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Found 8 results

  1. THANK THE LORD FOR THIS NEWS! Without the BR and DMR in everyones pocket to start the games we can get BACK to the way halo is supposed to be! The people like myself who ruled the world in Halo Reach will return to the throne! I know almost nobody will agree with me because all of you have taken a liking to living by the BR. But Halo is about fighting for the weapons on the map! Making sure everyone has an AR is the beautiful BONUS!
  2. Did anyone else run into problems during the beta with Random Betrayals? I went into a few games where as soon as the game started, someone on my team just randomly started killing everyone on my team making us all go negative. First he would betray someone, then the person who was killed would retaliate and kill him back, then they got killed first gets booted but not the person who started it. These guys continued to kill us all until it was just them and me and then they killed me and I never got the option to kick/boot them. One game, he killed me four times and not once did it give me an option to boot. Then I decided enough was enough and killed him back and I was instantly booted even though it was the first time I had ever betrayed anyone during the beta. How does that make any sense? I think there should be some sort of tracking system that makes you de-rank severely and suspended from playing another game for at least 5 minutes and continue to increase the more you do it. Anyone else have a similar experience, or have any opinion on how betrayals should be handled?
  3. A colossal amount of information was just revealed for the Halo 5 Beta at HaloFest this year (I'm talking ALLOT of info). The whole video is at the bottom of this article. Oh, and I'm sure I got some of the information wrong, so feel free to correct me if you see any errors. Here's the gist: Everyone starts the same. Every Spartan Ability (I'll detail those later on in this article), and Weapon (starter primary, secondary, and grenades) is given to the player at the beginning. No Loadouts. Like how Halos 1-3 were played. All weapons contain a zoom feature, with some akin to ADS (Aim Down Sights). Not all weapons have this, like the DMR (the DMR is nearly the same as it's H4 counterpart Scope wise, and aesthetically). There seems to be a before, and after game animation for each Player Team that shows their aesthetics. The winning team taunts the other team in bravado. Everything listed in this article is based off of work-in-progress material in the Beta. So it's not final. The time the Beta releases makes it the earliest public Halo Beta ever released. There are a total of 7 maps that will be able to be played on in the Beta. There are now Weapons on map as in previous Halo games. NO MORE ORDINANCE. There will be three game modes in the Beta. What they exactly are is not clear, but it's certain Multiplayer is one of them. Power Weapons run on static timers. So a weapon like the Prophet's Bane comes around every 4 minutes. There's a Shield Bar, and Health Bar, but I'm not quite sure how they work. Random information from HaloFest: 343i has an internal Pro team they use to test the game. What's pretty funny is that they have Pros vs. Devs... and the Devs get completely destroyed in Halo 5 MP lol. One match was 50-4. Most of the play-testers (like Josh Holmes, some Pro players, and a few other devs) will be online playing with the community when the Beta launches. A couple celebrities came to HaloFest... like: Wayne Brady from "Let's Make A Deal" (that dude is hilarious), Joel Mchale from "Community", and Ben Schwartz from "House of Lies". Spartan Abilities / Movement & Scoping mechanics: Weapons: Maps: Allot of new armor was shown at HaloFest, but unfortunately I won't be able to detail them right now due to me already spending more than an hour on this article. The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta begins on December 29th, and runs for 3 weeks until January 18th, 2015. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thoughts? Source: YouTube
  4. Every time I have tried to open the Halo Channel, is greets me with a plush toy and says 'check back soon' and it has said that every day since release!!! :'( The Halo 5 beta has got to the menu, I press start, then says unexpected server issue and says check back soon and has done that every since 29th january and I'm going to miss the while bloody thing!!!! :'( Both these things have not worked for me once and I have tried literally everything and contacted microsoft support half a dozen times no avail. Someone help, cos the master chief collection is currently a waste of my money!
  5. This is pretty much a page of everything we'll see in the Halo 5 Beta. Everything listed in this article is based off of work-in-progress material in the Beta. So it's not final. Halo 5 Beta General Information: Spartan Abilities / Scoping & Shield mechanics: Weapons: Maps: Brief Ranking System Information Menu, and Service Record screenshots: Controller Schemes: The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta begins on December 29th 10am PST, and runs for 3 weeks until January 18th 11:59pm PST, 2015. The Beta is available to those who have purchased the physical disc, or digital copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Thoughts? Source: YouTube, Gamespot, TeamBeyond, Ready Up Live, Halo4Nation http://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-5-multiplayer-beta-is-720p/1100-6423506/ http://teambeyond.net/halo-5-ranking-system-details/ http://halo4nation.com/halo-5-2/halo-5-beta-menu-screenshots/ This post has been promoted to an article
  6. i just got done talking to someone from xbox support to confirm that i am a "xbox preview" program member. and it is also said that if you are, you get access to the halo:5 beta. i didnt get an email, or anything with a code. am i missing something? what do i do? i just really want to play halo 5. i cant even buy halo:mcc even if i wanted to, so i was happy knowing i could possibly play the beta without it. if you see this 343, please help. also anyone who is having the same issue who has it fixed please help as well.
