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Found 37 results

  1. Hello everyone, Fishy here and I would like to say WELCOME to my Titanfall Event. I will be serving as your host, and maybe your date. (If you're lucky.) Please read the following carefully, if you have any questions, please read it again: When: Sunday, May 24th, 2015 @ 3 PM EST -- ENDGAME Game: Titanfall on Xbox One. Information: We will do private lobbies if there are more than 6 p layers. If not, we will do campaign as a fireteam. DLC is not required, but is highly encouraged. I mean, it's free for everyone. Game Length: The game keeps going as long as the players are there. The event will extend ending time if players wish to continue playing together. It may also end earlier if everyone gets bored and leaves. It's up to you, you control the end time. Everyone please sign-up with the following format: (Asterisks mean it's required.) Username* Gamertag* Credit Card Information Players who said they are attending: Fishy - l Fishy l Vitamin PWN - Vitamin PWN Famer Destruct - WamSinchester Bnus - Warm Bnus (Officially approved by D38-Boss)
  2. Yo, this is the sign up thread for the Destiny Raid Event, use the following format below, with example Gamertag: Azaxx Subclass/Level: Bladedancer/Gunslinger 32, Bladedancer 32, Defender 31 Maxed Weapons used for Raid(s): All VoG Primaries, WoC, AD, SUROS, BH, IB, P&T, HoC, SoIY Availability/Time: Whole event Raid choice: Vault of Glass Hard When: Saturday March 7th, 2015 6pm - Roughly midnight (depends on when party is finished) EST Game: Destiny Xbox One, Vault of Glass/Crota's End Raid Additional Requirements/Notes: Dark Below DLC is required for those who want to do the Crota End Raid, those who do not have it will come at a lower priority if the rest of the party as the DLC on hand. Forum members also take top priority over those who are not. Additional note, the Fireteam will be First in, First serve. Just add me on XBL and send a message for an invite and I'll add the 5 messages who got in first on that day to be added. Time Converter here for reference Members planning on joining/with Raid preference: Agent York / VoG H Tony Stark / Nil SʜadowҒɪɛɴd216 / Crota's End N Yang Xiao Long / VoG N/H, Crota's End N Bnus / VoG N/H, Crota's End N Eqwinoxe / VoG N Laplace / Crota's End H Austintacious / VoG N, Crota's End N
  3. Hello everyone, Fishy here and I would like to say WELCOME to my Titanfall Event. I will be serving as your host, and maybe your date. (If you're lucky.) Please read the following carefully, if you have any questions, please read it again: When: Saturday, February 14th, 2015 @ 3 PM EST -- ENDGAME Game: Titanfall on Xbox One. Information: We will do private lobbies if there are more than 6 p layers. If not, we will do campaign as a fireteam. DLC is not required, but if everyone has it we can play it. Game Length: The game keeps going as long as the players are there. Playdate will extend ending time if players wish to continue playing together. It may also end earlier if everyone gets bored and leaves. It's up to you, you control the end time. Quick Rules of Mine: Harassment/Bullying in lobby to one another is not tolerated. I will kick you if you wish to do so. If you are joking, let the other person know. Harsh put-downs aren't acceptable as jokes, even if you say "I was just joking." It causes trust issues and might cause stress. Nobody wants their day to be any harder than it already is. Treat each other equally. If you're a female gamer, don't judge the male gamers. If you're a male gamer, don't judge the female gamers. If you have opinions or suggestions to make, say them freely. You're not going to be judged. Everyone deserves to get a chance. Everyone please sign-up with the following format: (Asterisks mean it's required.) Username* Gamertag* Credit Card Information Players who said they are attending: Fishy - l Fishy l Vitamin PWN - Vitamin PWN Yang Xiao Long- DarkAngel 343i Yoshi1176 - Yoshi 1176 (Redacted)
  4. Hello everyone! For those that are keeping track of the Halo: MCC opening day Community Event, here is even more information for you all to remember! First thing: The name is being changed from "The Master Chief Collection Opening Day Community Event" to "The Master Chief Collection Premier Event"... it is a little shorter, but sounds much better! The Master Chief Collection Premier Event will be the first official event the forum will hold for this new game, so let's make History! This update will give you a better idea of the planning and gametypes that will be included in the event! We will cover both Free For All (FFA) and Team based gametypes. Time: 12:00 AM (EST), 2400 (military)... (or as soon as the game downloads) Date: November 11th, 2014 Features: Plenty of fun gametypes, maps, and a Live Stream! (We will also open the party up to any of the viewers from our live stream) Click Here to go to 343i.org Official Live Stream! These are the gametypes that we will attempt to play during this event: FFA: Slayer Juggernaut infection Oddball SWAT Fiesta King Of The Hill TM: Slayer MVP (if available) Capture The Flag SWAT Shotty Snipes King Of The Hill Assault MAPS: The first thing we will do is try our hand on the new anniversary treated maps. Then, we will start mixing in the classic Halo 2 maps, and if there is enough interest, we will try our hand at Halo CE, and Halo 3 maps/gametypes. If you have a suggestion of what maps to play, please let me know during the event. We certainly want to try out all the new maps, but we also want to have fun while this event is taking place. If we have a decent turnout, we will also include some BTB games! (Also, keep an eye on the official forum Twitch.tv channel throughout Premier Week as it is possible there could be more content coming...) This is NOT the official sign up thread, so please do not try to sign up here. An Official sign up thread will be posted Next Month so keep an eye out for it as we gear up for this Opening Day Event!
