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Found 2 results

  1. In the Beginning the Light ruled the lands. Everything full of joy and hope. Then the Darkness came, sweeping through these once peaceful lands. Nothing stood in its path. To combat the Darkness, four prime races were created: Humans, numerous and haughty; Elves swift and ageless; Fairies, intelligent and carefree; Dragons mighty and commanding. When these four races entered the fray, the Darkness had already created its own armies: Goblins,ugly and crafty; Orcs, strong and ghastly; Ogres, large and foul; Nyxs, manipulative and treacherous. In the battles that took place, and no ground was gained by either side. Years passed heroes came to being and died. Forests were burned and plains turned into blood soaked battlefields. Centuries passed and nothing changed. Until one day the Darkness receaded and disappeared leaving behind its armies to fight and fend for themselves. The Light seeing the opportunity, seized it, and began to retake its lands, New cities were built, and forgotten races, created eons ago by the Light were found and rediscovered-- Dwarfs, masters at the forge and construction. Druids, whisperers of nature and prophicizers. Giant Eagles, who can fly higher and faster than any dragon. Fauns whose speed and cunning is unmatched by any on land. And more, so many more who dwelled in the presence of the darkness for a millennia and survived. Now a new era has begun, for the forces of Light have prospered and advanced. The Darkness faded first into myth then into legend. The forests that burned have grown again, the bloody plains are fertile and holds countless farms and farmsteads. The old forging techniques have advanced, and new blades and armour are more sturdier than before. Gunpowder has been discovered and guns and cannons have been invented. This is we begin, here in these times, just before the Darkness's return the the legends that are told, become reality once again. Races: Humans-Due to there being so many of them, they are the main force of the Light's Army. Adaptive, they can easily learn most things(building, forging, etc). Can only learn 1 type of magic, or 3 spells from all criteria magik Elves-The fact that they are fast and stealthy, makes them perfect for the Reconnaissance division of the Light's Army, although they do sometimes join into the main force. Can learn 2 support criteria magiks Fairies-The greatest strategisers in the Light's Army, now if only they weren't so carefree. Know how to use air magik. Dragons-NOT USABLE. Noting much is known about them, their hide is tougher than iron, and they can use more than one type of magik. They use a form of telepathy to speak. The Light took their jaw workings into consideration. Dwarves- The greatest craftsmen in the entirety of the Light's Army. They know how to use Earth magik. Pegusi/Unicorns- Consider it a great honor to ride one, usually the Generals of the Light's Army ride these majestic creatures, only a rare few accounts have there ever been someone else to ride one, other than a generals, to ride them. They speak their minds often. Know Healing magik Fauns-Also used in the Reconnaissance division, due to there speed and craftiness. They are pranksters, but when it comes down to it, they are reliable in any fight. Can't learn magik Mermaids-Unlike most stories, Mermaids can walk on dry land, they lose all fish-like qualities once they assume their human form. Of course once they return to the water they can regain these qualities. Know Water magik. Giant Eagles-NOT USABLE. They can use certain words, and phrases. These astounding creatures have amazing speed in the air. Used by Elves in the Reconnaissance division. No magik. Dryads-Beings of the forest, rarely seen on the battle field. They can foresee the future and coming events. What makes them even more unique is that the can speak to all plant life. Can use Nature magik. Naids-Mostly water spirits, cousins of Mermaids, they can speak to all sea life, an extremely rare few can go on land. They know Water magik. Magik Criteria: Fire- Combat Water- Healing Earth- Construction, Combat Air- Combat, Healing Support- (Ex: Speed increase, stealth, etc) In the story version of the sign up, you may replace the the magic ability with the already a signed abilities with what ever you want, but in the story if you wish to change your magic There are far more types of magik,such as Lightning(combat). But due to funding they can not all be discovered by the Magikal Institution in Shayton, the capitol of Tel'Minar. Major cities: Shayton- Capitol of Tel'Minar. The biggest Academic city. Third biggest in Trade Favel Court- Major Political city. Second biggest in Academics. Minor trade. Can'Telcar- The richest city in Tel'Minar, first capitol(it is no longer the capitol). Has an Excellent Academics rate. Excellent Trade. Vaasel- The largest Trade and Sea Port city. A great Academics rate. Panishi- The biggest and poorest city. Horrible Academics rate. Moderate Trade. Gantel- The smallest city, but despite that, has many notable landmarks, and is a center for Trade and Academic Travelers. Of course there are many smaller cities and villages but none worth mentioning. When you make your characters for the story, please make them