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  1. I'd love to know because I want to get into this game as fast as possible before I drown my sorrows in nostalgia by listening to the Halo 2 Soundtrack ​Please hurry, I can't stop myself from typing it in! ​PLEASE! HURRYAAAAH *Death by Nostalgia*
  2. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 50 - 'Nintendo Switch Impressions' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This week we chit-chat about our experiences with a certain new Beta.... What are your thoughts on the Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta so far? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!.
  3. GhostStalkerG11 Hoth 2.0 - 8v8 Big Team Slayer & Big Team Strongholds A remake from Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battle of hoth, with 2 at-at, warthogs tundra, mantis, mongoose. 4 Wasp, 1 Phaeton, and a remake from the map with the two bases and more. And looking for feedback for a better map https://www.halowaypoint.com/es-mx/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=GhostStalkerG11#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_GhostStalkerG11_d8f03b6d-c259-4f19-8fc4-198dc9be7c4e
  4. So I downloaded the Halo Wars 2 beta from the xbox store, and for some reason the game is in spanish. I don´t live in spain and I don´t speak Spanish so my whole experience with the game haven´t been to good, and for some reason I can´t change it by myself. I´ve tried unistalling and reinstalling the game but it´s still in spanish.
  5. Information surrounding the Halo Wars 2 Beta was leaked accidentally in the Xbox Store today: supposedly ahead of it's planned reveal at Microsoft's E3 conference on June 13th. Said leak apparently was a result of Xbox Director of Programming Larry Hyrb aka 'Major Nelson' following said page. Based on what was shown, the Beta will run from June 13th to June 20th. The full list of info gleaned is below: "Be among the first to experience the explosive return of real-time strategy to the Halo universe in the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta for Xbox One", the opening paragraph reads. Will run from June 13th, 2016 - the day of the Microsoft Press Conference, but not confirmed at what time - to June 20th, 2016 specifically for Xbox One. Windows 10 was not mentioned. Requires an Xbox Live Gold Membership to participate. The Beta will be 13GBs in size. Number of players capable of playing the Beta on one console is restricted to just 1 while it's up to 6 online. The Beta is 100% open, and can be accessed by anyone on it's launch date. As an indirect response to the leak the official Halo Youtube channel has begun uploading intriguing yet haunting '101s' regarding the events of the first Halo Wars. What this means not only for the sequel but for the original is yet to be determined. The canonically-first episode of the series can be seen . Halo Wars 2 is a real-time strategy game slated for release sometime in late 2016 for both Xbox One and Windows 10 - developed in partnership between SEGA's Creative Assembly of Total War fame and 343 Industries. The game will be shown at the Microsoft E3 conference starting at 9:30 AM PT on June 13th. Thanks for reading! Sources: Eurogamer Kotaku Reddit
  6. Check out my Halo 5 Guardians Beta Montage from a while ago! Sorry i haven't been active on this Community i been busy.
  7. THANK THE LORD FOR THIS NEWS! Without the BR and DMR in everyones pocket to start the games we can get BACK to the way halo is supposed to be! The people like myself who ruled the world in Halo Reach will return to the throne! I know almost nobody will agree with me because all of you have taken a liking to living by the BR. But Halo is about fighting for the weapons on the map! Making sure everyone has an AR is the beautiful BONUS!