  5. [the MoM banner is causing derpness within the thread, sorry] This has been a loong time coming... and it's finally here (ala 666th post :spiteful: ) Sunday, August 17th, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc [the time is subject to change] [banner, and topic name will be changed to suite a game change] I know, you're wondering how I'm going to do this... well here's my plan. 1: Say you're joining, and post your GT. I will then include you on the list. I don't care if you post things that have nothing to do with the Gamenight on here, but please tell me if you can join beforehand before you do. 2: A few hours (maybe just an hour) before the actual time of the playdate I will host a pre-party to screw around in. Send me a message, and I'll invite you. It is not mandatory to join the pre-party, so you can wait until the actual party starts, or a little after if you're a "late bloomer". If you can't join, please tell me, and I'll remove your name from the list and open a spot for joining. 3: When the time comes I will be lurking in the Shoutbox to invite people, and after everyone's in I will launch the game-night... and the shenanigans will begin! The rules have been skimmed. Must read though: - - - - - Thanks to everyone who came! DarkAngel Unease P34nut Coldfreeze TheMaskedMan GermanShepherdD Delpen9 Sub ZeroX7 Honorable mention to these dudes! They may not have made it, but they will always be in remembrance... *cue weird funeral music* Bnus Edward Kenway Ardent Prayer ShadowFiend216 Blake Belladonna Butch Flowers Ruby Rose
  6. I want know... how many of you would be interested in doing a Halo Custom Edition playdate to celebrate the servers being saved by Bungie? If enough people would be interested in participating, I'd gladly arrange a playdate! I don't have a server of my own but we could invade someone else's server Let me know what you guys think! And if you haven't already done so, be sure to download and install the 1.0.10 patch!! Downloads (direct from Bungie) Halo PC 1.0.10 Halo CE 1.0.10 Halo PC Dedicated Server 1.0.10 Halo CE Dedicated Server 1.0.10
  7. Alright I'm thinking on holding a playdate for Halo 4 sometime in the future. I'd like to know who would be interested in such shenanigans! Also I need to get everything down before I can throw down a specific date. Gotta organize my maps and such. I would also like to know what the ideal time of day it should be Thanks, and stay classy 343i! └(^o^)┘
  8. Hello everyone, Edward Kenway coming to you with not one, not two, but THREE action packed events taking place within the next month! So gear up your Xboxs, loot your loot, up your biotics, and prepare to drop in Edward’s Trinity Events! For our first playdate, with a confirmed date of April 6th, likely near the end of the day, we will be playing Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer in the Multiplayer Playdate. We’ll be playing against a large variety of enemies and on quite the amount of maps. A small note to players, if possible download the packs, as we will be playing on DLC maps. The add-ons are 100% free and will not cost Microsoft points to buy. Coming up second is the dark and melancholy Halo 3 ODST Endure Playdate. This one is more challenge specific as I will take a team of three players and attempt the Endure vidmaster with them. The date will be edited in when it is decided. Finally, to end it with a bang, we take a trek into the Badlands of Pandora in the Borderlands 2 Co-operative Playdate. Each group will randomly be fighting a pre-chosen boss, such as Bewm Boom or Saturn, just for the fun of it, as the next group cycles in. The way this will all work, since these games are 4 player only, is we will use a team based cycling system, depending on when you sign up. Let’s say Bnus signs up below first for the Mass Effect 3 playdate, then Yoshi, then D-38 Boss, these three along with me will play a round on the highest difficulty, then I move to the next three that signed up, the same formula for ODST and Borderlands 2. Sign up below for what games you will be joining, and thanks to Onsokumaru for sponsoring the Events! Credits to JX and Gryffin as well for the images. Current Attendees: Mass Effect 3: Halo5 Follower D-38 Boss Erebus ___________ Ledgend1221 Bnus JXZAW ___________ Borderlands 2: Anarchy D-38 Boss JXZAW ___________ Yang Xaoi Long Halo 3: ODST: Halo5 Follower Erebus Bnus ___________ ShadowFiend JXZAW
  9. Maestro


