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Found 4 results

  1. okay i know this is a longshot seeing as nothing like this has ever been done before other than with mods but i would like to be heard out. seeing as halo infinite will very obviusly have high quality textures does anyone think they could implement an option for first person driving? i feel it would be a great addition to the game i know its unlikely and probably not an original idea but thats what i came here to say
  2. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 51 - 'Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This week we step back to talk about our own game playing activities... What is everyone playing right now? Also, what do you recommend? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  3. Hey guys; I've been a competitive Halo 3 die hard fan ever since I was a jit and now I'm 20. I haven't played halo since Reach. The game was okay, I stopped playing when I became a general or something. I lost the eagerness of trying to rank up because it didn't matter wether or won or lost I still rose in EXP. I saw halo 4 over some gameplay and thought it looked horrible. A lot of the aspects of the multiplayer didn't make sense to me from the variety of weapons on the map and random weapon drops to how the maps were constructed. But that's my personal opinion and a lot of people I know agreed with me as well as some people I read reviews over online. The online multiplayer was almost entirely unbalanced and just watching the gameplay hurted my eyes. Halo 4 isn't Halo, it's a completely different game. More or less a bad reboot of a Halo title. What keeps real Halo players playing after finishing the campaign is the multiplayer, everyone knows this. If the multiplayer is phenomanol for example: Halo 3 and Halo 2 then you'll gain a tremendous loyal customer fan base playing for years on end, waiting for the next sequel of the game to be mentioned. I sometimes have the urge to play Halo 3 but I'm busy studying most of the time for my next exam. I truly for the love of God don't want to see another grand disappointment from Industry 343 again in another Halo game; So here I am trying to make an attempt to reach out to the developers of Halo 5 in maybe making a difference in how the developers might change a few things. And I'm a point out some suggestions for you guys First off : 1. I don't need a 'guy' shouting in my ear piece about kill streaks and wether or not I get a double kill or a triple kill. Take the kill streak guy talking down a notch, it'll quickly get annoying for me and as well as other players. On top of that the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate about the gameplay, "4 against 1", "3 against 1", like shut up lol I wish there was an option to shut him up. And the 'Guy' doesn't have to narrate of which game mode I'm about to play, I'm pretty sure I know what game mode I'm about to play when I choose from the option menu in multiplayer. Another thing too the 'Guy' mentions when and where the power weapons respawn again for Ex: Sniper, Sword, Rocket Launcher. I remember back in my day we had to memorize how long it took the power weapons to respawn. From my perspective the 'Guy' talking sucks the seriousness out of the game and brings the difficulty level down a lot. He talks a lot during gameplay it feels like he's always saying something It doesn't feel like I'm playing halo, you guys are trying too hard to make the game "cool", yeah it'll probably appeal to younger gamers but for older gamers that have played the previous games from Bungie, we don't like that. Haha. Make it an option wether or not we want more voice interaction from the game. 2. Did I see a deathcam in the beta? That has to go. This is not COD. This will ruin an old strategy everyone knows called "camping". Trust me, when I got a good camping spot with my sniper I don't want any enemy player knowing where I am. 3. The animations are cool and all but can they be a little quicker or can you just vanquish them all. I remember when I was playing Reach in a competitive game it'd take a whole millennium assassinating someone. When in Halo 3 it just took a little tap in the back to kill someone, and that kept the competitive flow of my game undisrupted and didn't leave me exposed to another enemy player since I can't do anything during the animation. 4. The game looks too easy with the jet-packs. You don't have to break a sweat trying to jump on a ledge, the jet packs do all the work for you. I remember in halo 3 that you'd have to find ways to get to those sweet secret spots and it took a skill to jump onto far away platforms not everyone could accomplish so easily. You built up that skill and make it into one of your tricks and that inhanced your competitive edge against other players who don't know the move. To be honest, that factor was one of the best things about playing halo 3 online. Maneuverability looks far too easy and can make the game sort of boring. Make the jet pack an option in one of the game modes. Like lets say Hardcore mode or Classic mode. 5. I didn't play the game my self so I can't say much else. I saw one other thing too; the stomping ability when you're in mid air and you can kill your foes underneath you is obviously taken from COD advance warfare. That has to be taken out or put as an option for a multiplayer match. You can easily just fly around stomping everyone you see in sight and them not knowing you're there. ________And that's it guys thanks for investing your time to read this I know it's kinda long but I had to say what was on my mind and I would like to see a difference in the new installment of the game. I care and I know a lot of my suggestions where opinionated remarks so don't critise me for speaking out I apprecaite it. I just signed up but I'm sure there's a lot of Bungie forum individuals here. The new Halo community shows promise trust me. You're company has great potential, hear us out and maybe we can make a great game together soon.
