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  1. Just for my own piece of mind, I think I was well on the mark.
  2. Halo Infinite Legendary ending
  3. https://youtu.be/tgn8VOv9dc0 I hope it isn't a collect-athon. I think people are going to complain that it isn't linear enough TBH. Not focused. May be similar to Metro Exodus? Open world pieces connected by linear set pieces, but you can still travel between the areas after the set piece. I hope there isnt any "This area is too high level for you spartan" destiny BS like that. No damage scaling where brutes in "high danger" zones can't be killed without bigger numbers. We'll see I guess. Still needs some polish. Elites were default/T-posing when Chief jacked the Banshees. I hope there is some way to customize visuals of Chief. People have mentioned a new game+ where you can import your MP Spartan, which would be cool. You can see some armor module customisation (shields, etc) Anyone notice they changed the Brohammer Pelican video a wee bit? Chief now has a cable (grapple hook?) Attached when floating in space and when his suit is restarted.
  4. They tend to be watchable despite themselves. Legends, the stories are cool and (mainly) fit into canon, but the varying art-styles are so jarring. I know they said the visuals aren't necessarily canon (teen Halsey?) but the stories are? Forward Unto Dawn, teen actors are subpar. Nightfall, generic and boring. Visually it looks just like another generic "Syfy channel movie". You know the ones. Halo Fall Of Reach, they took what is arguably everyone favorite book and retold it based on someones memory of the story? Like they just had someone sit down, read it once, then wrote the script based on what that one dude remembered. Also, the CGI works in the hidden logs in the games, as they are just little one and a half minute snippets expanding on lore, but the artstyle just doesn't hold up over a 1 hour movie.
  5. KhevaKins

    Halo TV Show

    Early days, to be sure, but what are everyone's feelings on the show so far? For context here are some links: Halo Showtime Facebook Halo Cast IMDB Latest Press Release Variety.com Little Bit Of Controversy Explained Screen Rant I guess I'll just go bullet point: Jacob And Miranda Keyes Why even have them in the show? Let alone to so fundamentally change the characters? And I am not (just) talking about the racial bending. "Gray will play Dr. Miranda Keyes, a brilliant UNSC Commander who is dedicated to understanding the technology, language and culture of the Covenant, but she’ll have to learn to navigate the politics of the UNSC to get what she wants." In the established canon Miranda is accept to Luna Officer Candidate School at age 16, graduates with honors then immediate requests active duty (because, you know, we are at war with the Covvies at this point). At what point in time would she of had time to go and get a Doctorate? There are programs where you can get a PHD while on active military duty, but at no point has it been mentioned that Miranda had one. "Sapani will play Captain Jacob Keyes, described a dedicated military man, a war hero and a caring father. He finds that working alongside his daughter and his ex-wife is usually the cause of conflict rather than comfort." Alongside daughter, ok, makes a little sense (maybe, but not really), but ex-wife? Jacob hadn't seen Halsey from years 2530 (ish) to 2552, 22 years. And then they were only together like a day. Halsey didn't see him again because he died on Halo. So how exactly does he work 'alongside' her? They are trying to somehow spin a story where in an galactic war for survival these three people are entwined? Jacob and Miranda have a good relationship but as far as I can tell they were both Bridge Crew on different ships in different fleets? Not a lot of opportunity for cooperation, at least not personally between them. Plus, they have been portrayed as African descent, which I don't really care about but why not just write two new characters? This portrayal seems to be completely different to anything established to the point where they are new characters, but then to change their race as well? For canon nerds it is definitely irritating. Makee "Murphy will play Makee, an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity" A new character written for the show. Is this a joke? Not only does it fundamentally undermine the entire goal of the Covenant Crusade (complete eradication), but it is pretty clique writing that has been done tonnes of time, and probably better. There are a few cases of humans and Covvies working together (Mona Lisa, The Rubble) but to be 'raised' by the Covvies? If this is the quality of writing for the show we can expect, we are gonna have a bad time. Side Notes If they don't have Steve Downes dubbing John-117's voice, then why even have the big MC in the show? Same kind of goes for Jen Taylor doing the voice, but I do think Natascha McElhone could be a cool mo-cap actor for Cortana, although I think Jen Taylor also would of been cool as I can envision both as her avatar. It would be cool if Natasha did Halsey, then Jen Taylor dubbed Cortana. Soren-066 played by Bokeem Woodbine could be cool, although if they are doing post augmentation (which they kind of have to), then Soren is all kinds of messed up? I guess they will go into what happens to him. Vannak-134 sounds lame. "serves as the defacto deputy to the Master Chief." What does that even mean? I get it couldn't be Fred yet, because he is still leading his own team, but Vannak? There are so many established S-IIs they could of used they wasted one of their spots on a sidekick for Chief? Put MF Jorge in as having served with MC before Noble Team. Would of been way cooler. Also, no casting for any Covvie characters as yet? Kind of disappointing. I honestly, and sincerely, hope the show will be good. Unfortunately Halo just hasn't got a good track record of having good video extended media (FUD, Legends, Nightfall, Fall of Reach). They have all fallen short of being satisfactory in almost any regard. They really need to have someone watching over the Extended Media as a whole and making sure everything lines up. They may not want to have to keep following the Canon from the 18 year old original books but Fall Of Reach (the book) continues to be one of the most popular of all the books, and is sold not only as add-on for the games but as just a very good sci-fi book in general.