  8. These are clips I scraped earlier from the Halo 5 Beta this past winter. I accumulated them together to produce this mini beta montage (took me about 2-3 hours to make). Editing was all done by me in Movie Maker.. so I know its nothing fancy. Clips are decent (Wish I could of played the Beta more & got some really good ones). Regardless, I hope you like the video and feel free to leave your opinions in the comments (critiques always help me out) & "Like" the video, thanks! P.S. "aGS" stands for my GT: a Godly Saiyan Enjoy! https://youtu.be/H4vJyGmOqes Twitter: @sbailey12 Feel free to add me: GT: a Godly Saiyan Music: Where Are Ü Now (Drum Remix) Luke Holland - Skrillex & Diplo 'Jack Ü' ft. Justin Bieber
  9. Hey guys; I've been a competitive Halo 3 die hard fan ever since I was a jit and now I'm 20. I haven't played halo since Reach. The game was okay, I stopped playing when I became a general or something. I lost the eagerness of trying to rank up because it didn't matter wether or won or lost I still rose in EXP. I saw halo 4 over some gameplay and thought it looked horrible. A lot of the aspects of the multiplayer didn't make sense to me from the variety of weapons on the map and random weapon drops to how the maps were constructed. But that's my personal opinion and a lot of people I know agreed with me as well as some people I read reviews over online. The online multiplayer was almost entirely unbalanced and just watching the gameplay hurted my eyes. Halo 4 isn't Halo, it's a completely different game. More or less a bad reboot of a Halo title. What keeps real Halo players playing after finishing the campaign is the multiplayer, everyone knows this. If the multiplayer is phenomanol for example: Halo 3 and Halo 2 then you'll gain a tremendous loyal customer fan base playing for years on end, waiting for the next sequel of the game to be mentioned. I sometimes have the urge to play Halo 3 but I'm busy studying most of the time for my next exam. I truly for the love of God don't want to see another grand disappointment from Industry 343 again in another Halo game; So here I am trying to make an attempt to reach out to the developers of Halo 5 in maybe making a difference in how the developers might change a few things. And I'm a point out some suggestions for you guys First off : 1. I don't need a 'guy' shouting in my ear piece about kill streaks and wether or not I get a double kill or a triple kill. Take the kill streak guy talking down a notch, it'll quickly get annoying for me and as well as other players. On top of that the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate about the gameplay, "4 against 1", "3 against 1", like shut up lol I wish there was an option to shut him up. And the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate of which game mode I'm about to play, I'm pretty sure I know what game mode I'm about to play when I choose from the option menu in multiplayer. Another thing too the 'Guy' mentions when and where the power weapons respawn again for Ex: Sniper, Sword, Rocket Launcher. I remember back in my day we had to memorize how long it took the power weapons to respawn. From my perspective the 'Guy' talking sucks the seriousness out of the game and brings the difficulty level down a lot. He talks a lot during gameplay it feels like he's always saying something It doesn't feel like I'm playing halo, you guys are trying too hard to make the game "cool", yeah it'll probably appeal to younger gamers but for older gamers that have played the previous games from Bungie, we don't like that. Haha. Make it an option wether or not we want more voice interaction from the game. 2. Did I see a deathcam in the beta? That has to go. This is not COD. This will ruin an old strategy everyone knows called "camping". Trust me, when I got a good camping spot with my sniper I don't want any enemy player knowing where I am. 3. The animations are cool and all but can they be a little quicker or can you just vanquish them all. I remember when I was playing Reach in a competitive game it'd take a whole millennium assassinating someone. When in Halo 3 it just took a little tap in the back to kill someone, and that kept the competitive flow of my game undisrupted and didn't leave me exposed to another enemy player since I can't do anything during the animation. 4. The game looks too easy with the jet-packs. You don't have to break a sweat trying to jump on a ledge, the jet packs do all the work for you. I remember in halo 3 that you'd have to find ways to get to those sweet secret spots and it took a skill to jump onto far away platforms not everyone could accomplish so easily. You built up that skill and make it into one of your tricks and that inhanced your competitive edge against other players who don't know the move. To be honest, that factor was one of the best things about playing halo 3 online. Maneuverability looks far too easy and can make the game sort of boring. Make the jet pack an option in one of the game modes. Like lets say Hardcore mode or Classic mode. 5. I didn't play the game my self so I can't say much else. I saw one other thing too; the stomping ability when you're in mid air and you can kill your foes underneath you is obviously taken from COD advance warfare. That has to be taken out or put as an option for a multiplayer match. You can easily just fly around stomping everyone you see in sight and them not knowing you're there. ________And that's it guys thanks for investing your time to read this I know it's kinda long but I had to say what was on my mind and I would like to see a difference in the new installment of the game. I care and I know a lot of my suggestions where opinionated remarks so don't critise me for speaking out I apprecaite it. I just signed up but I'm sure there's a lot of Bungie forum individuals here. The new Halo community shows promise trust me. You're company has great potential, hear us out and maybe we can make a great game together soon.
