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Found 11 results

  1. First of all I just want to say that if you disagree with anything I'm about to say, I'm totally fine with that. Please don't get offended by it, but try to take into mind what I'm saying here. I don't think you'll regret it. A lot of people (whom I consider to be scared of chance, personally) claim that Halo multiplayer was ruined with Halo Reach and even further with Halo 4. They say that Halo needs to go back (devolve, basically) to the way it played originally. I've always sat back and watched as so many people have made these ridiculous claims, but today I'm taking it upon myself to explain why these claims are in fact, wrong. Halo's gameplay for the first 3 games was broken, and Halo Reach (and especially Halo 4) took the right steps to fix the many glaring problems with the franchise. For the sake of keeping things fact-based, I'm going to leave out those things from the original trilgoy which were only bad in my opinion, and stick to disussing those things which were in fact, bad. One of the biggest faults with the way Halo originally played was that you couldn't start with the weapon you wanted. The reason this is never a good thing, without fail, is because when you're playing a game, you need to be able to play to your own play-style. I can't even begin to fathom what benefits are gained when players all have to start out with the same abilities. Let's take perks, for example. If there's something I'm not particularly good at, such as throwing and timing grenades accurately, then I should be given an opportunity from the game to compensate for that inability, because I bought the game like everyone else and therefore I've purchased the right to having fun (if you will). So in this example, I would use the perk that lets me carry an extra grenade. This way, I'm more likely to achieve success with my grenade throwing, which is only fair. Like I said, all players payed the same money for the game, so it's only fair that the game ensures that all players are given the same opportunity for success. But when there were no perks, the game was broken in this sense because it meant that lesser skilled players had to suffer for merely lacking in a particular skill. Should people really have to suffer due to only being human and having weaknesses? Of course not. So luckily, Halo Reach and Halo 4 began to fix this fault with loadouts, which is great. Now Halo can finally begin to have legs of its own, and I find it quite saddening that so many people start to hate on the franchise when it finally gets to be an experience that works. Another fault with the way the original Halo games played was that they were too predictable, meaning that the game didn't create enough random elements for the experience. Do I really need to go into why this is blatantly a bad thing? I guess so. Not having randomness means: 1) There is less variety in gameplay. If I know what power weapon is going to be in the hallway on a map, and I know when it's going to be there, where's the fun in that? Fun comes in to play when we don't know what it is we might get or when we might get it. 2) It gives too much power to skilled players. All players should have equal opportunity to achieve success in the game, because as I pointed out earlier, all players payed the same money for the game. This means that it is objectively bad game design to provide players with opportunities which can require large amounts of skill to take advantage of. When you put a power weapon in a certain spot on a map, then the skilled players will more often than not get it because they can target their skills to attain that weapon. Whereas when the power weapons spawn in random places and at random times, it takes most of the control away from the players themselves, and therefore ALL players are given equal opportunity over time. Random ordnance and personal ordnance fixed this particular problem, which is why they were such great additions. The next fault with the original Halo trilogy was that they didn't have sprint. I'm always hearing the most ridiculous reasons for why sprint is bad for Halo, and all I can really hear is "I'm scared of change", "I can't adapt", "I can't help but whine at everything new", and "it's not Bungie so it's bad". A lack of sprint was a fault that needed to be fixed. Period. Why shouldn't I be able to run away from encounters I'm losing? Why should my enemy be able to chase and shoot me at the same speed? These things are claimed to be "good" for Halo by many, believe it or not. The obvious reason that being able to move at full speed and shoot at the same time is a bad thing is because FPS games should revolve around choosing whether to shoot or to sprint. It should never be about doing both at the same time. Having to know when to sprint and when to stop so you can shoot makes it more like real life, and it also adds another skill you have to think about, and that's why it's nothing short of one of the best additions to the franchise that has happened. So as we can see, Halo 4 has in fact done many things to make the franchise actually worthy of being played. But unfortunately, we still have a way to go. Here are some things that absolutely need to happen in order for Halo to really become a great experience: 1) Aim-down-sights MUST be included. What happens when a person aims in real life? That's it! They have to slow their movement down to gain that accuracy. They have to know when to use the advantage of one and when to use the advantage of the other. Halo is doing this wrong, even to this day, and it simply can't go unfixed as we move forward. 