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Found 9 results

  1. Heyy, welcome back to the (somewhat) Weekly Site Poll! Poll 47 - 'The Future of Halo' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This week we have a special Poll regarding the second greatest time of the year for video games -- the first being E3, duh. Tis the season, yo.... Got any noteworthy Christmas/Holiday gaming memories? Share em, or else. Also, what are some awesome gaming-related presents that you received or given? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! Happy Holidays from ye old SD!
  2. I got the following items.. A sliver necklace with my name and my bf's engraved inside a heart. Super Smash Brothers 3DS New shoes! (Because my old ones were worn and not as pretty. ) Hair bows (Can never have too many pretty bows) Money! 150€ Tanktops, Bras, Leggings, etc.. Chocolate! Plenty of chocolate! New straightening iron [pink] (last one kinda broke..)
  3. A little story to get you ready for the holidays! Little Billy was praying on his bedside, "Oh lord, please let Christmas be early this year, please let it be early." Then all of a sudden, Little Billies dog, Toto came running in barking. "Oh TOTO You're back! I Missed you sooo much" said little billy. "Shut the hell up Billy, I am not Toto"- said Toto "Oh well golly Toto you sure are grumpy.." said little billy "I'm an elf, clearly an elf Billy, how can you not see this?" said Toto, who was actually an elf. " No you're my Toto, Toto." said little billy. "Okay fine, I am your 'Toto' but Billy, you have to come with me quickly! You need to help me.." said Toto, who was actually an elf named Ralph. Before I continue on, here is a little backstory on Ralph. Ralph grew up on the south side of Santa's Kingdom in the Arctic up North. Santa Claus was no jolly being either, he was a mean, fat dictator, who killed elves on his own time. (1950's man laugh) Haha well we can't worry about him right now. Now as I was saying, Ralph was a young elf, forced to come to find the dumbfounded little billy. Ralph was a single elf, never to have a wife because he was a ****. Ralph was a **** okay? He ruined the life and dreams of young children all over the world in 1929 because he crashed the stock market and shot Arch Duke F. to start WW1, this guy is a bad elf. Anywho, let us continue on with Billie and Ralph. "Why should I help you Toto?" said little Billy in a fuss "Because I'll rip off your %$2% if you don't help me....Fair enough?" Said Ralph "What does %#$% mean?" Said little billie "We don't have time for this, ask your mom or teacher in school" Said Ralph "Okay Toto, I'll help you, what do you need me to do?" "To Spread the word Billie" Said Ralph "What do you mean Toto?" Asked Little billie curiously "You must spread the word of christmas cheer to all, or I'll rip your #[email protected]% off" said Ralph "Is that your solution to everything?" said Little Billie "Just do It!" Said Ralph. With that, Ralph climbed out of Billies window and flew away. The next day, Billie went to school and told everyone about Christmas, and how it was coming, and then he asked his Teacher what $%#* meant. The End. The moral of the story is, THE SKELETON WAR IS OVER, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
  4. Hope you enjoy today, and be sure to snipe Santa out of the sky Btw, check out my vine https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WPtieIzMIrM
  5. From the album: Beckoningzebra1's Stuff

    Getting ready for Christmas (:
  6. Maestro


    MMM? No, I'm not talking about food or drinks, although this is the time of year the best goodies are made. It's the result of a nice bit of alliteration in this event's title... Since there's a lack of playdates focusing purely on mini games, I thought that I'd host one in time for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Ramadan or Boxing Day or whichever holiday you celebrate if there are any I didn't list. So for the next little while, I'll be forging up a storm to make more mini games that I personally will contribute to the roster. If there are any other mini games that attendants have made or have found in the vast expanse of cyberspace, feel free to list them below! EDIT: Whoops, how could I forget? This is being hosted on HALO 4. If you have that, a microphone, and Forge Island, you'll be all set for fun and games and laughter! Here's what's on tap right now: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666 Convoy King at Koridai Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! Now you might be asking: "Hey Maestro, when are you hosting this?" And to that I answer: "Vote for either 1pm on December 14th, or either 1pm or 7pm on December 21st!" Keep in mind that these times are PACIFIC TIME [uTC-8]. Let's celebrate the holidays with a bang! And fun! And games!
  7. I've been wondering which game(s) to ask for this Christmas. I'm already getting Call of Duty: Ghosts, but I thought I'd ask everyone here. Any suggestions?
  8. This thread is to post what you've done and how much fun you've had for Christmas. I'll start. Woke up at 8 AM. Opened Presents as soon as I got up. Played some Black Ops II. Set up the Wii U. Played some CoD MW3. Finished the installing of the Wii U. Played Halo 4. Had lunch. Watched 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.'. Watched 'The Watch'. Played some Black Ops II. Played a match of Halo Wars (won). Played Halo 4 Campaign; War Games; Spartan Ops. Updated this post. Went to bed at 4 AM (Dec. 26) ~Fishy
  9. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Halo style by Choot 'em 'Twas the night before Christmas, all Spartans ready to hunt not a Covenant was stirring, not even a Grunt the DMRs were hung, in the supply case with care in hopes that it's sights, included a cross-hair The Unggoy were nestled, all snug next to a tree while visions of the 'Demon', had overtaken their sleep Sangheili on patrol, and Jiralhanae on guard were overlooking the land, near the Boneyard When out in the distance, there arose such a clatter which alerted the Sangheili, to check out the matter off to the rooftop, a Ranger flew like a flash safety 'off' on his rifle, and made a quick dash The moon lit the surface, of Reach with a glow and gave the area, a lustre like snow when, what to the Sangheili's, eyes did appear but a fast moving Spartan, on a Mongoose changing gears With a female driver, so lively and quick the Covenant knew, it was about to get hectic as the Spartan gave out orders, more and more came and she whistled and shouted, and called them by name "Now Jorge!, now Carter!, now Naomi and Thom! On Emile!, on Jun!, on Kurt and John! To the top of the mountain, to the top of those walls! Now spint away, sprint away, sprint away all!" As the air was parted, by the Sabres that did fly there were many Banshees, filling the sky so above the clouds, the UNSC flew to get a lock, on the unlucky few And all of a sudden, all the Covenant knew that fighting off Spartans, was impossibly true as Jun drew a bead, on the Elite's large head he fired two shots, then the Elite fell dead Jun in his guille, from his head to his foot his armor all tarnished, with damage and soot extra ammo he had, attached in a sack he looked like a bad-ass, with a jet-pack He spoke not a word, and went straight back to work and continued to shoot Covenant, without even a jerk and laying his finger, on the side of his trigger he knew this fight, was about to get bigger He sprang to his feet, to his team gave a hollar and away the Spartans charged, like turning loose a dog's collar you could hear him exclaim, when more Covenant came in sight "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good FIGHT!"
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