  10. As you may know world of tanks is coming to the Xbox 360 and Wargaming wants you to participate in their beta. But for now the beta will only open to those in North America and Canada but those located in Europe or other territories will be emailed as soon as the beta becomes available there, so they are accepting non North American and Canadian applications. To sign up for the beta click this link where you will be asked to provide you email address, xbox 360 gamer tag and your name. It's first come first serve so hurry if you want to get accepted.
  11. Respawn Entertainment is now taking registrations for TitanFall's Alpha testing. As of right now this Alpha testing is only for the Xbox One, there is no information available as of yet on when or if this testing will become available for Xbox 360 or PC. To register and gain access to this testing, follow these simple instructions: Go to TitanFall's Official Site Log in with your EA Origin account After logging in, simply click "continue" The screen will confirm your request with this message: "Your application to participate is complete. If you are selected to take part in our upcoming test, you will receive an email in the coming days with a unique code and instructions on how to download and access the game on Xbox One. Thank you!" Note: Completion of this form does not secure alpha or beta access. You must be selected as stated above. So what do you think of this? Will you be signing up? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. SOURCE: IGN SOURCE: TITANFALL OFFICIAL SITE
  12. Hey everyone, Lets get a thread going to help people get their maps tested. My one flag ctf map should be ready sometime tomorrow, in the meantime, anyone who wants to be a map tester or have some of their stuff tested, leave your gamer tag here and we can all get together in the future. Gamertag: Inujuk Feel free to add me if you need a tester.
  13. INFORMATION FOUND AT GAMESPOT [uPDATE] EA confirms next entry in shooter series, promises access to beta next year for those who preorder October's Medal of Honor Warfighter; "The Battlefield 3 story is still just the beginning," company says. This morning, Electronic Arts confirmed Battlefield 4, and said a beta for the new shooter will commence during fall 2013 for unspecified platforms. Gamers can get access to the trial period by preordering this October's Medal of Honor Warfighter. EA said more details regarding Battlefield 4 and its beta will be announced at a later date. Battlefield 4's beta will deploy next fall. Speculation concerning Battlefield 4 was sparked over the weekend, when EA's Origin webstore posted, and subsequently removed, promotional material for the game. [uPDATE] The official Battlefield website has been updated with a message from EA on Battlefield 4. The statement says the company has nothing further to share on Battlefield 4 at present, and talked up Battlefield 3 as a game still in its early stages. "Even with billions of bullets fired and millions of games played, we know the Battlefield 3 story is still just the beginning," reads a line from the statement. The existence of Battlefield 4 comes as little surprise. Battlefield 3 arrived in October 2011 to a warm critical reception and shipments of 15 million units. Additionally, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said in November "there is going to be a Battlefield 4." Battlefield 4 may not be the only new franchise entry in the works. A report from May suggested series developer DICE was at work on a new entry in the spinoff series, Battlefield: Bad Company 3. Battlefield 4's beta will deploy next fall.
  14. Make it to where you have no grenade starts but place more grenade spawns on the map i like the no shields or radar though
  15. I can't wait! 2 more days then no life.
  16. So, recently we got to see a few sets of armor that you can earn in the Halo 5 Guardians Multi-player beta, but what is the difference between Mark VI and Mark VI Scarred? Here are the noticeable things... Mark VI (Normal Variant) And here we have the Mark VI Scarred Variant. One thing you can notice is the way the armor looks. We can see that some assets from the normal set are missing or changed in the Scarred version. But... We also notice that scarred has a cracked visor! Whether this brings an aesthetic effect to the table or not though is something I and quite eager to find out...
