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Found 19 results

  1. What do you think about it? Do you still like it? What do you enjoy the most nowadays? Personally, I still come here from time to time purely because I'm bored and want to socialize, I know the forums hay-day has kinda past us now but I still enjoy our quaint little slice of the world wide web. Thoughts anyone?
  2. I'd love to know because I want to get into this game as fast as possible before I drown my sorrows in nostalgia by listening to the Halo 2 Soundtrack ​Please hurry, I can't stop myself from typing it in! ​PLEASE! HURRYAAAAH *Death by Nostalgia*
  3. Where do you live in the forums? Do you take pride for a certain section, a certain topic? Where do you stand as a leader of your section?
  4. Do you think 343 is willing to remake or remaster Halo Reach in the next 5 years for the XB1? What do you think?
  5. So I went ahead and bought the MCC when they announced the awards they were giving out thinking "well they must of nearly fixed whatever everyone was complaining about." Apparently i was wrong. About a month later multiplayer is still broken and its nigh on impossible to find a game in the NZ/AU area anymore as I think most people have just given up, so even if they fix it I'm unsure I'll be able to find any games anyway. So yeah, rant over. Point of this is; have they announced a fix date yet? As it would be good to know when I can relive the simpler glory days of Halo 1 & Halo 2 Multiplayer. Also don't get me wrong. I'm loving the Halo 2 remastered scenes (hope they do the same in halo 5) as well as just replaying Halo 1,2,3 campaigns.
  6. Hello, I am going to the midnight release/9o'clock release of Halo Collections tonight. I was wondering if I will be able to purchase anything else when I am there (such as a second copy of Halo Master Chief Collections for my brother and a Xbox One for him). Also I have a friend that will be going to the release with me and he also wishes to purchase the game but has not per-ordered, will he also be able to purchase it then?
  7. What makes War of the Worlds good? Or Andromeda Strain? Or Code Gease? Or even Star Wars....?
  8. Have you ever had your Xbox 360 Elite overheat even though it has a built in cooling system?
  9. Lets say a grunt sat down at a table, and doesn't blow it up, and asked you for some food, what would it be? What do you think is a grunts favorite food?
  10. I'm bored, so here's a new game. The way this works, is the first poster post a question, the next person answers that question, and posts another one. I.E: Mr. Meeps: What is your favorite Breakfast meat? Mr. Moops: Bacon. What's your middle name? Mr. Maaps: Bartholemewpoopenstien. What---- Like dat. The rules are as follows: If you do comment on someone's answer, be nice. Do not ask a question you wouldn't be comfortable answering yourself. If someone does ask a question you don't want to answer, either don't post, or give an answer to another question. Here's the first question! When did you first play Halo?
  11. I want to prevent players from killing each other for 10 seconds on game start. how do I do that?
  12. Greetings 343i and Halo community! This is my first time posting on the forums. Even though I'm a long time Halo fan, I haven't had any reason to come on here ... until today. I've got a big question for any mod or forum vet to answer. I only hope that I didn't miss a sticky someplace that provides detailed info on this - What options are open to fan-based writers who have completed large-scale projects? I'll elaborate some background. About three years ago, I started writing a short fiction piece, set in the Halo universe which adopted its themes and canon but in a post Halo 3 timeframe that I created (which does not focus on Master Chief). Originally, the project was intended to be a brief story that featured myself and some friends of mine as the main characters - as Spartans, specifically - working together as an elite team on a special mission ... I'll spare details to stick to the point. At any rate, after I started writing this "short work", I realized by page 40 something that I was really getting into it and had no shortage of ideas for where to go next. The rest, as they say, is history. Three and a half years later, I've put the finishing touches on an almost 900 page book which is split up into 4 parts, each one featuring 15 chapters. It is well written and was painstakingly assembled based off pages and pages of notes I put together whilst drafting it. I'm currently in the edit process since Halo 4's arrival did a number on a few of my storyline elements and I have a few new ideas, but the majority of the work is still consistent with Halo canon, as I originally intended. I say all of that to go full cycle back to my original question - because now that it's all done, I have absolutely no idea what to do with the book aside from posting it on some back alley sci-fi, fan-fic site where the really good stories end up getting ripped off or ignored ... and I happen to believe in the quality of my work and would go so far as to say it deserves a bit better fate than that. I've actually contacted Eric Nylund, William Dietz, and Karen Traviss to inquire what (if any) doors are open for getting a fan work published. All of them pretty much told me the same thing - that it's a no-go. I can understand the rationale because I know I'm not the only one to try my hand at writing Halo-inspired works ... but I might just be the first to do one this big. I'm not posting on here to brag on myself or make an absurd demand to have my work considered if 343i has their rules about this sort of thing. All I'd like is to get some feedback and hopefully hear from a mod or someone on this. I'm aware my post is coming out of the blue, but I haven't had any luck finding my answer elsewhere. I've been a Halo fan for 10 years and ran a clan for that long that got its start on Halo PC. I've watched a lot of good games come and go, but Halo remains my all time favorite franchise and I'm proud to be part of its community - even if I only did just register Thanks in advance for any responses or advice. Faithfully, -Falcon197
  13. Why can't people lower their weapon in multiplayer, I remember someone said the animation would glitch in online but whoever captures a base in dominion it lowers their weapon. And also will there ever be a forge world? Like in a map pack or something? Or maybe just something like that with a big open area, a canyon and a big island. -Crusty
  14. While I admit that the story and the execution thereof had a few issues, I found it to be interesting and fairly well thought out. The biggest problem I had, though, was that all of the plot was shoved into one cutscene. That made it kind of hard to follow. When the Librarian mentions that she hid seeds from the Didact, what exactly is she talking about? Is this something where I would need to read the Forerunner trilogy to understand thoroughly?
  15. Ok, so I got the limited and according to the descriptions I should get the map packs for the War Games after redeeming my code, which I've done. I redeemed the code but still no map packs, I got everything else though. Can someone please help me out?
  16. Simple thread, given the success of the LEGO video games, would you play a Mega Bloks Halo themed game. We've probably got a long wait between 4 and 5 so is it out of the question to assume there will be some spin-off game released between them. Would you play a Mega Bloks Halo Video Game ?
  17. Hi first post ok so im brazilian and i love halo the first one i played was halo 3 and it came out with the audio in portuguese. Same with ODST and Reach I really apreciate the whole idea and concern from microsoft and bungie when it comes to turn the game a more embracing experience for everybody in every country and **** but i also would love to hear the original audio of the game (i've seen the manking ofs and the behind the scenes) when Halo: CE came out it was brilliant because the audio was not in portuguese, but there was 'subtitle' option, and that is just perfect. Being that the first game 343 launched, my question is Will Halo 4 have the audio ONLY in portuguese ( or any other language, depending on the country) or will everybody be able to choose between the original audio and the dubbed one ? Peace Out.
  18. Is it possible to share your mobile (nokia lumia) internet connection to your laptop? Like if you go far away somewhere and you want to use your laptop with your mobile internet connection. Hope you understood my english.
  19. i just got a new (replacment of old) xbox 360 "S" Ive never played on XBL before and have "Genuiely" earned my credits offline up to LEGENDRY Rank. With this new xbox ive got live 12 month subscription and good and well so far...... When i wwent to play Online i was prompted to trade in my credits for online ranking or somthing, im not sure what exactely.... If i accept this and lost all my credits WILL my online and offline ranking DROP??? will my armour be locked again ??? I choose NO but wondering why and what will happen.. anyone out/in there/here know ???
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