2) Going prone needs to be included. Which was the last Halo book you read which stated that Spartans can't go prone? Oh, you didn't? Then think twice before you start talking some nonsense about how it shouldn't be in Halo. We need to progress, people. Change is good. 3) Grenade cooking. I'm sorry, but saying that a Spartan can't go prone is one thing, but to claim that they wouldn't be able to hold a grenade for a few seconds if they wanted to? That's ridiculous. This feature absolutely must be put in Halo if it's going to be taken seriously. No game should ever not have grenade cooking, or any of these features for that matter. I must be honest, I wasn't even interested in Halo multiplayer in the slightest until Halo Reach just started to grab my attention with its improvements. What does that tell you about the franchise? Then when Halo 4 came along, I knew that something really good was finally happening with the game. I really don't care how much it resembles Call of Duty or any other shooter, as long as it starts to become a playable experience, then that's what matters. Let's keep this forward progression going with Halo 5, 343i. Only good can come of it. I beg of you, don't listen to all these people who are stuck in the past.
  2. All of these are the thoughts and ideas that i've had for Halo 5. It has taken me months to research some info find out what people want, has taken even longer to make this list and balance it out. if you have any other suggestions, and if I like them, I will update it and give you credit for your awesome ideas. If you like it and even if you don't like it, or just want to add a few changes to it, please give me your thoughts. Any positive and negative feedback is acceptable so please give any ideas so we can possibly make Halo 5 the best it can be. One person does not make a game, one company does not make a game, it is a collaberation of many great minds who can work out there thoughts, visions and ideas for something amazing and make it into reality. Please keep in mind that "None of this is Confirmed in Halo 5". The only thing that is confirmed for Halo 5's Multiplayer is that it has 60 FPS and has Dedicated Servers. With that being said, here is everything that I think would make Halo 5 Perfect, and when I talk about everything, I mean "Everything". From some minor stuff to the major things that people want in Halo 5 or want removed from Halo 5. Table of Content • Thel 'Vadamee Returns • Matchmaking • The Arena • Ranked Playlists • Social Playlists • Community Playlists • Cooperative Playlists • Double XP Weekends • Custom Game Matchmaking • Multiplayer Gameplay • Custom Games • Online Ranking System • Multiplayer Ranks • Custom Loadouts • Customization • Elites in Multiplayer • Gametypes • Weapons • Vehicles • Armor Abilities • Powerups • Maps and Map Packs • Map Environments • Main Menu and Lobby • File Share • Clan Support • Custom Fireteams • Gameplay Medals • Gameplay Info given to the player ----------------------------------------------- Thel' Vadamee Returns Not even a Multiplayer idea, but please bring back Thel' Vadamee, The Arbiter into Halo 5's Campaign and give him a role instead of bringing him back "just" for the love of the fans. Halo: Escalation is out now and that might be there way of bringing Thel into Halo 5. Lets hope so. By the way, In Halo: Escalation, Thel 'Vadamee looks f%#king awsome! It would also be cool if 343 Industries were the only one's allowed to have the Arbiter's new Golden Armor from Halo: Escalation into Multiplayer, even including his doarmir-fur cloak. It would be like the old Halo 3 days when Bungie were the only ones alloyed to have Flaming Recon Armor, unless a Halo player did something truly amazing. But I think this is something that should be an armor permutation for 343 only, but I think on the anniversary of Halo 5, we should all get the Arbiters Armor for 24 hours to celebrate. Again like when Bungie gave us Flaming Recon for a day back in 2010. 