  17. The Halo Channel announced At Gamescom, 343i announced that they will release a central hub called The Halo Channel. From this hub you'll have acces to all halo games and content that will be available on the Xbox One. The Master Chief Collection will of course be integrated in this hub and from within this channel you'll also be able to stream your gameplay to Twitch and show of your l33t skills. They also made a small announcement regarding The Master Chief Collection. They've now shed some light upon the ranking system which will be similair to the one in Halo 2. Halo 5: Guardians beta date Along with The Halo Channel announcement 343i gave us the time period in which we can play the Beta. The Beta will be playable from the 29th of december untill the 18th of January. Which is 3 weeks playing time! (Talk about a Happy New Year) The Beta is focussed on 4v4 combat on 7 maps and 3 gametypes. You'll also be able to play around with 11 different weapons and a few armour skins. Along with all that you will be able to unlock items that will carry over to the full game. Loadouts will not be in this beta so every Spartan starts out equally. In the press conference 343i revealed some screenshots as well which can be viewed down here: How hyped are you now? Let me know down below! Thank you for reading! Source Source Source Source
  18. The Xbox 360 exclusive Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer beta is set to go live October 5th. Also below is the complete listing of the achievements within the game. Who is going to download the Beta? Read below for more details From: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/371237/medal-of-honor-warfighter-beta-kicks-off-friday-october-5/ By: Tom Ivan for CVG UK Medal of Honor: Warfighter senior designer Ben Jones revealed the beta launch date in the latest Major Nelson podcast, according to MP1st. The beta will feature a brand new multiplayer mode called HotSpot, in which players attack and defend randomly selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia. Those who download it will be awarded with 60 minutes of Double XP when the full game launches. EA has confirmed a Medal Of Honor: Warfighter release date of October 23. EA revealed the first Medal of Honor: Warfighter DLC last month. The Zero Dark Thirty map pack will be a tie-in with Sony Pictures Entertainment's Hollywood movie of the same name, which is based on the real-life special forces mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are some potential spoilers in there, so now's the time to avert your eyes if you want to stay clean ahead of the Medal Of Honor: Warfighter release date of October 23. The Xbox 360 exclusive Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer beta is set to kick off this Friday, October 5. The first Medal of Honor: Warfighter DLC will launch in December. It'll be a tie-in with Sony Pictures Entertainment's Hollywood movie Zero Dark Thirty, which is based on the real-life special forces mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. Here's Warfighter's full Achievements list, courtesy of Xbox 360 Achievements: Warfighter (40) - Completed the campaign Tier 1 (50) - Completed the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty Rain of Terror (15) - Completed Changing Tides Monsoon Lagoon(15) - Completed Rip Current Unexpected Cargo (15) - Completed Unintended Consequences One Shot, Three Kills (15) - Completed Hat Trick Hit the Beach (15) - Completed Shore Leave Know the Enemy (15) - Completed Through the Eyes of Evil Non-Official Cover (20) - Completed Finding Faraz Class Dismissed (20) - Completed Connect the Dots Pedal to the Medal (20) - Completed Hello and Dubai Closing Ceremony (20) - Completed Old Friends One Man Mutiny (20) - Completed Bump in the Night Pit and Pin (20) - Completed Hot Pursuit Let Him Rot (20) - Completed Shut It Down Preacher's Path (30) - Finished all the Preacher Missions Stump's No Chump (30) - Finished all the Stump Missions Double Header (10) - Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission Release the Kraken! (15) - Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current Hardcore (80) - Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty Tag, You're It (10) - Caught Faraz within 15 minutes in Finding Faraz Leftover Lead (15) - Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot On the Clock (10) - Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds Storm Watch (10) - Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai Vender Bender (10) - Destroyed 90 market stalls in Hot Pursuit Dirty Laundry (15) - Found the grenades in the laundry room in Bump in the Night Room Service (20) - Unlocked all door breach options Master Locksmith (15) - Used each breaching option at least once Extreme Realism (10) - Recovered from near-death 5 times without dying Tier 1 Imports (15) - Got 50 kills while holding enemy weapons Peek-a-Boo (5) - Killed an enemy while using peek and lean