  4. Halo 5 Wish List Rank and Skill System: My simple solution to the ranking "epidemic" would satisfy both the competitive, and the social community's needs. There would be 2 systems. Rank, which is the credit based system that earns you the basic new armor, stances, player cards, etc. But next would be the Player Skill, using the 1-50 system that Halo 3 and 2 had implemented, it would match up players with around the same skill level. It would be shown in lobbies on the Player Cards just below the rank. Also, for the Social Playlist, player rank would be deactivated (or at least not visible). Social and Ranked Playlists: This is quite near an absolute MUST have. I can go into further detail about why this should be implemented, it would satisfy both community's needs, it would have further competitive and social customizations for quite near every game-mode as there are 2 copies of them, good players vs good players, competitive vs competitive, casual vs casual, or I can show you a funny cat picture . Or nothing at all... Community Playlist: This will be an extra playlist, to fit in with the more, action sack game-play. Stuff like Griffball, Tennis, Avalanche, Race, Parkour, those really fun little extra things that made Halo Reach's Custom Games awesome! It made Halo Reach awesome. The bad thing about it was that if you didn't have 10 friends on at the same time, playing Halo, up for matchmaking and had the knowledge of these fun game-modes, then you couldn't play. With this playlist, 343i could text out different custom games and map and only those of which are worthy enough will be featured to the open matchmaking. Armor Abilities: I believe armor abilities should be like the equipment from Halo 3. They should be spawned on the map where the players will have to fight in strategic locations and secure the spawn to take them. Imagine, when you and your teammates are holding up in a tower and there is one ramp, that ramp leading up to the backside. You and your team have an overlook of the majority of the map, making this a strategic vantage point. The opposite team will then have to push up the ramp and secure the location for a, let's say a shotgun drop (never wanna place power weapons where they will be most useful). So the enemy team coordinates an attack up the ramp. It is pretty simple enough for you and your team to defend, there is only one way up. At least that's what you guys thought. When the enemy begins to finally retreat back down the ramp from an unsuccessful assault, you hear a slight noise of fire slicing through the air behind you. One of the enemies have a jetpack. He assassinates one of your teammates, then goes on to melee another. You and your 2 remaining comrades turn to take out the Air Assault unit, when the enemy retreating down the ramp pushes back up in full force. You and your remaining teammates find yourself stuck between 2 enemy units. This happened because while your team was focusing on the vantage point, one of the enemies seized a Jet Pack, then flew up there behind your guys backs. Now that you learned from your mistakes, you will be sure to watch out for that one guy with the jet pack, possibly take a sniper up there with you as a lookout. But if everyone had a jetpack, there would be no team coordination, no vantage points, or even teams. The whole enemy team would have jet packed up there and it would be a random shoot fest. And, imagine just that one guy with a certain armor ability, and how relieved you will be once he's dead, and the tactical callouts. Whew, that was long. NEXT! Customization: I, myself, am a heavy RPG player. Though a prefer shooters over RPGs, I still love them. So when my most favorite genre collides with the greatest feature about another, I go ballistic. For me, customization will make a terrible game great. Customization in Halo Reach turned (for me) a great game awesome! Here's what I think should be customizable in, if not Halo 5, future Halo games. Helmet, Visor, Chest, Arms, Gloves, Shoulders, Legs, Knee Pads, and of course, attachments. Why were attachments not in Halo 4! And I think attachments should then be featured for; Helmets, Arms, Shoulders, and Legs. You can add utilities, knives, bullets, grenades, tactical equipment, etc. Then complete button mapping should be featured. Something so simple can go SO far. Next is Player Cards, with different stances, emblems, colors, boarders and Spartan IDs. Companies: Companies are guilds, just fit into the lore. You will be-able to invite players, promote, de-rank, and kick players. You will be able to personally customize the ranks of your Company, along with the emblem, and home map with a game-mode. You can set certain roles for certain players, along with set events and what-not. Company wars would be featured. New Vehicles: It's a time for an upgrade in our arsenal. What ever happened to that bada** concept art of that UNSC boat for Halo Reach. Feature some kind of Tropical Island map and throw that in there! It would make all the sense in the world! Imagine that boat speeding across the river placed slicing through the black rock of a tropical island, with everyone sprinting towards it and chucking grenades at it, with a gunner on the back of it mowing people down. YES PLEASE! Then there is the Light Assault VOTL, acting like the