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  1. I was the only one signed in. I even reset my 360 so I know that's not it. It's a permanent deletion of all campaign progress, erased back to nothing. What do you mean this happens to everyone? If that was the case wouldn't i have found a thread for this already? This is unexpected game breaking behavior that is permanent. How do I get this pushed to 343 more directly?
  2. So just last month I beat Halo 4 on Legendary solo all the way through. It was incredibly awesome and I got the achievements I was supposed to. However just the other day my roomies and I decided that we should get back into multiplayer to warm up for MCC coming out soon. When we were done playing online last night I went into the campaign menu just to look at the mission select screen to show off my accomplishment. To my surprise and horror all of my campaign progress had been reset. Only the first mission was available - as if I was booting up the campaign for the first time. Confused I checked to see if my profile was still signed in, indeed it was. None of the other missions were visible and it looks like I haven't even cleared the first mission according to the in - game menu. What's really strange and terrifying about this is that I have looked at the mission screen on several occasions since my Legendary completion on Oct. 2nd 2014. They were all there and displaying the correct difficulty completions. I immediately began to panic and thought maybe if I reset my XBOX it will correct itself, no luck. I haven't noticed any title updates in awhile and since I have that set to manual I'm not sure how I could have missed it. What's more is several times in the past I have seen all my armor, loadouts, and emblems get wiped and I have to go back and redo everything. My XP level stays where it is but the game forgets all the character customization. Lastly Spartan Ops is unaffected by this memory wipe, all the progress I've made there is exactly as it should be. Please 343 fix this bug. I've mostly enjoyed Halo 4 while others have bashed it but this is too much. Was there a recent title update that caused this? What would effect the status of my system's save games like that? It's just weird, and annoying, and maddening. I didn't see any post of this nature so hopefully someone will know what the heck happened. God I hope there is a fix.
  3. Looks nice… pretty BROWN though, grass could stand to be greener. Hoping that's just my monitor, but I kinda doubt it. Everything else I watch looks color balanced properly. Does look nice though, as do most maps from Halo 4 and every other map I've seen of MCC. The work 343 has put into their graphics engine is pretty impressive; the textures, the lighting, the freaking skyboxes! Can't wait for this game, need an XBOX One first though.
  4. Taking out sprint entirely just seems like too big a step back to me. I can see options/ game types where sprint was disabled but to take it out altogether would be a mistake. The core game did need to be modified to stay relevant in the sea of other games/ shooters and including sprint was just one way to do that. That said if there was no sprint I'd be pretty upset as a gamer and designer. I might still get it because I have all the halos but seriously I'd question 343's sanity and ability to develop games.
  5. I love the idea of dogfights in Halo and one that I've been waiting to see for a long time, especially after the "Long Night of Solace" story mission in Reach. It would be beyond awesome to have a dogfight multiplayer mode. If anyone thinks it's not possible yet I point out games like Battlefield and GTA 5 that already have large continuous maps with lots of people populating them in real time. This new generation allows us to do pretty much anything we can imagine, so why not up the scale and make it epic. It would be cool to roll out all the vehicles in the halo universe and make them playable. I want to use broadswords, pelicans and even capital ships like the UNSC Infinity - and all the covenant and Forerunner equivalents. Vehicles need the proper care, tuning and attention to detail in order to make the next game a revolution for the series and genre.
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