in the Campaign Lean With It (15) - Killed 25 enemies while using peek and lean during the Campaign It's Dangerous to go Alone! (5) - Requested ammo from an Ally in the Campaign Lead Farmer (10) - Requested ammo from an Ally 25 times in Campaign Tactical Toggler (15) - Killed 25 enemies while using Combat Toggle Unstoppable (30) - Completed Shore Leave on Hardcore difficulty The Axeman (20) - Killed 25 enemies with melee during the Campaign MVP (20) - Finished in first place in any online match All In (20) - Called in Apache support There IS an I in Fire Team (15) - Finished a round as part of the top Fire Team Brothers in Arms(20) - Won a round with a Friend as a Fire Team Buddy Warchief (35) - Unlocked all soldiers in multiplayer Jack of all Guns (20) - Earned the Marksman Pin for all Weapons Back in the Fight (50) - Completed one tour with all classes. Honey Badger (10) - Used your Fire Team buddy to re-arm or heal Squad Leader (20) - Unlocked a soldier of each class Downrange (20) - Played online for 15 minutes Job done (20) - Complete 3 Combat Mission objectives Global Warfighters (25) - Unlocked a soldier from each unit Secret Achievement (10) - Continue playing to unlock this secret achievment
  19. First of all I just want to say that if you disagree with anything I'm about to say, I'm totally fine with that. Please don't get offended by it, but try to take into mind what I'm saying here. I don't think you'll regret it. A lot of people (whom I consider to be scared of chance, personally) claim that Halo multiplayer was ruined with Halo Reach and even further with Halo 4. They say that Halo needs to go back (devolve, basically) to the way it played originally. I've always sat back and watched as so many people have made these ridiculous claims, but today I'm taking it upon myself to explain why these claims are in fact, wrong. Halo's gameplay for the first 3 games was broken, and Halo Reach (and especially Halo 4) took the right steps to fix the many glaring problems with the franchise. For the sake of keeping things fact-based, I'm going to leave out those things from the original trilgoy which were only bad in my opinion, and stick to disussing those things which were in fact, bad. One of the biggest faults with the way Halo originally played was that you couldn't start with the weapon you wanted. The reason this is never a good thing, without fail, is because when you're playing a game, you need to be able to play to your own play-style. I can't even begin to fathom what benefits are gained when players all have to start out with the same abilities. Let's take perks, for example. If there's something I'm not particularly good at, such as throwing and timing grenades accurately, then I should be given an opportunity from the game to compensate for that inability, because I bought the game like everyone else and therefore I've purchased the right to having fun (if you will). So in this example, I would use the perk that lets me carry an extra grenade. This way, I'm more likely to achieve success with my grenade throwing, which is only fair. Like I said, all players payed the same money for the game, so it's only fair that the game ensures that all players are given the same opportunity for success. But when there were no perks, the game was broken in this sense because it meant that lesser skilled players had to suffer for merely lacking in a particular skill. Should people really have to suffer due to only being human and having weaknesses? Of course not. So luckily, Halo Reach and Halo 4 began to fix this fault with loadouts, which is great. Now Halo can finally begin to have legs of its own, and I find it quite saddening that so many people start to hate on the franchise when it finally gets to be an experience that works. Another fault with the way the original Halo games played was that they were too predictable, meaning that the game didn't create enough random elements for the experience. Do I really need to go into why this is blatantly a bad thing? I guess so. Not having randomness means: 1) There is less variety in gameplay. If I know what power weapon is going to be in the hallway on a map, and I know when it's going to be there, where's the fun in that? Fun comes in to play when we don't know what it is we might get or when we might get it. 2) It gives too much power to skilled players. All players should have equal opportunity to achieve success in the game, because as I pointed out earlier, all players payed the same money for the game. This means that it is objectively bad game design to provide players with opportunities which can require large amounts of skill to take advantage of. When you put a power weapon in a certain spot on a map, then the skilled players will more often than not get it because they can target their skills to attain that weapon. Whereas when the power weapons spawn in random places and at random times, it takes most of the control away from the players themselves, and