    MMM? No, I'm not talking about food or drinks, although this is the time of year the best goodies are made. It's the result of a nice bit of alliteration in this event's title... Since there's a lack of playdates focusing purely on mini games, I thought that I'd host one in time for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Ramadan or Boxing Day or whichever holiday you celebrate if there are any I didn't list. So for the next little while, I'll be forging up a storm to make more mini games that I personally will contribute to the roster. If there are any other mini games that attendants have made or have found in the vast expanse of cyberspace, feel free to list them below! EDIT: Whoops, how could I forget? This is being hosted on HALO 4. If you have that, a microphone, and Forge Island, you'll be all set for fun and games and laughter! Here's what's on tap right now: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666 Convoy King at Koridai Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! Now you might be asking: "Hey Maestro, when are you hosting this?" And to that I answer: "Vote for either 1pm on December 14th, or either 1pm or 7pm on December 21st!" Keep in mind that these times are PACIFIC TIME [uTC-8]. Let's celebrate the holidays with a bang! And fun! And games!
  10. HAY! YOO! Considering you should all have Halo 3 now... (IT WAS FREE.) We should have a nice get together and shoot eachother! So, Courtesy of your MoM, and Your's truly, we present; Bnus' Totally BOSS Playdate! Now, You're probably going; "Hmm, I dunno..." Well shame on you! Bnus is our MoM, and you should do what Mommy asks! Here's the details; Saturday, November 16th, is the date, Halo 3 is the game, and 4:00 P.M. EST is the time. (You'll have to do any timezone conversions.) Now, what do we need from you? Maps, and Gametypes. Make sure to have any maps or games you want to play ready the night before, or the week before, or whenever, Just have them for the playdate. Heck, Gotta map to test? We'll play it! So, got questions? OF COURSE YOU DO, I CAN'T EXPLAIN THINGS WELL AT ALL! Ask 'em below, or message me or Bnus. TO RECAP: Halo 3 November 16th Saturday At 4:00 P.M. EST. till WHENEVER. If you're gonna be late, tell us. we'll stick around. RSVP, and add Warm Bnus and xXRC BossXx on XBL!
  11. Hello all! Its me, The Dumb Marine! And also Onsokumaru! Today, We are both here to tell you that we are teaming up and... Hosting some Halo 4 custom games! Because well.. Why not? Now you are probably wondering... "Why dont they have a banner?" Well we do, Right here. This beautiful photo was made by: Onsokumaru! Here are the details, This is going to be at... Sunday the 10th!! And the time: Atlantic: 2:30 PM EST to 9:30 PM EST. Central: 1:30 Pm to 8:30 Pm. Mountain: 12:30 Pm to 7:30 Pm. Pacific: 11:30 Pm to 6:30 Pm. GMT: 7:30 Pm to 2:30 Pm. We really want to see as many of you as we can! We are going to be doing some Mini-Games, Flood, Slayer, And even map testing if anyone has maps! Feel free to put some games into your file share as well! We'd love to see what you like to play with your friends. So practice up for some fun, Because we are going to feature LOTS of it! So what are you waiting for? RSVP now! Did you do it yet? You know, The box to post is right there. Oh, While your at it, Include your Gamertag as well. Thanks. -The Dumb Marine & Onsokumaru P.s BRING HALO 4!!! PLIXY PLOX! Also bring Forge Island. Playlist Order: 1. FFA Slayer 2. Team Slayer 3. Dominion 4. Capture The Flag 5. Cheeto Time! (5 minute break) 6. Flood 7. Mini games 8. Community Map Testing 9. Reset the cycle(Via Go Backwards or Restart list over all with different maps)
  12. As You all know Wednesday is Halo 4's First Birthday! And to celebrate this 343 industries is adding a new playlist just for this very special day. The Halo 4 Birthday Fiesta playlist will be featuring mini festive-colored Spartans and FFA Fiesta Slayer gameplay and I believe there'll be confetti involved as well. What's that? You say you'd love to participate in the the new 24-hour only playlist and unlock the new special 343i emblem as well, but you don't have anybody to play with? IT'S OK! You see UNSC Spartan-II and myself have decided to Host playdates so you don't miss out on this very special event. The first lobby will be held from 1:30-3:30pm EST (6:30-8:30pm GMT) and will be hosted by UNSC Spartan-II The second lobby will be hosted by yours truly, and will run from 10:00-11:00pm EST (3:00-4:00am GMT) I hope you can all attend and I look forward to seeing you there! EDIT: Be sure to RSVP by sending BZ1 or UNSC Spartan-II a message.