343 please consider this! ----------------------------------------------- Matchmaking Halo 5 Matchmaking Playlists will be split into multiple seperate playlists including The Arena, Ranked, Social, Community, Cooperative and Custom Game Matchmaking. Custom Loadouts are only in the Infinity Playlists in the Social playlist, with a few exceptions. You'll see later. The Arena: In the Arena, it has pretty much the same rules as Ranked playlist except you are NOT given a skill level on your performence. Halo 5 players will instead be ranked like how the Arena did in Halo: Reach with Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Onyx. There is no sprint in the Arena. Ranked: In the Ranked Playlist, it will only have the Halo 3-like set up with everyone spawning with the same Primary, secondary and grenade type, but instead of having Equipment scattered across the Map, it will be armor abilities. Sprint WILL NOT be in the Ranked Playlist, satisfying both players that like or hate Sprint. Resupply becomes avaliable to everyone in both the Ranked and Social Playlists like it should have been in Halo 4. To me personally, having the Resupply perk in Halo 4 become a perk and not being given to every player like it's always been from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo: Reach is rediculous. Social: The Social Playlist will have playlists with Custom Loadouts, like Halo 4 but "without tactical and support packages", with starting armor abilities and with armor abilities being scattered around the map. The Social Playlist will also have playlists with Preset Loadouts like Halo: Reach with starting armor abilities and with armor abilities being scattered around the map as well. The Social Playlist will have Sprint and it would be a default ability like it was in Halo 4. Players will also have more options as to the type of gameplay they'd prefer to play in Halo 5 via the social settings options. There are four different options in the social settings panel that lets you decide between Teamwork, Tone, Chattiness, and Motivation. These options will let you make decisions like whether you'd like to play fun or competitive games, quiet vs. chatty games, polite or rowdy games, and Team Player vs. Lone Wolves. You can also set it to find players that use the same language as you. The social settings options will make sure that gamers are matched up with other gamers that prefer the same options and will make matchmaking in Halo 5 more enjoyable. It must also be more much affective in Halo 5 than it was in Halo: Reach. After the player finds a match, all players in the lobby are given the choose between 6 maps. The veto system was introduced in Halo 3 and gave players the option to "veto" a map in favor of another randomly selected map instead. Halo 5 would feature a new Veto system which will let players choose from six maps, and if most players voted the seventh choice "non of the above", they will be given six more maps. You can choose "non of the above" 3 times only and then they would vote for the last six maps that pop up. If there is a tie, there would be a tie breaker to choose between the two. If there is a tie again, then the game would randomly choose which map to choose. After choosing the map, the players then choose game type to go with the map they choose. The time it takes to vote is 20 seconds so it doesnt take too long in the lobby. After a game, the player is offered to stay or find other players. The Veto system in Halo 5 will make matchmaking more fun, by allowing gamers more options of which maps and gametypes to play, making the experience much more enjoyable than ever. Matchmaking and Custom Games would be able to support up to 32 players in one lobby. Big Team War in both Ranked and Social would have two teams of 16 with a total of 32 players. They would only have large maps and maps created in forge world maps. Maybe in the future Halo can have 64 players, I don't see Halo 5 being able to support 64 players in one game, but sometime in the future perhaps. Active Roster returns and will show you see who is online and let you see everything that their Halo 5 friends are doing: including game types, party details, playlists, and join them if avaliable. Another feature is queued joining. In Halo 5 if a player sends and invite and it's accepted, they'd instantly join their friends as soon as they became available. ----------------------------------------------- The Arena Play a certain number of games daily and on a monthly basis to be ranked here. Halo 5 players will be ranked as Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Onyx. There is no sprint in the Arena. Free for All: Free for all matches playing Slayer, Slayer Swords and objective games, such as Oddball Juggernaut, Headhunter, Regicide and Crazy King. Enemy player voice is enabled and no sprint. Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 8 Arena Slayer: Team Based Slayer games. Mostly default Slayer. No Sprint Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Clanmatch: Place your Halo clan against others clans to simply show off or to prove that you are the best players in the Halo Universe. Standard loadouts only. No sprint. Team Size: 4-5 Max Party Size: 4-5 Max Players: 8-10 Fireteam vs. Fireteam: Bring out your Fireteam against another Fireteam in this special Fireteam Playlist with every game varient except Invasion and Infection. Everyone starts with the same loadout, but it will have Infinity gametypes occasionally. One player with AIs vs. one player with AIs. Slayer and other non-slayer gametypes. No sprint. Team Size: 4-5 Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 8-10 ----------------------------------------------- Ranked Playlists You are given a rank on these playlists based upon performance. As you get better both your Skill Level and EXP will increase. In addition, enemy player voice is disabled in game in Ranked Playlists except for Lone Wolves. Absolutly No Sprint is avaliable in the Ranked Playlist. Lone Wolves: Free for all matches playing Slayer, Slayer Swords and occasionally objective games, such as Oddball Juggernaut, Headhunter, Regicide and Crazy King. Enemy player voice is enabled Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 6 Team Slayer: Team Based Slayer games. Mostly default Slayer. Spartans are deployed to the map by a Pelican. Team Size: 3-4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Team Objective: Any and every non-slayer game varient except for Invasion, Infection and Ricochet. