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Found 7 results

  1. A day late however it is at long last here, Yoshi1176 and myself have sacrificially assembled this rundown of stunning individuals. This is a rundown that was to a great degree difficult to pick. We went to a concession to the individuals who went well beyond this month. This month is was particularly vital on the grounds that as you most likely are aware Halo 5 was going gold. This month consists of members who we thought would suit it best, however in no particular order whatsoever. Just remember, complaining will get you barred from the next election. So, please, don't do it. Yang Xiao Long Spoiled JL Self Destruct Kakashi Hectate BATMAN Melody Caboose the Ace Halo6 Follower Jahmir 2 and his partner, Jahmir 1 Honorable Mentions: ShadowFiend216 Media Bias Congratulation you guys! You did well to receive it this month, hopefully we'll see some new faces next month!
  2. The Final Stand Sergeant Jackson scrutinized the battlefield. Chaos and destruction was all to be seen. He and his squad were the last surviving marines in the platoon. Their Lieutenant was infected by the Flood, so the Sergeant was left in command of this unit. The three others with him were less experienced in combat, but he believed they could pull through. There was Corporal Williams, the squad’s best Sniper. Private Bosworth, the new recruit to the UNSC. Finally there was Engineering Officer Bailey, an experienced engineer in the UNSC Engineering Corps. These four soldiers formed Charlie Squad. The flood had hit hard, it was an unexpected attack. They had high-jacked another Covenant ship and jumped to the Western region on New Mombasa, the area where Charlie Squad and the other marines in the Platoon were stationed to protect. They were expecting Covenant, and only Covenant. The Flood began to quickly multiply as soon as they hit Kenya. It all happened too fast. “Bailey! Any luck with that COM Tower?” the Sergeant barked. “Yes Sarge, just a few more minutes.” The Engineer replied. “Hey Williams, you see anything?” Jackson asked. “No Sergeant, not yet. I’m expecting another horde to be coming soon though.” The Corporal didn’t take his eye of the scope whilst replying. Sergeant Jackson walked over to the recruit, who was slowly reloading his Assault Rifle. “Private, how you doing?” The Sergeant asked in a calmer tone. “I’m good Sergeant, this was just…not something I was expecting to happen. I thought there may be a few Covenant drop ships, maybe a little more. I never thought the Flood would come. I had only heard things about these monsters, and now I’m fighting them.” Bosworth was almost shivering as he spoke. “Don’t worry kid, we’ll get through this. Just keep yourself together and stay strong." the Sergeant reassured him. “Thanks Sarge.” the Private replied. “Hey Sarge! I’ve got good news!” Bailey shouted from the COM Tower. “What is it?” “I managed to make contact with a Search and Rescue team, there’s a Pelican waiting for us a few miles South. We have to be there within thirty minutes. It shouldn’t take us long in the Troop Transport Hog…as long as there aren’t any interruptions.” “Nice work Bailey.” The sergeant was satisfied. “Come on boys! Pack up, we’re leaving. “Where to?” the confused Private responded. “We’re getting off this damn planet.” the Sergeant replied. Bosworth was waiting at the wheel, while the Sergeant sat next to him. Williams was sitting in the back, checking his sniper rifle. “Bailey! You got the rest of the ammo?” The Sergeant felt like they needed to move quicker. “Yeah Sarge, I’m just-” “Just what?” Loud gunshots go off, the squad snapped their neck toward the sound. Bailey was sprinting towards the Warthog whilst reloading his magnum. “Damn it!” the Sergeant yelled. “They’re here!” Bailey was nearing the Warthog, but it was too late. A Flood Combat form and leaped at him and hit him to the ground. Bailey fired at it as dozens of infection and combat forms began to swarm the area. “Just drive! I’ll hold them off!” the struggling Engineer shouted. “You’re a good man Bailey, you will be remembered. Private, get us out of here!” Jackson ordered. Bosworth slammed the acceleration pedal. The Warthog’s engine roared and they were off. “Williams! You good back there?” Jackson asked. “Yes Sergeant.” the Corporal replied. He wasn’t very talkative, compared to most other marines. They were escaping the Flood, but the Sergeant knew there would be more ahead. There was only fifteen minutes left until the Pelican had to leave. The Flood was spreading. “Sergeant! We’ve got a massive wall up ahead! Looks like it was used to hold off the flood!” The Private struggled to talk over the Warthog’s screaming engine. “Alright! Bring us to a stop!” the Sergeant replied. The Warthog screeched, then stopped. The wall was huge, there was no way to get the Warthog through. Jackson spotted some stairs on the left side of the wall that could easily take them over. The Pelican shouldn’t be too far from there, no more than 5 minutes running. “Come on, we’re heading up those stairs. Grab any ammo you need and move it.” The Sergeant was confident they could make it. They had just about reached the top of the wall when they heard the heavy footsteps of flood infection forms running towards them. Hundreds of infection forms followed. “Damn! Ok, we need to-” Jackson was cut off by the sound of Williams reloading his sniper. “Go ahead you two, it’s time I had a bit of fun.” The Corporal was eager to fire a few rounds and hold off the Flood, even if it cost him his life. “What are you still doing here? You’ve got less than ten minutes to reach that Pelican.” “Thanks Corporal, I wish you the best of luck.” The Sergeant was proud to have such soldiers fighting by his side. Jackson and Bosworth reached the bottom of the other side of the wall and sprinted through the woods. They could hear the gunshots behind them, then eventually there was silence. The two kept running, but they could hear the Flood gaining on them. They leaped out of the woods panting, and looked around expecting to see a Pelican. There was nothing there. “Sarge…they left us.” the Private said in shock. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this all under control. I’ve got a flare, let me just pull it out of my bag.” The Sergeant was panicking on the inside, but he wouldn’t let the marine know how he truly felt about the situation. He pulled of his bag and started rummaging through its contents. “They’re coming, hold them off until I can get this flare out and lit.” The Private didn’t say a word. He just turned to face the oncoming flood, and fired his Assault Rifle. “Sarge, I’m all out, they’re almost here.” the Private slowly said. “Ok, take this!” Jackson threw him his SMG without lifting his head up from his bag. Ah! Private I’ve got the-” The Sergeant dropped the flare. He watched as Bosworth, or what used to be Bosworth, grew an appendage and was quickly mutated by an infection form. Many more infection and combat forms surrounded Jackson. He looked down at the two fragmentation grenades attached to his belt, then looked back at the Flood. “Looks like there’s only one way for this to end…”