  13. Hey everyone so as everyone should know we host a Play Date every weekend on the site. It goes First Weekend - Special Event Second Weekend - Halo: Reach Play Date Third Weekend - Halo 3 Play Date Fourth Weekend - Halo 4 Play Date So this weekend, being that it is the last weekend in April, will be our (yes you guessed it) Halo 2 Vista Play Date! No just kidding we absolutely aren't doing that. It's Halo 4 and you gotta be there. We get a lot of members in these lobbies and we play a lot of interesting and fun maps and gametypes. We also play Infinity Slayer, CTF, and other regular gametypes on regular maps as well. Anyone interested in a good time with the best community in Halo should join us. Absolute Dog usually hosts but I don't know if he will this time seeing as I haven't spoken to him in a couple weeks now let alone see his name anywhere so I will host if he doesn't and the event will begin at 9AM EST on April 27th. My GamerTag is LL Kool D and you can find it by looking at my profile or reading the beginning of this sentence. If you come you get this! Maybe. Thanks GSD!
  14. Hello people! So, recently, me and a few others were talking about playdates, and we realized there should be one for Battlefield 3. After all, it is one of the best games out there; I have never seen ANY other game that successfully creates such massive maps featuring such amazing, large scale gameplay that is both fun yet hardcore at the same time. So obviously, being the nice person I am, I decided to host one. How will it work? Well, the event has been decided as starting on NEXT WEEK'S [May 11] SATURDAY NIGHT 9PM EST. For those who still don't get what time it is, I'll list it out for you. Aussies: Sunday Morning Europeans: About 11PM - AM Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Middle East/East: ....Morning. America: 9-12PM or so. Saipan, Hawaii etc. areas: Afternoon This link should help you: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html In any case, continuing on, this will generally be what we do: Playing in a semi competitive manner, we WILL keep in mind that this game is on of the Trolliest, casual matchmaking games available, and as such we will also be placing C4 on Jeeps and Helicopters, flying jets into tanks, and generally having fun doing fun things. (Oh, yeah. I'm bringing my capture card We'll ONLY be playing Non-DLC maps unless everyone has a DLC map they wanna play on, and they all have it. Because in-game, Battlefield 3 has a 'Squad' system, we'll compensate for it using party chat - we'll generally remain in it but play online. If we're under 4 players, we'll all be in game chat, and if we're over 4 players, we form a party, and try to put everyone in the same squad as well. (Never tried, though. ) In any case, we hope you guys show up! If you guys KNOW you will, just leave a note below and we'll be sure to invite you when the time comes!
  15. Community Playdate Just as soon as Judging for the Meet Your Maker Contest is finalized, we will be hosting a community play date which will include any available forgers and judging staff. We will be playing on as many maps as possible that fit the parameters of the contest and even some that did not. Watch for date and time coming soon!
