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Found 3 results

  1. Can someone explain the matchmaking parameters to me? To my understanding, your visible rank (in my case it's Swat Plat 5-6) is a direct representation of your CSR, which goes up or down based primarily on wins and losses. The system, in ranked playlists, is designed to match you against - and with - players of similar skill, which i would interpret to be mostly gold to diamond for a plat player. Why then, in 2 days of playing Swat, am I consistantly getting matched against players from Champion 1-50? Or with 3 teammates who are golds against teams of plat or better, not to mention full parties of 4 as a solo player? In 2 days, I've played against 6 different, highly ranked Champions, half of those for multiple matches. I played against one for 4 matches, watching him climb to Champion 8 from the 30s range, and played a match against Champs 13, 15, and 17 with a team of 2 other plats and a diamond. It seems to me that either I am grossly misunderstanding the ranked system, or it isn't designed to provide a balanced and competitive experience to its players. I've pictures of the post-game lobby for 2 of the worst matchups.
  2. So, here is my main issue with Halo 4. During many different game types (usually CTF) I can get betrayed on average about 3-5 times before I can get an option to boot someone. However, if I were to retaliate and betray those same people, I get Booted for one betrayal. So, why can these people sit here an intentionally betray me countless times before I get an option to boot, but if I were to betray them, I get booted on Betrayal? How is that fair? Also, has anyone else had this problem? >Pic unrelated, just a picture of one of my cats.
  3. hey guys, well... this is about the ordinance drops. i have only played a total of 2 days on match making, and so far is GREAT! love how halo is back in action. However! i have notice that the ordinance drops seem to be... unbalanced. Now, i dont know if its just me? but most of the matches i have been in, the other team always seems to get the best ordinance. I meen all snipers, rockets, and whatever team im on nobody ever seems to get a good ordinance. I meen come on! Besides the HORRIBLE camping that takes place, this is my biggest complant. So, with a little help from you guys, let me know if im missing somthing here, do you have the same issues? is there somthing i dont know about odinance drops? Thanks guys. hope to hear some feedback.
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