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 12 Invasion: 6 on 6 Spartans vs. Elites featuring Invasion and Invasion Slayer. Standard loadouts only. Spartans start with BRs and Magnums, Elites start with a Carbine and Plasma Rifle. No starting armor abilities. Spartans are deployed by a Pelican if Elites are defending. Elites are deployed by a Phantom and either jump out the side, or use the ships gravity lift to take you to the surface. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 12 Max Local Players: 2 Team SWAT: Fast paced games with no shields and just BRs and Magnums. Practice those headshots! Occasionally Shwatguns, where players have only a Shotgun and occasionally other non-slayer gametypes. Team Size: 3-4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Team Snipers: Long rifles and long sight lines. Practice your sniping skills in a team setting before they even know you're there. Includes Swat with Shotguns and other non-slayer gametypes. No grenades. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Team Doubles: Two teams of two battle against each other. Focus on teamwork and good communication to achieve victory. Team Size: 2 Max Party Size: 2 Max Players: 4 Big Team Battle: focuses on 6 vs. 6 games of Slayer, Assault, Capture The Flag, Dominion and One Flag CTF. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 5-6 Max Players: 12 Big Team War: Two teams, each consisting of 16 players, gametypes include Slayer, VIP, Invasion, Dominion, Territories, Multi Flag CTF, Capture the Flag, Assault and much more! Standard Loadouts only! Spartans and Elites are deployed by a Pelican and Phantom, depending on which species they're playing as. Team Size: 16 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 32 ----------------------------------------------- Social Playlists You are NOT given a skill level on these playlists. As you get better your EXP will increase. Sprint is enabled here in the Social Playlist. Basic Training: A place for players new to Halo 5 to learn the ropes and get up to speed starts here. Welcome to Boot Camp! Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 6 Rumble Pit: Social FFA, anything goes. Features mostly Slayer, some Juggernaut, Regicide and some KOTH. Enemy player voice is enabled Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 Social Slayer: Social version of Team Slayer. Team Size: 4-5 Max Party Size: 10 Max Players: 10 Social Skirmish: Mixed non-Slayer playlist. CTF, One Flag, Assault, Dominion, Stockpile, Extraction and Territories. Team Size: 4-5 Max Party Size: 10 Max Players: 10 Multi Team: Multiple teams of two take on each other on Team Slayer, VIP, Multi Flag CTF and KOTH. Team Size: 2 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Infinity Slayer: Kill enemy Spartans or Elites with your own loadout. Be careful what you bring to the virtual battlefield. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 2 Max Players: 8 Infinity Big Team Slayer: Two Big Teams, each consisting of 8, Kill enemy Spartans or Elites with your own loadout. Be careful what you bring to the virtual battlefield. Team Size: 8 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 16 Infinity Team Objective: Custom Loadouts, every non-slayer gametype avaliable excluding Flood and Infection. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 12 Social Invasion: Spartans vs. Elites with Invasion and Invasion Slayer. Same style from Halo: Reach with multiple loadouts and starting with armor abilities. Team size is bigger. Spartans are deployed by a Pelican if Elites are defending. Elites are deployed by a Phantom and either jump out the side, or use the ships gravity lift to take you to the surface. Team Size: 8 Max Party Size 8 Max Players: 16 Elite Slayer: Team Based Slayer featuring Elites only. Embrance your alien side! Elites are deployed to the map by a Phantom. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 8 Elite Objective: Any and every non-slayer game varient except for Invasion, Infection and Ricochet. Featuring Elites only. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 12 Elite FFA: Free for all matches featuring Elites only. Gametypes like Slayer, Slayer Swords and occasionally objective games, such as Oddball and Crazy King. Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 2 Max Players: 12 Social Big Team: 2 teams, each consisting of 8 players, take on each other on Big Team Slayer, VIP, Territories, Multi Flag CTF, Extraction, Capture the Flag, and Assault. Team Size: 8 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 16 Social War: The social version of Big Team War. Two teams, each consisting of 16 players, gametypes include Slayer, VIP, Invasion, Dominion, Territories, Multi Flag CTF, CTF, Assault and much more! Custom Loadouts and Multiple Pre-made Loadouts. Spartans and Elites are deployed by a Pelican and Phantom, depending on which species they're playing as. Team Size: 16 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 32 Team DLC: Get your new hotness fix with some 4v4 Social Team Slayer and Objective on all DLC Maps. All Maps Required Team Size: 3-4 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 ----------------------------------------------- Community Playlists Just like Social, you are NOT given a skill level on these playlists. As you get better your EXP will increase. Sprint is avaliable, depending on what playlist and gametype it is. Team Classic: Replay the classic Halo experience that is Combat Evolved. No sprint, no duel wielding, no armor abilities, no assassinations, no reticle bloom and the same damage and ammo capacity as seen with the first Halo with Combat Evolved weapons only. Two teams of 4 and includes every team based gametype from Combat Evolved. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Classic FFA: Replay the classic Halo experience that is Combat Evolved. No sprint, no duel wielding, no armor abilities, no assassinations, no reticle bloom and the same damage and ammo capacity as seen with the first Halo with Combat Evolved weapons only. Includes every FFA gametype from Combat Evolved. Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 8-12 Living Dead: The dead rise again! The clammy claw of the walking dead reaches for you from the grave once more! Play the classic infection or try to survive the Flood. Sprint is enabled, depending on what gametype it is. Max Party Size: 12 Max Local Players: 4 Free Play: Two teams, red vs. blue, but your Spartan and/or Elite armor are not colored red or blue. Its colored by the color you have for your Spartan and Elite. Supports every team based gametype including Invasion. Sprint is disabled here. Team Size: 8 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 16 Grifball: Catch the disease! Sprint is only enabled if gametype is griffball evolved. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 Fiesta: 8 player fiesta games. Random weapon starts, let the crazy begin. Sprint is disabled. All Maps Required Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 Ricochet: Score the ball in your opponent's goal by throwing or running it in while defending your own. Sprint is enabled. Team Size: 4 Max Player Size: 8 Max Local Players: 4 Action Sack: Players battle in 2 teams on many maps and games for no experience. Sprint is enabled, depending on what gametype it is. Team Size: 3-4 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 MLG: A playlist using MLG rules and Forged maps for the more balanced and competitive environment. Sprint is disabled. Team Size: 3-4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 MLG FFA: Free for all matches playing Slayer with unlimited scoring and a ten minute time limit. Sprint is disabled. Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 6-8 ----------------------------------------------- Cooperative Cooperative Campaign and Firefight over Xbox Live. Sprint is enabled, depending on playlist and gametype it is. You are not given a skill level on these playlists Co-op Campaign: 4 player Campaign Co-op. Mission and Difficulty are selected via majority vote Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 3 Max Players: 14 Firefight: The whole Firefight experience. Play Classic, Arcade or other gametypes with a team of up to 4. Sorint is disabled. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 4 Score Attack: Put your friends to shame with a high leaderboard score in this single player Firefight playlist. Either play the Classic or Infinity firefight alone. Sprint is enabled in Infinity gametype only. Max Players: 1 Infinity Firefight: The Firefight experience with custom loadouts. Team up with up to 4 players. Sprint is enabled. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 4 Big Team Firefight: The bigger the team, the bigger the action! A team of 8 test there skills to show Infinity they are the best of the best. Sprint is disabled. Team Size: 8 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 8 Firefight VS: 2 Teams, play as the Covenant, Flood, Insurectionists or the original Prometheans vs. the Spartans. Either kill the other team till they have no more lives, or defend the generators till the time runs out. Sprint is enabled, depending on gametype it is. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 2 Max Players: 12 Fireteam Firefight: Bring out your custom Fireteam to prove other custom fireteams that your the best. Yourself and 4 other custom Spartans and will be put to the test in this firefight experience. Sprint is enabled. Team Size: 2-5 Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 5 Space Firefight: Take the fight into space, show the Infinity how long you can last with Firefight in Space. Sprint is enabled. Team Size: 6 Max Party Size: 4 Max Players: 6 ----------------------------------------------- Double EXP Weekend These are playlists that will last for a very short time, usually over a weekend from Thursay 2PM to Monday 2AM (All Pacific Times). As you get better your EXP will increase, but will be twice as much as any other playlist. Rockets: 8 Player FFA Rocket Launchers for lots of explosions and carnage. All Maps Required Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 Team Melee: Sword and Hammer games. Team Size: 3 Max Party Size: 9 Max Players: 9 Team Flag: Multi Flag CTF, 1 Flag Team Size: 5 Max Party Size: 10 Max Players: 10 3 Ball: 4 teams of 4 battle over 3 Balls. Oddball gametype. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 16 Max Players: 16 Legendary Brawl: A ranked, 12-player Free For All playlist incorporating a mix of all maps. Team Size: N/A Max Party Size: 1 Max Players: 12 Maption Sack: A 4v4 mix of Double EXP Slayer and Objective gametypes on a whole mess of your own community created maps. Team Size: 4 Max Party Size: 8 Max Players: 8 Race: First to the finish line gets the gold! Either race with two in Rocket Race, or do it on your own. Team Size: 1-2 Max Party Size: 2 Max Players: 10 ----------------------------------------------- Custom Game Matchmaking Halo 5 would have the regular Matchmaking System that we have now like with every other Halo, but I think it could also have the feature to let you choose what map and what gametype you want to play. Then it searches for other players that want the same map and gametype. Halo 5 is confirmed to have dedicated servers so maybe we can create our own servers with a name, description of whats gametypes it offers and how many players can join. There would be two playlists for this. • 1) it would only be default Maps and default Gametypes giving you the normal amount of XP for playing it as it normally would. • 2) it would be for Custom Maps and Custom Gametypes and you would get no XP as it would be for players that want to have Custom Games and want to find other players to play those custom games as it can be hard to find enough people to play Custom Games. Plus there would be people that purposly try to rig the map so they win, so again, you would not get any XP so there wouldn't be a reason to cheat or rig the map. This would help solve both finding people for your custom games and others players that try to cheat. ----------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Gameplay In Halo 5 Multiplayer, you have the basic Shielding System and motion tracker like in Halo 2, 3 and 4. You can hold two weapons, four grenade types with up to 2 each, and one armor ability. The HUD has a compass above the shields like in Halo: Reach. It also shows 2 weapons on the top right of the HUD and shows 4 grenade slotes in the top left side. You can duel wield and sprint (sprint is only avaliable in the Social Playlist) and you can sprint while duel wielding without dropping your weapon. Here are some other small details I want in Halo 5… • HUD Design: I would also like the HUD to look something similar to Project Contingency's HUD design. Or at the very least show us every bit of information that the HUD shows, like grenade capacity, service tag, grenade type, primary and secondary, ammo capacity, range of the motion tracker and a compass above or below the Shields. Heres an image of the HUD… https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/51fae64c8abcceb07700027c/52844947607b9f8b24000570/40377bc990e5d4f592fa1839711f0e81/hud_final.png • Duel Wield melee: When meleeing another player while duel wielding, you do not drop your other duel wield weapon. You can only drop it if you melee the air without hitting another player because it always sucked when you melee another player while duel wielding and then have to pick them up again. • Shooting while scoped: I loved that in Halo 4 that when you are scoped in and someone shoots at you, you can still shoot at them while scoped. That really got annoying in other Halo games because I had to have keep getting in and out of scope. That is an addition that I think should return. • Nightvision: When you press up on the d-pad, you turn on night vision mode that lasts for about 30 seconds. There are triangles that appear over your teammates at all times and there are death indicators that appear where your teammates died that lasts for about five seconds. In the Classic Playlists in the Community Playlist. You have a flash light instead of nightvision. • Joining Midgame: Players can join in midgame, but only in the first few minutes of the Game. I also want to be able to move when looking at the scoreboard. Plus the names on the scoreboard shouldn't have everyones name in all Caps, it should be presented how the gamertag is. Also show what our emblem is on the scoreboard like in Halo 2, 3 and Reach. Hitmarkers returns, but there is No Grenade Indicators. • 1st and 3rd Person Driving: When driving a vehicle, air or ground, by pressing the thumbstick you can switch between 1st Person or 3rd Person when Driving a vehicle like in the Battlefield games. Creating a whole new driving experience in Halo. The same can be done when holding the Flamethrower or any Covenant or UNSC Turret, by pressing the thumbstick, you can