sensible. It would be easier on me that way. I will also list the sign up sheet below. Ok guys thank you and I look forward to see who and what your characters will be like. Name:(Ex: Electra Calemaria) Race:(Ex: Elf) Gender: (Female) Weapon of choice: (Ex: Lance) Secondary Weapon: (Ex: Short Sword) Gun: (If the gun is small like a pistol then, this slot is open, if it is a musket or blunderbuster, it will replace the main weapon. Also you can replace this slot with another small bladed weapon, such as a knife.) Magik:(depending on your race you may know a type of magik, if not list it here. Elves can only learn support magik.) Armour: (Ex: Survivalist's White Leather armour) Apperance: (Ex: Sharp pointed chin, long slender ears, Blonde hair(hair can be any colour), thin long scar on left cheek. Has a very soft and kind voice.) Personality: (Ex: Often a quiet person, she only speaks when comforting someone, or using proper etiquette.) Background: (Ex:Grew up in an Elven/Dryad community she, has always been a solitary person, mostly keeping to herself unless it is important or addressed to. She spent a lot of time roaming the woods around her large village. She would often speak to the travelers who would come to trade with her village. SHe hoped to one day travel around and see the lands that her ancestors once saw.) Note: With guns, since they are just coming out in the time period of this story, there are no additions to them such as silencers or magazines, or holographic sights. With the muskets however you can put a scope on it, but be reasonable with it since the range on them isn't very far. If you wish to know something let me know in the comments Also, don't expect this to be perfect, this was all of the top of my head as I did not have my school project with me. Even then, as I stated before, I am not a good story writer as good as a creator as JL, or Fishy so don't compare me to them, I'm an amateur, this is my first story that I have EVER made public, so please don't put me down to badly.
  2. UNSC Warlord Book 3: Lan Chorus The Hunt Begins The Prologue... “Systems are clear. You may now exit.” Dexter, an engineer who was aboard the UNSC Warlord, deactivated the Cryogenic Pods that stored some of the ODST’s and Spartan’s onboard from the previous mission on Ballast. A few of them had decided to stay out, mostly the medics and pilots, the others are went into Cryogenic Pods until they were needed. Well, they were needed. Bek and Michael J Caboose exited first, and at the same time as one another. Bek didn’t have a helmet on unlike Michael. She lost this on her brink of life, back on Ballast. Osiris had tried to kill her; he beat her and kicked her until she bleed all over the face. As soon as she could, she managed to escape his grasp and head for an evac that Osiris originally had planned to arrive at the outpost where she met Michael. Osiris didn’t make it with her, she remembered as she watched the Scarab obliterate him into a hot liquid. Michael had faced something similar, where he was locked in the room, separated from the others, on Ballast’s underground tunnels. He was stuck in a room with what he found out to be a Precursor AI of some sort. No idea, he just called it a Robot like all the others did. Luckily, he managed to escape out of there and run into Alex, whom was later killed in the return to the tunnels by an Elite known as Lan Chorus. His brother was killed by the exact same Elite as well, whom had somehow managed to aboard the UNSC Warlord and thrown Destroyer into the reactor. Runner and Archangel exited next. These two didn’t get involved much on Ballast, but they were there. Runner, oh she was an excellent fighter when she did get involved. She was quick at the trigger and took down any enemy she saw in sight, heck she was even better than a few of the Spartan II’s on their team. Not to mention her agility on foot, about as fast a Spartan III. Archangel was a long lasted Spartan II, he was originally in Team Lord back on recruitment when he was first picked up on Reach with Bek. He was originally an ONI operative Spartan. When the situation calls for it, he’ll be the sniper. Archangel has helped the team secure various hard points and extraction zones. Without him, they may have been pressured with the Covenant forces. He knew Junior’s and Jackson’s fathers’. Lastly, Jackson threw open the door of the Cryogenic Tube. He stood proud, not very oriented at the moment, but he looked like he could just shake it off. Jackson was the team’s leader, or at least served at one at the time. Not only did he face a giant ‘Robot’ on his own, and use a mysterious weapon, which vanished after use, to destroy it. He also managed to get his team alive, by the use of Junior’s Warthog with upgrades that saved them from Covenant attack. “Good, glad to see you’re all here. Now as we go through configurations and other warm ups to get you guy’s oriented, I’d like to tell you a few things of why I awoke you from your slumber.” Dexter said as he went over to the shield console to ensure each one of their shields functioned correctly, except Runners. “Good, there better be. I don’t like being awoken for no reason. I enjoy my sleep when I can get it. Right now. I can’t get it.” Runner said as she stood back and watched