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Found 6 results

  1. There is a video on youtube called Halo | Ultimate Theme Mashup and I really think that the guy who made that video did something fantastic. He combines the best music from all games into one soundtrack. Now in my opinion, Halo 4 and Halo 5 music was mediocre and thats because the music for halo games has been set to such a high standard so it's really hard to recreate what Marty O' Donnell did. Now I say instead of trying to do new music just use old music from old games along with new music. Halo 4 didn't play the main halo theme once I believe and that's insane. Once again I mention this video this guy did because it is such a great mashup of all the great halo music.
  2. Dear 343, If you're thinking of making HALO 6 and not thinking about incorporating a SKILL BASED RANKING SYSTEM then don't bother. I've been a life long Halo fan (from the first day halo 1 was released....no joke) and I don't wanna see this franchise go down the tubes because they're more focused on making the game fun for EVERYONE as a pose to making it fun for the people who will actually play it. Bungie had it right in Halo 3 - ranked playlists (for competitive people 1 - 50) none of these short term weekly rankings (like who cares) - social playlists for people who don't necessarily want to compete competitively (I don't know why anyone would want to play social????) This way people actually felt like they achieved something by earning a Level 50 (a feeling thats missing from every 1st person shooter on the market) I never played COD because i never liked their XP based ranking system (even people that love cod hate the ranking system). Getting to 10th prestige just means you play a lot and everyone knows it. Now my favourite game has a similar ranking system to the game i've always hated. I don't understand what the issue is with the Halo 3 ranking system. If its because people were selling 50s........ GET OVER IT. If it's because the ranked playlists intimidated people THEY NEED TO GET OVER IT. If you guys ever find yourselves wondering why the game isn't doing as well, it's because of this issue. And i'm sure everyone who doesn't play Halo anymore would agree that the best Halos are behind us.......Shame! If you wanna play social fine.....go ahead.....it doesn't bother me. But people shouldn't be bothered by a skill based ranking system. NO GAMES TODAY HAVE SKILL BASED RANKING SYSTEMS. THAT MEANS THERE'S A GAP THAT YOU COULD FILL. WAKE THE **** UP!!!!! sincerely, A former Halo fan
  3. Please Comment Rate and Subscribe for more Gun Sync's and Twixtor effect's This is my thrid gun sync for halo 4, everyone wanted a longer version of this song, so here you go. hope you like it Please support this sexy band song name: The XX-Intro http://thexx.info/
  4. So, I recently purchased the Pc version of Halo: Combat Evolved, and unlike Halo vista, I can't seem to use my xbox 360 controller. I looked up directions to use it and it said that I have to select game pads. Well, I can't select game pads. Can someone tell me why and inform me as to how to fix it please? Thank you!
  5. I have a request that I believe would change the game of Halo Multiplayer in its entirety. My suggestion is to release a map pack that contains every multiplayer level from each of the Halo games. I love Halo and play on a daily basis, but playing the same 5-7 maps everyday for 2 years gets very old. The only reason I switched to MW3 during Halo Reach was because Halo had become dull in a sense of no diversity. Release the ULTIMATE MAP PACK and watch all of the Halo fans lost to COD over the years return!! I would pay at lest $100 for this map pack, and probably never play another FPS!
  6. Wouldnt be nice to have 'Theater' in this forum? 343 Industries admin would surely make it beautifull i believe. Members could have contests in making best videos like: Comedies, Montage Videos...
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