  6. Who saw it? I did. This one has the most plot holes out of any of these Marvel movies. Still very enjoyable. I would give it like a 7 to 7.5 because of the plot problems. I felt the plot was very predictable, being able to clearly see the Kree were the ones to screw over Carol, and they were the ones controlling her powers with their limiter switch, not the one that gave her the powers. Dr. Lawson/Mar-vel is trying to develop a Light Speed engine so the Skrulls can leave the Milky Way to get away from the Kree. But there is already plenty of factions and races that have FTL drives. Most of Guardians happens in the Andromeda Galaxy, the 1st closest to 'our' galaxy, the Milky Way. Yondu kidnaps Quill from Earth in 1988 and they end up in Andromeda, so there are already ships with the means to get from Galaxy to Galaxy. FTL engines don't appear to be in short supply, so why can't the Skrulls just get a ship that already has one? Also just a note, they only ever say 'Light Speed Engine', not 'Fast Than Light Speed Engine', so at Light Speed it would still take them 2.54 million years just to get to Andromeda. Andromeda also already had a Kree presence, so the Kree themselves have the means to get from Milky Way to Andromeda. How did Dr. Lawson get the Tesseract. Ok, so maybe SHIELD let the USAF/NASA use the Tesseract during their joint Project: Pegasus. That makes sense. But presumably it would still be a highly valued and secured object, even if they didn't quite know what it was. How did Dr.Lawson manage to steal it? Not only that, but it had to of been missing for up to 6 years, where it was just hanging out in Lawson's orbiting Laboratory/Kree Space Cruiser. The Supreme Intelligence. Before Carol meets the AI it is explained that the AI may appear in any form IT chooses. Why would the AI choose to take the form of Dr.Lawson during it's conversation with Carol? Surely if Supreme AI is trying to keep Carol under control they don't want her questioning her past too much. Why would the AI intentionally choose to show up as someone Carol isn't supposed to know? Maybe it was afraid of Carol piecing together her past through the recurring dreams she was having but shouldn't it of instead offered it's own false answers rather than intentionally keeping it a mystery? That would make Carol just look for answers? Carol shoots one hole in the Skrull ship and the whole thing explodes. Must of shot it directly in the C4. Skrulls are on Earth for like 1 day and in that time they naturally are able to not only find information painting SHIELD as an important organization, they also manage to locate, isolate, and take the form of Nick Fury's boss. In less than 24 hours. GG Skrulls, good work. Ronan The Accuser. He is a part of 'the Accusers', so shouldn't he be 'Ronan A Accuser', not 'The Accuser', since there seems to be quite a few of them? Also, he all "We will be back for HER", then proceeds to presumably forget about Captain Marvel for Maybe it was on his TODO. Ronan The Accuser uses Ballistic Missiles to level what looks like entire cities early in the movie as a distraction for Jude Law and his team to extract a Kree Spy. They show one missile leveling a city. Ronan turns up at Earth and proceeds to order all his ships to fire every single missile in a single file line, so they would presumably all land in the same 50m circle? Why not spread out the pay load across a continent? It made it awfully convenient for Captain Marvel to destroy the missiles when they were all fired in a tight clustered single file line. The Tesseract is show to be , but Goose the Flerken manages to eat it and be fine? Also, why was Dr.Lawson keeping Goose as a pet? The Skrulls are shown to be scared of Flerkens so not like it was helping her refugee pals. Jude Law turns up on Earth and finds fake Skrull Captain Marvel. Why did they even leave him behind? Why didn't they just take him (the skrull) into space with them? Not only that but at no time does anyone tell Jude Law where the Laboratory is but then he and his team just appear on it? I guess when it de-cloaked they managed to detect it? Over sight on Talos's part when they don't re-engage cloaking after boarding. Captain Marvel shoots down Jude Law's little space fighter, he crashes, then Ronan The Accuser turns up and fires his missiles in a single fire line straight down. Captain Marvel flies off. When his ship crashes does Jude Law just literally stand there for like 5 minutes while Captain Marvel flies into space? What was he doing? Not like he could watch. He then proceeds to get by Captain Marvel, which was nice. At times the editing seemed to be pretty poor. When Ronan turns up and fires at Earth it just kind of hard cuts to Captain Marvel flying straight up. They don't show her acknowledging the threat. When Fury fights Talos in the records room they showed like 15 guys run in to check the room then some how it is empty for Fury to one on one Talos. Things I like. The whole 'First Female led what ever' thing wasn't ever played up. It didn't feel like there was any real behind the scenes political message, it was just a cool story that happened to be revolving around a female. Not, "eww, men, amirite". Some legit laughs. Old computers, Block Buster, incompetent Kree tech. In fact, the Skrull in general were pretty good.
