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    Other than Halo? Other Xbox games like COD, music, computers, debating, researching, learning, religion, philosophy, politics, Church, dating, Psychology, Hanging Out, and playing the drums.

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  1. Where is it? I thought 343 Industries would have made one by now? Are they too busy with Halo 5: Guardians?
  2. I did some of the H2A multiplayer achievements, some of the Easter egg multiplayer achievements, and all of the ones on the campaign level "Metropolis" but they aren't unlocking. What can I do to fix it? Does it need to be updated?
  3. I was playing matchmaking and I noticed once that someone had a Arctic Battle Rifle Skin in Halo 4 and in Halo 3 matchmaking everyone on my team, at least had a Flaming Red Helmet. Is this a hack, or can you get this legitimately?
  4. I know it's pretty much dead but can some of the members still make a Halo 4 competitive playlist?
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