  7. Here are my thoughts on Spartan Abilities based on what we know so far, and the ways in which I think they could be implemented. What do we know about Spartan Abilities so far? - They're not Armour Abilities. - They're not Armour related, but are things that Spartans can do inherently. In Halo 2, the new SAs would be dual-wielding and vehicle boarding. - Every player has the same set of Spartan Abilities http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/5709-frank-oconnor-confirms-armor-abilities-removed-from-halo-5/ http://teambeyond.net/halo-5-guardians-wont-armor-abilities/ Why do I personally think they could complement Halo gameplay? First and foremost, everyone has access to the same set of abilities, so there's no guessing what the other play has at their disposal. This means that unlike with AAs, SAs will allow players to predict (without guess-work) what the other player might do during any given encounter. It also means that players wont have functional advantages over each other. But it's important to mention that a feature isn't automatically good just because everyone has access to it at all times. I think there is more to consider when it comes to whether or not each individual SA will work. If I could put into one sentence my philosophy on how they should fit into the game, it would go something like this: Spartan Abilities should give players different options - options which require a decent amount of skill to utilize - for approaching encounters, without taking anything away from the validity of the skills that would otherwise have been appropriate in approaching those encounters. But what would be an ability that wouldn't fit into this description? Let's take armour lock and pretend that everyone had it at all times, and let's ignore for a moment that it was armour related for the sake of this point. Armour lock was used in order to save a person's life in a situation where they otherwise would have had to fight their way out of the same situation had Armour Lock not been an option. It happens at the simple push of a button, yet the benefits to the player greatly outweigh those of simply fighting without armour lock. Imagine a typical situation where Armour Lock would be used - a player is losing an encounter. And let's look at the typical impact that armour lock, and a lack of amour lock will have on that situation: Armour Lock Player input - pushing and holding a button. Very little thought or timing necessary in gaining the benefits. Outcome - greatly improved chance of survival (at least for the time that you're pushing and holding the button). No Armour Lock Player input - having to use skills such as out-shooting and out-strafing the enemy. Requires a decent amount of timing and thought in order to make effective use of those skills. Outcome - greatly reduced chance of survival So Armour Lock not only required very little in the form of human input, but it also negated and drastically reduced the necessity for other skills which were already valid in its absence. So how about an ability which does actually fit into that philosophy? Well, a good example of that would be vehicle boarding. Vehicle boarding gives players an option for taking over vehicles which are currently in use by the enemy team, but without having to destroy the vehicle, and without having to rely on power weapons or grenades. Why is it not a bad option in the same way that Armour Lock is? Because: 1) Typically, it requires a decent amount of skill, timing and thought to pull off. So it doesn't present itself as an obvious choice over the skills which were previously necessary in taking on an enemy vehicle (killing the player). 2) It isn't always an option, and most of the time, the previous skills are still more appropriate in taking on enemy vehicles than vehicle boarding itself. Vehicle boarding is only valid when you get close enough to actually use the ability in the first place, which in itself is an effort to achieve, unless the enemy player makes a mistake of their own. So the other skills, such as destroying the vehicle itself or killing the people inside it, are still very much appropriate and valid. So to put it simply, the extra option isn't something which negates the need for skill in order to take on the vehicle, it simply adds another option which still requires timing, thought and a decent amount of skill from the player to use effectively. How does this apply to Spartan Abilities? I think that they should all be more aligned with the kind of things vehicle boarding brought to Halo gameplay, and less aligned with what armour lock brought to gameplay. My current theory on the ground-punch Spartan Ability One of the abilities which the Halo 5 beta trailer seemed to show off was the yet-to-be-officially-named 'ground pucnh' abilitiy. It shows a spartan using the thruster pack to thrust down and punch the ground. The resulting effect in the trailer is that the enemy spartans get blown away from the impact (and possibly killed?), even though the ground-punch-spartan didn't actually come into direct contact with them. I think the ground punch might do damage based on the height you fall from when using it. For example, falling from a mere jumping height will do very little damage (if any), while falling from a large height (say from the top of Construct to the bottom) will do more damage, and perhaps have a higher damage radius, due to the fall itself taking longer. If this theory is true, then it would seem to be a self-regulating feature in that players who try to spam the ability, by simply jumping and using it over and over again, will get very little benefit from it because they wont be using it from a decent height. And the result will be that they're putting themselves at risk more than they're helping themselves. If players use it from a height, the increased damage would be the reward for having to time the jump/fall more accurately to get results. Also, as pointed out by Gobias no Teambeyond, it would reward the controlling of higher ground, but you would have to sacrifice that advantage in order to risk the opportunity to deal more damage. Some questions: What would your own philosophy be on how the Spartan Abilities should fit into Halo gameplay? Do you have any theories on what some of the yet-to-be-shown SAs might be? What do you think about how the 'ground-punch' SA should/could work?
  8. It has been announced that the new abilities as said in the halo 5 beta trailer are not armor abilities as they are not in halo 5. So what could they be? My guess is it is a specialization based ability, but I could also see it being based off of a piece of armor, like maybe a back plate or something.
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