  7. I bought it on epic for $64 AUD. I'll probs rebuy it on Steam when a GOTY edition comes out on sale. It was a pretty good game. Waifu Anna best Waifu. Wish there was more open world parts. The only parts that seems open world was the fishing village swamp and Mad Max rip off parts. When you go to the forest I felt hindered by the fact I couldn't kill any of the Pirates, less I get the bad ending for that segment. Also wish there was more parts in the snow, even an open world part in the snow environment. They spend all that time making snow assets but only have it show up shortly at the start and end of the game.
  8. KhevaKins


    I thought it was confirmed Evil Cortana was one of the rampant fragments that got blasted from Mantle's Approach. Quote from 'Dominion Splinter': "Don't worry about me. I'm a fragment of what I once was. This splinter of me is no threat to you. Or to this place." She makes contact with the Domain which is what allows the fragment to rebuild itself, but something built on a shaky base will topple. I feel like this Halo game is going to be a lot more open ended in terms of gameplay. It will still be the FPS we know and love, but maybe have a lot bigger play areas on multiple maps and locale/planets. Maybe using Infinity as a home base you will have a galaxy map where you chose in which order to play them in/ where to go? I hope it reunites a lot of the loose ends and side stories. Chief comes across Spirit of Fire. Gray Team is on the radio in one part. We see a Vulture shooting it out with some Banshees. All the side stuff in this one Infinite experience. Probably be smart and don't trust the trailers this time people. 'Hunt The Truth' They have never been game accurate so don't be angry when the aren't.
  9. "The Metro is cold Atryom, but you know what is not cold? Beautiful Soviet Train. Explore the country side. Meet the wildlife. Then kill it." -Lenin Himself Who is going to buy? Any love for the series here?
  10. I think Master Chief is the central focus of the Halo main storyline, the main numbered games, and with the exception of him eventually dying I think the numbered sequels should always follow the Master Chiefs story. That being said I don't think MC has to be present or involved in every Halo story. I loved ODST for its different depiction of the war and would love more games focused on other events in the Halo universe, pre war, innie war, post war, you name it.
  11. So,theory How do ships in Halo hang in the air? Example; In Amber Clad manages to stay stationary over New Mombasa in Halo 2 with no (obvious) thrusters. I think this can be explained with Slipspace drives. I believe that a 'passive' ability of the Drives could be to anchor a ship in a particular spot, similar to how the Forerunner artifact immobilized Infinity over Requiem. The Drive creates a link into Slipspace that suspends it in a spot. Now, the reason why only certain ships can go into atmosphere while others can not (Halcyon's can't, Charons Can) The immobilization effect only works on the drive itself, not the whole ships, since it is only the drive creating the link. In practice, the whole weight of the ship is held in spot by it's tethers/anchors/mounts to the drives themselves. Obviously a Charon weighs alot less than a Halcyon, so the tethers/anchors/mounts don't need to hold as much weight. Super Halo space aged metals are still limited and so while the do manage to hold the Charon, the weight of a Halcyon is too much. Now, why can Covvie ships hang in the air? It could be that their super Halo space aged metal technology surpasses the UNSC's (access to crazy alloys and Huragoks) and so can hold more weight. It could be their Slipspace drives are more powerful and so able to create a larger field. This was just an idea I had. Obviously, post war UNSC had more tech and so now every ship can do whatever.
  12. Without the Schism I am fairly sure Earth would of fallen and defeating the Covenant becomes pretty impossible but the complete destruction of Humanity seems fairly unlikely. We were already working on the Infinity, Halsey and the gang were already busy at work messing around on Onyx and there were still a fair few untouched human colonies left out in the wild. At worst we would probably end with something like Battlestar Galactica, no real homes, just flying place to place in fleets of ships.
  13. Thanks. If anyone wants any they just need to ask. I'm also open to do some requests/commissions if any wants something specific. So if you go some simple art you want printed in metal or plastic I'm your fella. I've been compiling an imgur album of what I've got redrawn so far: http://imgur.com/a/j4pmz
  14. There felt to be alot fewer full cutscenes in this one compared to HW 1.
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