Manta from Unreal Tournament 3. Use that thing for 5 seconds, and while your using it, imagine that in Halo. YES PLEASE! Also, if the brutes aren't in Halo 5 or future Halos, you can remake the Brute Chopper as a smoothly rounded, purple chromatic, plasma fueled machine of death. The center could be made up of plasma or energy sword like projectiles. Or for the center it can just be an opening into a gaping maw of plasma that will be sure to feast upon any who dare get too close. Or a Promethean remake of the soft, grey rounded material. When you jump on it, the frontal part will then begin sliding away from the center until it opens up to whatever the hell that magma like stuff is. Halo Soundtrack: When I state "Halo Soundtrack", I don't mean just take the old sound files and place them into the new game, nor am I saying that the new music is bad! Honestly, the new music is majestic, beautiful, and quite awesome. But it's not Halo. I want music that is new and refreshing, but I also want it to be highly similar to the old ones, certainly similar enough to recapture old memories. I realize that you guys are trying to change Halo and make it your own, and props to that, but 2 things. Don't fix something that isn't broken, or, in the music's case, bada**, and Halo needs to be Halo. You can't take a beloved franchise, especially Halo, and try to change it into a completely new franchise. And this counts double for how long this franchise has been out, and released to the public in the very fashion that makes the people love it, that fashion your tying to change. Honestly, Halo 4 was a GREAT game, it just wasn't Halo.Love how music set that in motion. Ordnance: I believe Ordnance Drops should only be allowed in the Ordnance game-type that would take place in the Community Playlist. I believe this was the biggest mistake 343i made. It's okay, everyone makes mistakes, but if this gets featured in team slayer in the next Halo, it will END terribly. This must be removed, and halted from being featured in the new Halo game! If it's in 2 Halo games, why remove it, right? It would only destroy the entire timeline. So this MUST BE REMOVED from at least the competitive playlist. We all know why... Invasion: This is a game-mode idea. It would feature a high number of players, such as 64 or 32. It would be a fully fledged warzone of the Covenant vs the UNSC. With Pelicans, Mammoths, Phantoms and Scarabs, it would be heavily oriented based combat. With both team receiving Filed Orders, it would match that of a true warzone. Missions would include; The UNSC must stop the Scarab from reaching a certain strongpoint of the UNSC by destroying it, while the Covenant's is to defend the Scarab as it makes it's way through. Or the Covenant must capture a valuable UNSC asset, and deliver him to an outpost to take shelter while they destroy the UNSC AA turrets. The UNSC would have to defend both the Asset and the AA Turrets. If the asset was taken, then they would have to brake into the Covenant outpost and secure him while still defending the AA turrets. If the AA turrets are destroyed by the Covenant, then they can deliver the Asset to a Phantom where he would be delivered to a Flagship. If the UNSC capture the Asset, they can then take him to a Pelican where he would be escorted off the battlefield and to safety. Remember, the Asset would just be one major objective. Major objectives can only be delivered one at a time, but that objective would bring multiple others to the table. Backing Out: Technical designs idea I'm throwin out here. When one joins a match on a Competitive Playlist, one can not simply back out once map voting starts, not just when it ends and the map is selected. This will avoid the quitting of an entire before the match begins. Another thing is, the match cannot begin until all the player slots are filled to the fullest extent, as there will be NO join in progress features for the competitive scene. On social playlists though, there is backing out always, and, there will be join in progress. Forfeit: Another Technical design I'm throwing out here. Ever been in a match of Halo 3 where there's 2 guest and they end up leaving directly after the game starts, and you have to suffer the entire time, getting slaughtered over and over because you don't want a massive penalty? Well, here's a way to fix that! When you find yourself outnumbered 3-to-1, you can go to the start menu and select "Forfeit". A vote will then be put up for your entire team to either accept or deny defeat. Once your entire team admits defeat, the match then ends and the other team wins. Though there will be greater rewards for finishing the match, forfeiting is an easy way to leave with a good reason without any penalty. The enemy team gets extra rewards for both beating their rival, and halting them to a complete surrender. Bigger Battles: With the power of the Xbox One, and the long lasting power the PCs had 8 years ago, this should be an easy one. In the book, "The Fall of Reach", Chief and Blue Team set an ambush for a covenant cavalry unit made up of a thousand grunts. It was four Spartans against an ocean of barking dogs charging their position. With the help of high ground, rockets, mines, and team coordination, the four Spartans laid waste to the invasion force. With explosions rocketing