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  1. I agree, how many people will it take to convince them to make another one?
  2. Ok so I'm trying to make maps and plat infection on them but it won't let me play maps I made outside of forge
  3. I don't know; but what I do know that halo reach is one of my favorite games I love it
  4. HSN6592

    help pls

    so I've been playing in matchmaking on halo reach, ani every once in a while i have a really rude person who says bad words, and very explicit contend. with one of the cases i told the person about a 7 yr old sibling, and they said that he,s a ################################ (you get the point). anyways i need help on knowing what to do/ how to deal with these situations. pls help im sorry if this is the wrong "area"/ topic for the forum i'm in i don't want to have to not be able to play online with the kids in the room, but if people keep randomly doing that ill have to play without my headset, and i'm a big talker. (sorry about all the grammar errors).
  5. If i could live in any game what would i choose?...hmm....well i guess it would have to be sonic. just kidding not that i don't like sonic,but it would have to be Halo hands down that would be my choice.
  6. well...i don't know what programs you have, but if you have a hard drive, and record a video, you could just record your voice as you,re recording the video. when your done you could add the voice recording to the video. i honestly don't know how complicated the process is but i know it can be done, or just use a video camera no a tripod facing the TV (quality may be worse but its a lot easier) that's MY OPINION i'm not telling you to do it honestly i haven't done it before i'm just aware that it can be done.
  7. for those who really like to snipe. when im in matchmaking im pretty much always in Team Snipers. for some reason it's my favorite "matchmaking game" or whatever you call it.
  8. This is a place for people who are interested in Halo Reach Forge. a place for questions, ideas, creations, etc. so far the only "good things I've created is a ship with working cannons, and a satellite (both got deleted) but i will try to remake them and get photos. sorry if i'm not doing this right i'm new to this website, and i'm still learning the basics.
  9. This is a place to share forge creations, discoveries, etc. (for people who like building things in Halo Reach forge.
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