  3. Primary Announcement: September 2014 Caption Contest Winner Sorry I'm a couple days late. But it's here nonetheless!!!! To celebrate this bright and cheery month of angels and healthy food... wait... I think I said that wrong, let me try again To celebrate this dark and eerie month of demons and candy (ya that's more like it) I decided to pick a non-halo picture but a picture that I personally found funny and I wanted to try using a picture that is more challenging. Now for the--- Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. *Looking at you GreenMoonship!* One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what Other Person Implode said. :hrhr: :hrhr: :hrhr:." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. If there is an EDIT BY line in your post made by you, you will be disqualified. Have fun, PLEASE wear boxers, ALWAYS say nothing, may the odds be ever in your favor, get busy livin' or get busy dying. Alright now with the rules out of the way, get typing: Thx to Myself for the image suggestion. If you have any questions, concerns, or pictures that you'd just love to see me use in next months caption contest please do not hesitate to PM me.
  4. BCAM Playdate Video Special thanks to DoctorB77 for editing and uploading the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-R9gKhUO8I&feature=player_embedded Thanks again to all who participated!! Enjoy!!
  5. Gaming for BCAM Event / Giveaway October 27, 2012 All Day Event Halo: Reach, Rumble Pit October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Come show your support for the fight against breast cancer by joining in the Official 343iCF Gaming for BCAM!! Help spread the word while gaming with friends and fellow members of the community! This is a Non-hosting event in which all members are encouraged to paticipate at their own leisure. You are encouraged to join fellow members at 343iCF, but not necessary to qualify. 343iCF Participant Goal >>> 50 participating members. A small goal for such a worthy cause! ....but wait there's more!! This is also a contest!! All who participate and receive the "BCAM Playdate Award" will automatically be entered in a chance to win a Halo_4_Trigger_headset!! That's right....ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Drawing to be held on November 4, 2012. **Giveaway and Award valid to registered users of 343iCF ONLY Special "BCAM Playdate Award" will be given to all who participate in and fulfill all of the requirements below! Participant must be a registered user at 343iCF by October, 27, 2012 Provide proof in the form of 3 screenshots taken of your Spartan during matches dated October 27, 2012 **matches must be played in Rumble Pit** **links to screenshots in fileshare will be accepted** [*]Provide a link via Halowaypoint dated October 27, 2012 of 4 matches played [*]Participants must also make these 3 changes to their Spartan. Proof will be in the screenshot and match link! Primary armor color >>> Pink Secondary armor color >>> Silver Clan Tag >>> 343I You see what I did there, lmao! "343" Please send screenshots (or links to screenshots) and links to matches via PM to Choot_'em @ 343iCF. When in pre-game lobby, be sure to let the opposing players know what you are gaming for and who you represent!! 343iCF "The friendliest forums on the net!" **IMPORTANT UPDATE** If possible, please save any gameplay footage of your matches. Will try to get a compilation video of gameplay from BCAM matches to add to 343iCF's Youtube Channel. Thank You!!
  6. BCAM Screenshot Montage As a special show of appreciation to all who joined and participated in the BCAM playdate, I have created a special montage of the screenshots taken during the event. Thank you all and ENJOY!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EGYPTIANGHETTO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heke V ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hippie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iTz Vplus2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Hall ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- killulotz8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Bashful Brute ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quantum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- skummgummigubbe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skys ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TsickSense ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vitamin PWN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zaguroth ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zelda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choot 'em ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants with no screenshots available Archangel Tyrael Darkrain491 Donut Lil Dog Tallgeese I really can't thank you guys enough for the continued support of this event so once more.... THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!!
  7. Here is the Top 15 list for the Month of October! Congratulations to the winners! Give them a nice applause for making the site great! The following rules apply from now on: (Reminder there is no specific order of this list, just the top 15 members of this month.) All staff are no longer permitted on the top 15 list, as the excel at their jobs, and many normal members see it as unfair, as most staff have a bigger chance than the members. The MoM cannot be on the list for that month. MoM is special recognition on it's own, so extra recognition with the top 15 is unnecessary. The Judges can not be on the list for the month. So this way, the list is completely free of any bias or unfairness that existed before. Good luck you guys, and keep being great members! Here is the list: Ryu Hayabusa Zelda DoctorB77 iTz Vplus2 TsicksSense CᴏᴏʟɪᴇsᴛRᴀᴘ ςHϵAƨϵMΩηεTΞr Zuko 'Zarhamee Aʀᴅᴇɴᴛ Pʀᴀʏᴇʀ Minuette Mr. Wolfy ΠΘVΛ Psychoduck SuperIntendant imakequilts
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