  16. Join the Community for our monthly Halo 4 Community Play Dates! This is March's Quilt Qualifying Playdate. The 343 Industries Community Forum invites you to join with us on the fourth weekend of each month to play in both match made and custom games in 343 Studio's first installment in the Halo franchise. All qualifying participants will be presented the Community Play Date Award, called the 'Gamer' and enjoy the company of members from the best Halo forums in the universe. So.......join us each month as we support the newest game of the Halo franchise. Date and Time Saturday March 23rd beginning at 8:00 am EST Hosts available Absolute Dog - 8:00 am until I need a break. We will attempt to keep this playdate going into the evening so while we may be taking breaks during the day join us when you can. Any well known member to our community may volunteer to help host this and all Community Play Dates. Simply message imakequilts with the time you are available to host. Hosts will be selected and we will possibly have overlapping time slots to ensure a host is available for a lobby and/or for hosting an overflow lobbies. As the file share system becomes available we will gladly receive maps from the community for these events. Simply submit them in this thread for consideration. *Make sure you send a friend request to one of our community accounts to ensure ease of joining all of our community events. Community Gamer Tags are listed below. Community343 Forum 343i
  17. BCAM Playdate Video Special thanks to DoctorB77 for editing and uploading the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-R9gKhUO8I&feature=player_embedded Thanks again to all who participated!! Enjoy!!
  18. Halo 4 New Years Playdate. Time and Location; Start: January 1st 2013 @ 13:00:00 EST End- January 1st 2013 @ 23:00:00 EST Location: Halo 4 I have been thinking about this, maybe we should do a fun playdate for Halo 4? After all, New Years is after Christmas. You know what that means right? That means we will be having more people from here hopefully able to participate. Q. What's all included? A. We will be playing Halo 4, all game types and maps. If you are able to host and have a map of your own that is ready to be played (not tested), then we shall try it out. Here's how to enter the playdate- 1. Make a post on this thread with your gamertag and if you ARE going to make it. 2. Put down if you can host. 3. Put down if you have any map you would like to show. 4. If you have any friend that WILL make it, make sure to put them down as well. Game Types and Maps- All game types and maps are able to be played. If someone doesn't have a map pack, the you'll have to choose something else. (No kicking members) Game Chat is Preferred, if the game mode is team play, parties are allowed with your teammates only. Please do not mute other players, team change will occur randomly, one person will be directed to change the teams to other team side. (Users are chosen randomly and teams will be even.) Additional Information: Alll players that attended will be noted as '(Participated)' beside their name. Roster Sheet: (GT-User) l Fishy l- Lazuli Lure (Participated) Total Mayh3m- Total Mayh3m Digital Moment- Christian. (Participated) IceOnMyFingers- TheConsumedDarkness Minuette 343i- Colgatelicious (Participated) sikslik7- SikSlik7 a live dino- Forum Dinosaur Pergatory- DGS VIRUS SV DoctorB77- DoctorB77 (Participated) xXRC BossXx- D-38 Boss crazy A L B 3 R- crazy A L B 3 R thesmellypocket- WagonMasterGeneral Sec Harbinger- Harbinger (Participated) PenguinTot23- Penguin Tots Third Reclaimer- Third Reclaimer Sacred Phoenix- SEC Phoenix Yur Teamate- Fox McCloud CR4zYPuMkIn765- Ashvir LOVEZ H4LO Insignia 343i- Iɴsɪɢɴɪᴀ (Participated) xpghxassassianx- Sarge.(Participated) NovaTrex- DGS NovaTrex LiQuid BioniX- LiQuid BioniX (Participated) Zero3366- Zero3366 (Participated) tomfool13- Church (Participated) dabadguy4273- dabadguy4273 Vaist- Vaist Absolute Dog- Absolute Dog (Participated) Acidic x D3LTA- Acidic x D3LTA (Participated) xXEaTsHizZlEXx- BrennenP MC Mutumba- MC Mutumba Anatamize- Anatamize mACca431- mACca431 Zero Methods- Zero Methods (Participated) SWEETmdk0187- AlishanAaron Grimes ghoustrider117- John Sparrow icycoolx- icycoolx Sweatybagels- Sweatybagels (Participated) Socfuz- Socfuz (Participated) L7VL- Oni MrMajiggles- MrMajiggles blizzunit- blizz CR0XLEY- CR0XLEY (Participated) Spades N AZ- Spades N AZ Kaatisu81- Mr. Wolfy Kehlek- Kyle Johnson (Participated) Donut (Participated) Brony (Participated) SkummGummiGubbe (Participated) Yoshi1176 (Participated) CooliestRap (Participated) GermanShepherdD (Participated) Can Host- Fishy SikSlik7 DoctorB77 Ashvir LOVEZ H4LO Anatamize Church Vaist Absolute Dog
  19. New Years Playdate: ~Multiplayer Matchmaking BTB ~Custom Games ~Getting the hug smiley removed. Thanks to all of you participating, Here is the roster of the participants: Lazuli Lure Christian. Minuette DoctorB77 Harbinger Insignia Sarge. LiQuidßioniX♠ Zero3366 Church Absolute Dog Arctic Vortex Zero Methods SweatyBagels Socfuz CR0XLEY Kehlek Donut Brony SkummGummiGubbe Yoshi1176 CooliestRap GermanShepherdD OMG Treason Vaulting♥Frog Once again thank you to all of you, I do hope I got every single one of you entered in. Have a great New Year!