each one of them alternatively took turns to get into position on the green marked tile. “Alright, that’s that.” Dexter said as he turned off the console and Jackson got out. He headed over to the focus ring console, to test how well each of them could focus on a certain area; if they could. “Commander Samantha wants us to go meet her. She sent a few other teams to do some recon while we took a break. She says she may have found Lan Chorus, but she’s not sure. They said there’s some clues on Installation 07 that may lead to other clues, and that we’re going to have to board the surface of that muck ring. It’ll be hell alright. At least UNSC Firestorm will be alongside to help us out. Heard they got a crew onboard we can get to meet. Just mostly some damn Helljumpers, and the others are Spartans. How they get along so damn well without another type of soldier beats me.” Dexter finished up the exercise. “Really? We’re going to Installation 07? I thought that was restricted and unable to land on? I guess I might be wrong, things could change over the course of the years.” Jackson stepped into the elevator with the others. They were all headed to the top floor to regroup with the others, then head up the stairway that took them into a door. The door lead to the UNSC Warlord Operation Deck. Which is where Captain Samantha Magarnold and Commander Moth were at. Where they waited. Frank and Junior were over in the corner at a dating table, they had a game of chess out in front of them. Frank was at the advantage, he still had his Commander on the board alongside two Marine’s who were soon to be able to transferred into ODST’s. Everyone approached their table, where they were interrupted. “Ah, I see it’s time to go then? No worries, didn’t care about the bloody game anyways.” Junior stood up and knocked the pieces over and out of place. Frank laughed in amusement, he was guaranteed to win anyways. Frank was a jolly fellow, he didn’t partake much. He just stood back and helped with what he could do, follow orders and what not. Although Jackson hated him because he was a pilot, he held no grudge or anger towards him. Jackson’s always been that way. Without him, they wouldn’t have got far. He was the main support on Ballast before UNSC Warlord arrived. He piloted his vehicle, which was a Hornet, took care of any threats that approached. Mostly hunters and Wraith’s. Both of which had trouble when it came against the mighty Hornet. Junior was a solid brick. Of course, his father died and he couldn’t have been there for him. Despite his father did kill Jackson’s own father, before he was killed himself. Junior did what was needed done. He took care of the team and made sure everyone was operational. No injuries, no losses. He did his best. Although his help in battle wasn’t much, he made sure everyone was on their feet. “Captain’s waiting, don’t think we want to upset her. At least I don’t, hehe.” Frank was happy they were on their way to see Samantha for their assignment. Actually, he was just happy he could see Samantha in general. The last time he saw her, he felt like he was in love. “Crud, I need to quit thinking about her. It’s getting old really quick.” Frank snapped out of his thoughts and ran up the steps to everyone who just started to enter the doorway to the Observation Deck. “Glad you could all make it. I’m going to make this quick and simple so you know what you’re doing.” Moth walked over towards the center of where they all stood. “We’re going to Installation 07. Now, we’ll need to be very careful. The flood still inhabit the installation. However, we will be accompanied by a fellow UNSC Frigate, known as UNSC Firestorm.” “Sounds interesting. I’d like to know more about them.” Jackson was ready to hunt down the Elite who killed Heli, a brave ODST that stood behind to fight the second Robot that they first encountered. “UNSC Firestorm may be a Frigate, but they will be helping with deployment and anything we need without wasting very much of Warlord’s resources. Firestorm has a few soldiers on board who have volunteered to join us. Just Spartan’s and ODST’s. However, you will have to board their ship before you can deploy on the surface of the Installation. Just be careful, Installation 07’s flood are unpredictable. There’s more in remote areas, then there are in others. You all need to watch you back.” Moth explained vigilantly. He just followed orders. “Now, that this is over with. You all need to return to your barracks and get ready for the jump. We should be there within two weeks. You all should get some practice in War Games and in the target range. I’ll let you know when we’re in view of the Installation. You are all dismissed.” Samantha told them as she walked back to her Headquarters. Frank watched her as she walked away. What a beautiful sight for him. “Well we heard the Captain, let’s go do some War Games. First maps on me, we’re going to play some Infection on Ragnarok with our loadouts we’ll be using on the field.” Jackson lead the team to the War Games room, where he set up the simulation. They felt the ship jump, it was time to get things done. War Games began. Junior and Michael started out as the first infected. The others were survivors. ~End of Prologue~
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