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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning everyone of 343i community forum. I have an important announcement to make, at a time of the holidays things can get tough so I think we should spare a thought for those who find Christmas to be unenjoyable. But also doing one little good deed can make a big impact on somebody without them realising it, and it's just simply doing one thing whether it be putting the kettle on for them or help clean around the house or whatever it may be can really bring a good feeling in people. And I believe that we as a community should be doing something that should be done outside the forum as well as I can see it take place inside the forum such as The Christmas Tree thread which was done outstandingly by JackOfHarts and various other well known threads as well. We've had been through almost a year so quickly and I am proud of that and I am looking forward to what 2015 has to offer on the next road ahead. I wish you an festal Christmas and a Happy New Year. Merry Christmas
  2. Here is where you can post your Christmas Tree on display! ( cool init?) if you say no I will get my ninja pirate elves to hunt you down, they will find you
  3. It's coming up to Christmas very quickly and soon the big day will arrive, an idea that sprung into my mind was that I should make this thread intended for as a Christmas Wish list, just for fun . To make a list you must have up to 3 things minimum. For e.g. It should be laid out similar to this: My List 1. The Walking Dead Boxset Seasons 1-4 2.Devin Townsend's Infinity CD Album 3. Cash: The Autobiography (Johnny Cash Autobiography) So post in comments below your lists too. I'd love to see them!
  4. My favourite Christmas song would be 'Pipes Of Peace' By Paul McCartney. It's based on WW1 during Christmas day where both sides, German and British get up and go to no-mans land and sing stille nacht(silent night) and play football together and exchange gifts, etc. McCartney takes a historical approach to Christmas with a meaningful message that also is very wonderful and imaginative but also powerful. During the music video, McCartney plays as the German and British soldier who meet together and accidently exchange photos of their families during a sudden disruption to their truce. So what's your favourite Christmas song? Post in the comments below. Go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7ErrZ-ipoE
  5. A little story to get you ready for the holidays! Little Billy was praying on his bedside, "Oh lord, please let Christmas be early this year, please let it be early." Then all of a sudden, Little Billies dog, Toto came running in barking. "Oh TOTO You're back! I Missed you sooo much" said little billy. "Shut the hell up Billy, I am not Toto"- said Toto "Oh well golly Toto you sure are grumpy.." said little billy "I'm an elf, clearly an elf Billy, how can you not see this?" said Toto, who was actually an elf. " No you're my Toto, Toto." said little billy. "Okay fine, I am your 'Toto' but Billy, you have to come with me quickly! You need to help me.." said Toto, who was actually an elf named Ralph. Before I continue on, here is a little backstory on Ralph. Ralph grew up on the south side of Santa's Kingdom in the Arctic up North. Santa Claus was no jolly being either, he was a mean, fat dictator, who killed elves on his own time. (1950's man laugh) Haha well we can't worry about him right now. Now as I was saying, Ralph was a young elf, forced to come to find the dumbfounded little billy. Ralph was a single elf, never to have a wife because he was a ****. Ralph was a **** okay? He ruined the life and dreams of young children all over the world in 1929 because he crashed the stock market and shot Arch Duke F. to start WW1, this guy is a bad elf. Anywho, let us continue on with Billie and Ralph. "Why should I help you Toto?" said little Billy in a fuss "Because I'll rip off your %$2% if you don't help me....Fair enough?" Said Ralph "What does %#$% mean?" Said little billie "We don't have time for this, ask your mom or teacher in school" Said Ralph "Okay Toto, I'll help you, what do you need me to do?" "To Spread the word Billie" Said Ralph "What do you mean Toto?" Asked Little billie curiously "You must spread the word of christmas cheer to all, or I'll rip your #$@% off" said Ralph "Is that your solution to everything?" said Little Billie "Just do It!" Said Ralph. With that, Ralph climbed out of Billies window and flew away. The next day, Billie went to school and told everyone about Christmas, and how it was coming, and then he asked his Teacher what $%#* meant. The End. The moral of the story is, THE SKELETON WAR IS OVER, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
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