same 5-7 maps everyday for 2 years gets very old. The only reason I switched to MW3 during Halo Reach was because Halo had become dull in a sense of no diversity. Release the ULTIMATE MAP PACK and watch all of the Halo fans lost to COD over the years return!! I would pay at lest $100 for this map pack, and probably never play another FPS!
  14. Currently theres no 1v1 map in Halo 4. Haven is small enough, but it really just can't be used for 1v1s for a couple of reasons. I suggest in the next map pack they include a 1v1 map. A guardian remake would definately be there best option I think. With normal power ups/weapons it's a great map, but MLG Guardian map is the best 1v1 map in the history. The invis,snipe, and mauler are all placed evenly to the millisecond. Not to mention, a totally even map on both spawning sides dispite it being unsemetricle. That's why everyone lives guardian so much and that is why I really think the need to add guardian in a map pack. All of the halo 3 fans will definately buy it just for guardian.
  15. - 90% of all games are only between Complex, Adrift, Abandon and Haven, when there is 9 other maps on disc, plus the opportunity for 343i to atleast add Forge maps ffs. -SWAT is on rotation and 343i are removing it, even if it is temporary, that's dumb. -343i put so much effort into EXP banning people just for playing the game when they aren't boosting. -There isn't a system to boot people when they go AFK. -There's seemingly no 343i presence on these forums. -The DMR hasn't been balanced out. Just slightly lower its fire rate ffs. I'm beginning to think 343i doesn't care and are just map starving everyone to try and boost sales of the map packs. When you EXP ban your players, you are begging them to just play Black Ops 2. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or condescending, but a lot of Halo fans have been around longer than you 343i, you should tell Microsoft that sales will continue to be lackluster if they don't let you finish the game. A game is not ready for release when there are no maps, the playlists are a mess and you have to add in the ranking system post launch. I am mostly happy with Halo 4, these are just some problems I'm sure most of the community would like fixed. You aren't Bungie, you have to earn respect. Please read etc, but I doubt it.
  16. Thanks to xJumPeR_JumPzZ for posting a ad off the German Xbox 360 Dashboard. On it, it shows 3 dates for the upcoming maps: Crimson MapPack = December 10 | Majestic MapPack = February 25 | Castle MapPack = April 1. Now this could be false, a error etc. since none of this has been confirmed by 343 Industries themselves. Don’t forget to order your season pass now nonetheless. Source: http://www.halocounc...packs-announced
  17. Hi everybody! I'm here to introduce you a video edited by "I SK I" alias Sniperkiller80 which show all French Wheelmen's maps. http://youtu.be/x-4Fj8-3EZI Hope that you like it! PS: DL links are in the description
  18. Well, the time is finally here. The announcement of the 343i Community Map Pack, dubbed "The Director's Cut" by Absolute Dog! This Map Pack includes 5 maps, three of which have never been seen before by anyone on this forum! The map pack is released! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/11224-its-here-at-last/ These maps are intended for usage in 343i.org Community Playdates, so if you reinvent one of the maps and it seems more playable, don't forget to let party leader know during the playdate so that your version of the maps can be played as well. Here is a brief summary of the maps that will be in the map pack. Walkway: If you were part of the first ever forge contest on the forum, you may remember the map Walkway. This map is a multi-tier map that supports every gametype with the exception of Invasion. It can support up to 16 players FFA and in Red and Blue teams. Tenochtitlan: Tenochtitlan was released earlier this year, and supports every gametype except for Invasion. It is a map that focuses on the advantages of height, and includes some rather humorous aesthetics. This map was made mainly for team slayer, but supports free for all as well. Up to 16 players in Red and Blue teams and in FFA. The Playground: This map has replaced Equilibrium. This map was originally made for Team SWAT, but was recently made into a full blown battleground for Team and FFA gametypes. It has 3 levels, and is COMPLETELY symmetrical. Playable with Red and Blue teams, this map is made for all team and ffa gametypes with the exception of invasion. Shreya's Bridge: This recently completed map was done almost completely offline, and has not been seen by any member of the forum. This map is made for BTB, but is still fun to play in FFA. It is a bridge, as the name suggests, that is between two bases. The arrangement of cover as well as the design of the bridge makes it a rather unique map. It supports every gametype except invasion, and up to 16 players in Red and Blue teams as well as FFA. High Tide: This map was donated by Colin Goree (aka Nocturnparadox) and includes a game type as well. This map is considered "completed" so if you decide to make changes to it, then you will have to change the name of the map itself. Remember, if you don't like the maps after they are released, feel free to make some changes. Add a wall here, or a scorpion there. After this map pack is finished, I will start working on maps that are "Heavy" and made for BTB. (Also, an internet high five will be given to whomever can tell me who Shreya's Bridge was named after. ;D)
  19. I'm sure im not the only one, but the maps in reach are getting a little stale and i have some Microsoft points to waste. Do you think there will be another map pack before Halo 4?
  20. I think 343 did a wonderful job with the remake of the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary campaign! I'm not as impressed with the multiplayer. I understand that Hemmorrhage is already included in Halo: Reach but frankly I feel that map is a disgrace to the original, I would like a 1:1 replica of the original blood gulch, updated of course and possibly the every other map from the original Halo, the remake as I see it is a tribute to the original, so why only include 6 maps, not to mention several are Halo 2 maps. I spent 40 dollars for the disc, I don't want to switch to Halo: Reach every time I want to play Blood Gulch, given that then why not just play all the maps on Halo: Reach? well why did I spend 40 dollars for a disc, the selling point of the Halo franchise is the multiplayer why not give a little more effort in bringing back all the maps. So I say give us a DLC Give us Blood Gulch, not Hemmorhage Give me Rat Race, Sidewinder, and Longest I just want a complete Remastered Halo: CE
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