therefore ALL players are given equal opportunity over time. Random ordnance and personal ordnance fixed this particular problem, which is why they were such great additions. The next fault with the original Halo trilogy was that they didn't have sprint. I'm always hearing the most ridiculous reasons for why sprint is bad for Halo, and all I can really hear is "I'm scared of change", "I can't adapt", "I can't help but whine at everything new", and "it's not Bungie so it's bad". A lack of sprint was a fault that needed to be fixed. Period. Why shouldn't I be able to run away from encounters I'm losing? Why should my enemy be able to chase and shoot me at the same speed? These things are claimed to be "good" for Halo by many, believe it or not. The obvious reason that being able to move at full speed and shoot at the same time is a bad thing is because FPS games should revolve around choosing whether to shoot or to sprint. It should never be about doing both at the same time. Having to know when to sprint and when to stop so you can shoot makes it more like real life, and it also adds another skill you have to think about, and that's why it's nothing short of one of the best additions to the franchise that has happened. So as we can see, Halo 4 has in fact done many things to make the franchise actually worthy of being played. But unfortunately, we still have a way to go. Here are some things that absolutely need to happen in order for Halo to really become a great experience: 1) Aim-down-sights MUST be included. What happens when a person aims in real life? That's it! They have to slow their movement down to gain that accuracy. They have to know when to use the advantage of one and when to use the advantage of the other. Halo is doing this wrong, even to this day, and it simply can't go unfixed as we move forward. 2) Going prone needs to be included. Which was the last Halo book you read which stated that Spartans can't go prone? Oh, you didn't? Then think twice before you start talking some nonsense about how it shouldn't be in Halo. We need to progress, people. Change is good. 3) Grenade cooking. I'm sorry, but saying that a Spartan can't go prone is one thing, but to claim that they wouldn't be able to hold a grenade for a few seconds if they wanted to? That's ridiculous. This feature absolutely must be put in Halo if it's going to be taken seriously. No game should ever not have grenade cooking, or any of these features for that matter. I must be honest, I wasn't even interested in Halo multiplayer in the slightest until Halo Reach just started to grab my attention with its improvements. What does that tell you about the franchise? Then when Halo 4 came along, I knew that something really good was finally happening with the game. I really don't care how much it resembles Call of Duty or any other shooter, as long as it starts to become a playable experience, then that's what matters. Let's keep this forward progression going with Halo 5, 343i. Only good can come of it. I beg of you, don't listen to all these people who are stuck in the past.
  20. The Halo Channel announced At Gamescom, 343i announced that they will release a central hub called The Halo Channel. From this hub you'll have acces to all halo games and content that will be available on the Xbox One. The Master Chief Collection will of course be integrated in this hub and from within this channel you'll also be able to stream your gameplay to Twitch and show of your l33t skills. They also made a small announcement regarding The Master Chief Collection. They've now shed some light upon the ranking system which will be similair to the one in Halo 2. Halo 5: Guardians beta date Along with The Halo Channel announcement 343i gave us the time period in which we can play the Beta. The Beta will be playable from the 29th of december untill the 18th of January. Which is 3 weeks playing time! (Talk about a Happy New Year) The Beta is focussed on 4v4 combat on 7 maps and 3 gametypes. You'll also be able to play around with 11 different weapons and a few armour skins. Along with all that you will be able to unlock items that will carry over to the full game. Loadouts will not be in this beta so every Spartan starts out equally. In the press conference 343i revealed some screenshots as well which can be viewed down here: How hyped are you now? Let me know down below! Thank you for reading! Source Source Source Source This post has been promoted to an article
  21. I have a couple extra codes for Xbox. First come, first serve - so don't come whining to me if you did not get it . If you take one, reply saying you did so. If anyone else has some to share, please do so here. Have fun! J9JXY-V96HH-7G3G2-RVX3V-9YJGZ 36HTW-XJDPR-FKMY6-23C67-GQDCZ