  20. Gaming for BCAM Event / Giveaway October 27, 2012 All Day Event Halo: Reach, Rumble Pit October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Come show your support for the fight against breast cancer by joining in the Official 343iCF Gaming for BCAM!! Help spread the word while gaming with friends and fellow members of the community! This is a Non-hosting event in which all members are encouraged to paticipate at their own leisure. You are encouraged to join fellow members at 343iCF, but not necessary to qualify. 343iCF Participant Goal >>> 50 participating members. A small goal for such a worthy cause! ....but wait there's more!! This is also a contest!! All who participate and receive the "BCAM Playdate Award" will automatically be entered in a chance to win a Halo_4_Trigger_headset!! That's right....ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Drawing to be held on November 4, 2012. **Giveaway and Award valid to registered users of 343iCF ONLY Special "BCAM Playdate Award" will be given to all who participate in and fulfill all of the requirements below! Participant must be a registered user at 343iCF by October, 27, 2012 Provide proof in the form of 3 screenshots taken of your Spartan during matches dated October 27, 2012 **matches must be played in Rumble Pit** **links to screenshots in fileshare will be accepted** [*]Provide a link via Halowaypoint dated October 27, 2012 of 4 matches played [*]Participants must also make these 3 changes to their Spartan. Proof will be in the screenshot and match link! Primary armor color >>> Pink Secondary armor color >>> Silver Clan Tag >>> 343I You see what I did there, lmao! "343" Please send screenshots (or links to screenshots) and links to matches via PM to Choot_'em @ 343iCF. When in pre-game lobby, be sure to let the opposing players know what you are gaming for and who you represent!! 343iCF "The friendliest forums on the net!" **IMPORTANT UPDATE** If possible, please save any gameplay footage of your matches. Will try to get a compilation video of gameplay from BCAM matches to add to 343iCF's Youtube Channel. Thank You!!
  21. BCAM Screenshot Montage As a special show of appreciation to all who joined and participated in the BCAM playdate, I have created a special montage of the screenshots taken during the event. Thank you all and ENJOY!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EGYPTIANGHETTO ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heke V ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hippie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iTz Vplus2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Hall ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- killulotz8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. Bashful Brute ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quantum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- skummgummigubbe ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skys ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TsickSense ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vitamin PWN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zaguroth ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zelda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choot 'em ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Participants with no screenshots available Archangel Tyrael Darkrain491 Donut Lil Dog Tallgeese I really can't thank you guys enough for the continued support of this event so once more.... THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!!
  22. "Goodbye Invasion Playdate" Saturday September 29th, 12:00am -11:59:59pm EST 343Industries has done much with Halo in Halo 4, including removing the elites from multiplayer. Regardless on your stance on the matter, Invasion had to go because there are not different races to compete against each other. With Halo 4 approaching swiftly (but not nearly swift enough), 343i Community Forum will be having a final farewell to Invasion. Regardless on whether you prefer to play Invasion or not, this is a chance to show your skill in both objective and slayer games, show off your maps, play with our community, and have an awesome time. There will be one main game lobby that will continue to cycle in and out. The team that won the previous game will stay and pick the map. The team that lost/ new team will pick the game type (if applicable). Two members that did the best, Objective wise, on the losing team will remain, and