the earth, and 100s of plasma projectiles sizzling through the air, a thousand corpses lay dead in the large plain that had become a graveyard. Wish I could do that... Assassinations: I believe it would be pretty awesome if every weapon had unique assassinations, kinda like the different executions from Gears of War. Though I still want really cool hand to hand combat exercises. Like look at the Red vs Blue animations. That is pretty much what Spartan 2s are like, I mean hell, they can dodge bullets and in some cases slice them out of the air with a combat knife. They can still stay just as mobile with a collapsed lung as if they didn't have one, without feeling any excruciating pain. They can kill a 6-10 foot tall alien with 2 hits. SHOW THIS! I know we aren't Spartan 2s, we are Spartan 4s (stupid design choice), but show our ultra, super soldier, space marine, roman, god-like natures! I want assassinations that engage two Spartans or elites with each-other that looks like the animations from Red vs Blue. Also, when you gain higher levels, you will then unlock more, and cooler assassinations that you can equip to use. Maybe 4-6 equipped assassinations. Oh, and also hunter assassinations. Maybe you have to cycle it 4-5 times to kill them, each time weakening them. Forge World Properties: In forge, I think it would be awesome if there was special effects like Reach, but adding in stuff like turning a certain area within the radius to different skins. The skins would be; desert, rock, snow, default, magma, swamp, forest, etc. You could then go into properties and for special effect, in certain areas within the radius, there could be snow, ash, rain, sandstorm, etc. Also, each object would have different skins. There would, again, be; UNSC, Metal, Bunker, Covenant, New Mombasa, Forerunner, etc., with flood version of all of them. Again, another thing. You could connect any object to another, and when one is acted upon by a certain force, the other reacts in a certain way. Also, of course, having one object be reactive once acted upon. This could make for shattering walls, buildings, light bridges, doors, buttons, and so much more. Spartan 3s: Now, at this point, it wouldn't make sense in the lore, but I really wish this woulda happened instead of what did. First, there was the Spartan IIs. God-like super soldiers with enough willpower to defeat a whole Covenant Invasion. One did it 4 times. They were taken from their homes on their respective colonies. They were put in a classified, top secret training military program at the ages of 5 - 8. They were put through tough, bone cracking, tissue ripping challenges that would nearly kill any other. But they were special. Later augmentations resulted in un-human like abilities. With %300 increase in reflexes, titanium like bone structure, super human-like strength, and the mental strength of a god, they were machines of war. Then the Spartan 3s came about. Taken from their homes and saved from the suffocating ash of their burning colonies, they were also put in a secret military training organization. With a less restricted list then the Spartan IIs, the Spartan IIIs were less as powerful, but greater in numbers. The UNSC believed them to be expandable. Sending them on suicide missions with only one thing in mind. Complete the objective. They were augmented to a lesser extent, though they were still very powerful, super soldier like. The Spartan IV project came along, although the Spartan III project never was declared finished, and could have easily been renewed. Guess what they did. Signed up to become a Spartan. I had to give a history lesson, as you can see the major difference, and what frustration this brings me. That's why ODST are not featured in Halo 4. That's because Spartans have now become ODSTs. WHO decided this course of plot? I don't mean to offend some-body, but this is really starting to **** me off. Another "stupid" story decision is coming up. Understandability: This is the biggest thing that is absolutely the WORST thing any writer could do to Halo. I did not know who the Didact was, why he was attacking us, where he came from, what the Prometheans were, why they're attacking us, where I was, what was happening, what the librarian was telling me, why was I doing this, what that thing is, why is this happening, until I read 3 books (soon to be 4) that cost $20 a piece! STOP! I know that this is gonna happen in Halo 5 because there is no way to stop it now. I already watched as Mendicant Bias (if that's what that thing was) rise from the ground. It's gonna atke about 30 minutes to explain what the hell he is, what happened, why he was created, why he's back, how he's back, and I know their not gonna take 40 minutes off the shooting maniac's time. I just hope, please, that there is some understandability and explanation as to what is happening. Please 343i, I can't afford to buy book after book just to understand what's going on in an already $60 game. That about wraps it up folks. I know there's more, and I'll probably add onto it soon, but it's getting pretty late. I can barely think straight. Not to mention some of the plot choices are starting to blur my vision...Go ahead and leave what your wish list is down below. I'll be happy to read them.
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