  22. In Bungie's Weekly Update this week, they showed off juicy details for Destiny like Achievements, a hint at a Collector's Edition, and more announcements coming up, it's all here! In this week's Bungie update, Urk filled in for the typical Community Manager Deej, as he tore into some rather important questions in large detail. Heading to Bungie.net, the first question had to deal with the whopping $500 Million price tag for marketing, as Urk explained how this wasn't near the cost of development, and very little of that actually went into Bungie's work on the game, the majority was just to get it advertised and marketed. The next was relating to the heavily controversial Ghost dialogue heard in the Alpha, voiced by Peter Dinkleage, where it was revealed work is being done right now to redo some lines and more will be done after the Beta, as Bungie tries to clean up the mess. A more humorous question asked about the 'That Wizard Came From The Moon' shirts in the Bungie store, as Urk cleared up that they are still available. A huge announcement, the Achievements and Trophies for Destiny were revealed, there are a total of 40 of them, too many to list individually, but some stand out ones are definitely Ghost Hunter, where you must discover 50 deceased Ghosts, Inspector, where you must inspect another Guardian, and Blink of an Eye, kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds. The full list is in the picture below. View attachment: Destinyachievements.jpg To finish it off, we have three more questions, there are a few more after, but they are mainly jokingly and give us no real info. One question was asked as to how long the beta for Destiny in July will run, to which we were told that it's all still in the works and no finalized date has been decided upon. The next, if there will be a Collector's Edition released alongside Destiny, as Urk responded teasingly, "It’s almost as if we’re planning to drop all the information you need, and more, ahead of Beta on an auspicious date in the very near future." Finally, someone asked if it was official that Destiny is rated T for Teen by the ESRB, as it was confirmed by Urk. Destiny will launch with a T rating to broaden the audience, and contains only 'Animated Blood' and 'Violence'. They also linked to a Polygon piece on the problem with Halo being rated M for Mature, which I highly recommend you look at, as it is featured in the article linked above. View attachment: 2508271-destiny1.jpg To end off on a question, do you wish to see a Collector's Edition for Destiny? If so, what would it need to have to sell you on it, and how much could it cost? Discuss below, and thanks for reading the article! Note: Remember in the last Weekly News Wrap-Up where I promised I'd do one on Friday and not Saturday? Well, I'm skipping a week, yay! They'll resume at regular time next Saturday, the 5th, for now, enjoy... This.
  23. The Destiny Beta has been confirmed to kick off in July according the Activsion/Blizzard first quarter report. The Beta for Destiny is coming in July, two months before the official release date as the report shows but no full date for the beta release has been given yet. There are speculations that it could launch on Bungie Day (July 7th) which is pretty safe to assume as it is Bungie's own annual festivity and what better way to celebrate it than launching the Beta on that day. But whatever the date is Playstation fans will be first to play it as Bungie announced last year that the Playstation will get early access to it. It is not yet confirmed how long Xbox fans will have to wait for it to come to the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One after it releases on the PS3 and PS4, it could possibly be something along the lines of a week or so. To gain access to the beta you have to pre-order the game to receive a code at participating retailers where you then enter it over at bungie.net. So are you going to be participating in the beta? Are you getting the game at all? Source: files.shareholder.com
  24. Bungie has been up to a lot with Destiny lately with people being able to Pre-order and receive a reserved spot in Beta gameplay. Here is a video from the site put up recently. From Bungie.net: "You might have read a little rumor last week that implied we’d be hosting a public beta for Destiny in 2014. Sometimes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. To celebrate the official announcement, we’ve prepared a strike of multimedia showing off the Moon, the Hive, and of course, a brave trio of Guardians in action. Check it out! Official Destiny Gameplay Trailer: The Moon Defend our home. Defeat our enemies. Become Legend. If you’re ready to reserve your hands-on time, you can pre-order Destiny at participating retailers now to get access to the Beta. Codes are available while supplies last. If you want to secure a spot, visithttp://www.destinythegame.com/wheretobuy, or visit a participating retailer in person. Once you have your code in hand, come on back to http://bungie.net/betaand follow the three simple steps to complete your reservation. Any questions? Visit the FAQ!""
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