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  1. Lolwut? Calm down, douchenugget. I'm here to get the weapons balanced, not fight with 12 year olds.
  2. Well BR having an advantage most of the time and the DMR having an advantage only at long range is still a better alternative than what we have now, with the DMR always having an advantage over the BR.
  3. The BR would still be 5 shot kill.. Way to read there Sounds like someone's a little butthurt his favorite weapon diserves a nerf.
  4. How would it be unusable? The DMR would still have an advantage on Every big team map, complex, and any long range location on any other maps. The BR would simpily be better at close to mid range. 1 extra shot doesn't make it that much worse at closer ranges either. Hitting 4 hits on a target is easy, it's the headshot at the end where people its decided who would win that fight. If you pay attention to it in game you'll often be at no-shields but it will still take them 2-3 shots to finish you because they can't hit your head. The point is that if you have better accuracy you could still easily overcome most players at mid range when using a 6 shot kill DMR.
  5. Here's the way I think it should be. The Carbine and BR should be equivalent. Both them should beat the DMR at close/mid range. The DMR should be better at long range but have a slight disadvantage at anything mid range or closer. The light rifle should stay as it is, with 5 shot kill unscoped and 4 shot scoped. I think we can all agree on that, the solution is where we seem to have trouble. The best solution is the one that requires the least amount of changes well still maintaining what I said above. In Both options the Carbine gets the same kill time as the BR. Option A: Slow kill time of DMR to slightly less of the BR/Carbine, the accuracy and range of the DMR would still keep in dominant from long distance. This also includes making the BR/Carbine have the equivalent clip size as the DMR. Option B: Buff the BR to a 4 Shot kill and match the Carbine with the BRs kill time. The DMR would remain better at long distance, with the BR/Carbine better at mid to close range. I Favor Option A much, much more. Why? Because the BR having the ability to 4 shot players (even though difficult) makes a lot of non-power weapons obsolete. Things like the Needler would not stand a chance against it.
  6. Too skill based doesn't really make sense. If the BR was too hard for someone to get a 4 shot kill, than it would simpily take him a few more bursts and that is fine. In previous halos 4 shots where rare even for very good players. It makes that better player get an advantage, but shouldn't a better player get an advantage. And yes there is statistically a difference between the BR and DMR. The DMR is much better at range, takes only 5 shots instead of 15, and has a nicer clip.
  7. Not really. All the loadout weapons are where they should be (aside from the DMR). The fully automatic loadout weapons don't completely suck compared to their single fire counter-parts, which is a good thing. They BR compared to non loadout or power weapons, for example the needler, SAW, grenade launcher, is at a good balanced level with those too. They aren't completely better then the BR, and they arent outclassed by the BR and makes Those weapons obsolete. So the BR where it stands is actually really good. The problem is more about the DMR. By nerfing it (or even better removing it) all weapons seem to be really well balanced. It's just a much easier solution then giving all other weapons a buff to get on the DMRs level. But that is a huge problem. A DMR user has a advantage over a BR user. Not a HUGE advantage, but the DMR making the BR obsolete is unacceptable.
  8. I didn't factor in clip size, though I don't really see it as much of a problem because of the perk dexterity. If you don't use dexterity you at a HUGE disadvantage. But I would rather have a bigger clip size than a perk that you forced to use (like stopping power is MW2). So you they should definately buff the clip size. Whether they buff the BR or Nerf tht DMR it is not going to be that hard either way. All the comments in this thread mention multiple ways that they could fix the problem. The real issue here is if 343 is going to do anything at all, and judging by the way that they haven't even attemp to fix any of the MANY other problems with this game, I fear that they won't do anything at all; since they're to busy making map packs so kids buy it so they make $. And I feel that's how most companies are doing things now, and they have been since 08'. Now it's just a bunch of greedy EAs.
  9. I think making the DMR 6 shot kill or making it shoot slower is a better alternative. It balances the loadout weapons perfectly. The BR would be best at close range, the DMR would still be the best choice for long range with someone that has decent accuracy. And the Light rifle would be for long range but for players with very good accuracy. Also if the BR was 4 shot kill that almost defeats the purpose of other weapons in the game. The BR would be a better option for any type of engagement that most of the non-loadout weapons. The kill time of it would be 1.2 seconds which is much faster than what we have seen in previous halo's and it would feel a bit more like one of em CoD games with people killing each other that fast.
  10. What'd be the point they'd be the same exact weapon then lol
  11. It might feel that way, but they are the same up close. And since you must hit 3 shots with the BR to match the DMR's 1 shot, you even at a disadvantage up close (though you probably won't notice it)
  12. So they are going to either nerf the DMR, or Buff the BR right? Because as it stands the DMR is the same as the BR, except for the DMR also being a lot better at a distance and you need to hit a full burst on the enemy vs the DMR's one bullet. Honestly the best way to fix this would be to make the DMR 6 bullet kill min. They do plan on fixing it right?
  13. 1v1 playlists = boosting. Remember when MW2 had a 1v1 playlist? Lol A small normal map is much better than a forged small map no matter who makes it. Forge limits what you can make. Imagine a Guardian remake made in forge for example. They had one in Reach, but it just was not nearly as smooth or precise as a "normal" remake of the map would be.
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