the bottom four will cycle out to a separate lobby to allow for more members to play. If the teams tie, the bottom three will cycle out from both teams. Play will be standard invasion on maps from Xbox live, invasion skirmish on certain maps, and special invasion modes if needed for community member's maps. I have downloaded a number of THFE's invasion maps to help provide a wider variety of maps. So, how to sign-up: If you know you'll be able to make it sometime on the 29th, Please leave your GT, if you want to help host, have map you would like played, or anything else you deem to be important. GT: sikslik7 Can host Have a map, (name, link to fileshare) regular invasion gametype I can't wait! If you happen to get on live on the29th, feel free to join in the fun, but all people playing must be members of the forum. I will contact hosts and try to get them a variety of maps and gametypes. Currently planning to attend: TsicksSense GT sikslik7 Spyro GT DragonMonday7 Barren Fatal GT BarrenFatal Mr. Payne GT Mr Payne 343i Zuko' Zarhamee GT TruelyGhostlyOtto AbleSir Thomas GT AbleSir Thomas itz Vplus2 GT Itz Vplus2 Seal Team 6 GT zombie s1ayer88 DoctorB77 GT DoctorB77 Choot' em GT Choot at OCCG Victory Element GT Victory Element Spectral Jester GT Spectral Jester SEC Archangel GT SEC Archangel Equinoxe GT xxHal0Leng3ndsxx Asla Raeusee GT Iceland1 Xoker GT Xokerfish321 Mr. Dino GT Your happy Dino Mr. Bashful Brute GT Bashful Brute Bmjs93killer GT Bmjs93killer TWD26 GT TWD26 Online Denied GT Online Denied tietokone GT Pelaaja Drizzy_Dan GT LL Kool D Elite GT Elite 343i Mr. DJ GT DJ EL1TE chewin3 GT chewin90 kilo27 GT KILO 27 Bobo magroto GT bobo magroto iBloom117 GT IBloom117 thejchip GT thejchip
  23. As Halo 4 will probably not have invasion, I am thinking about hosting an Invasion playdate sometime late September or early October. Games will be on Boneyard, Spire, and many Forge World maps. I am looking for a general interest. I will be open to having some community member made maps being played, having some myself. Update: September29th is what I am currently shooting at, going from 12 am to 11:59 pm est. Looking for hosts.
  24. Hey guys! As you can see, I will be hosting a second minecraft playdate, as Director's playdate was such a big hit So, first things first, the playdate has a couple rules: 1. Please refrain from killing each other 2. If someone has an item they made that they would like untouched, respect their decision and don't touch. 3. You must sign up here to participate, by using the key below. 4. You will be forced to have fun! So, as I stated above, a key to sign up is needed. The key is this for xbox: Username: Bullet Gamertag: Bullet 343i Keyword: Pink And this is the key for PC: Username: Bullet Minecraft username: BulletStorm207 Keyword: Pink Of course, you must replace my info with yours. The playdate will be taking place on Saturday, August 18th. I hope to see many of you there! -Bullet HOSTS FOR XBOX: Bullet- GT Bullet 343i Sarge.- GT xpghxassasainx HOSTS FOR PC: PARTICIPATING FOR XBOX: Bullet- GT Bullet 343i skummgummigubbe- GT skummgummigubbe DragonMonday- GT DragonMonday7 Mr. Rookie556- GT Tenthilk creeper guy- GT DARK ASSASSIN18 Mr.Biggles- GT BigglesBrown D-Wade- GT D3adlocked720 Quantum- GT QU4N7UM cHeAseMOnsTEr- GT cHeAseMOnsTEr Anarchy- GT An5rchy GermanShepherdD- GT GermanShepherdD skummgummigubbe- GT skummgummigubbe Bobo Magroto- GT Bobo Magroto TsicksSense- GT sikslik7 Equinoxe- GT xxHal0Leg3ndsxx Smokin Shadowz- GT Smokin Shadowz DoctorB77- GT DoctorB77 Sarge.- GT xpghxassassainx Mr. Dino- GT Your Happy Dino Music- GT MusicIzCool PARTICIPATING FOR PC: SuperIndendant- ID shootout 7 Kurt S-051- ID keyesboys3 King Brony II- ID King TheDarkestHour- ID xxXXF4LLENXXxx Ms. Mystic- ID Cessi One- ID upscalemadness Bobo Magroto- ID Bobo_Magroto Azaxx- ID Azaxx NOTE: Award will be handed out for participants.
  25. Hey, I'm looking for people to play Battlefield 3 with. I am on XBL almost every weekend. I would like to have a squad to play with. Mics are required to join, without then there wouldn't be a point in having a squad. If you want to start up a squad with me either leave a comment with your GT here, or msg my XBL account. My GT is Reaper2148. I will not be getting on the forum on the weekends so if you don't get a response from me on here try me on XBL. Positions: Assualt - TSMMG Engineer - Reaper2148, Quentmnaster Support - SoullessOnyx Recon - [Available]
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