switch between 1st and 3rd Person. • Destructible Environments: Multiplayer should also have destructible environments, wall panals can fall of, man cannons can be disabled for a bit or even destroyed. I dont think buildings should be able to be destroyed in multiplayer, it seems to much for me. Halo 5 should feature also have some player-triggered environmental hazards like floors that can be electricized like in Vertigo in Halo 4, and being able to open doors and activate traps with a button, a good example is the Map High Ground from Halo 3. Another thing is that in the Halo 4 Campaign level Infinity, when driving the Mantis, you could destroy some of the bridges inside the Infinity. Perhapes something similar could be seen in multiplayer. • Red and Blue Team Colors: In Halo Waypoints video, "Halo 4 First Look", they showed the very first Halo 4 gameplay, the red and blue armor colors were kinda dark. I really liked how dark they made the red and blue color. Then in the final game, they made it too bright to me. I didn't like how bright they made the red and blue color for the Spartans in Halo 4, they had the same problem for me in Halo 3, but I never had this problem in Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo: Reach. In Halo 5, I want the red and blue Spartans to colored dark like how it was in the video. I know it's not important, but for me its a nitpick. Halo 4 First Look • Reticles: 343 made many changes to the weapon and vehicle reticles in Halo 4, few of them I didnt mind like the warthog, the scorpion, the Pistol and I especially love the new BR reticle. But many of the new ones I didnt like, especially how the Ghost and Banshee were the exact same for some reason. They need to bring back all of the original reticles for every vehicle and weapon. The only Halo 4 reticles that I would like to keep the same are… • Battle Rifle • Designated Marksman Rifle • Magnum • Covenant Carbine • Fuel Rod Gun • Warthog • Scorpion Every other weapon or vehicle reticle from Halo 4 not mentioned, needs to go back to how it was before. ----------------------------------------------- Custom Games Halo 5 would be able to support custom games, and be able to test out your maps with AI that need to be really smart. Or could could just play custom games with AIs if you dont have Xbox Live. Pretty simple. ----------------------------------------------- Online Ranking System Halo 3's True Skill ranking system for its matchmaking on a per-playlist basis. A linear measure of a player's experience with the matchmade portion of the game and each particular playlist is also tracked (denoted as EXP). The True Skill Ranking System returns, but it will be as hard or even more difficult than it was in Halo 3. but like before, I want to have an emblem that goes with that rank like in Halo 3 and Reach. In Halo 4 there were no emblems for the rank that you were at, only a number that you ranked at, between 1-130. They need to bring back emblems for every rank available in Halo 5. ----------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Ranks 1. Recruit 2. Apprentice Grade 0 Grade 1 3. Private Grade 0 Grade 1 4. Corporal Grade 0 Grade 1 5. Sergeant Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 6. Gunnery Sergeant Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 7. Lieutenant Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 8. Warrant Officer Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 9. Captain Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 10. Major Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 11. Lt. Colonel Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 12. Commander Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 13. Colonel Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 14. Brigadier Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 15. General Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 16. Field Marshall 17. War Hero 18. Mythic 19. Legend 20. Mythic 21. Forerunner 22. Reclaimer 23. Inheritor ----------------------------------------------- Custom Loadouts In Halo 5, custom loadouts are only in the Infinity Playlists in the Social Playlist, except for a few minor exceptions. You can have… One Primary Weapon One Secondary Weapon One Grenade Type One Armor Ability Thats it, there are absolutely no Tactical or Support Packages and Resupply is given to all players in all playlists. You can have up to 20 Loadouts, 10 for you Spartan and 10 for you Elite. Elite Gametypes are availiable in the Infinity Playlists. When customizing your loadout, you cannot set your primary or secondary to duel wielding. All non-custom loadout armor abilities are scattered around the map and most armor abilities in the Social Playlist have unlimited use. These are the weapons, grenades and the only armor abilities available your custom loadouts UNSC: • Assault Rifle • Battle Rifle • Designated Marksman Rifle • Submachine Gun (Duel Wield) • Magnum (Duel Wield) Covenant: • Storm Rifle • Covenant Carbine • Plasma Rifle (Duel Wield) • Brute Plasma Rifle (Duel Wield) • Brute Spiker (Duel Wield) • Plasma Pistol (Duel Wield) Forerunner: • Suppressor • Light Rifle • Bolt Shot (Duel Wield) • Forerunner SMG (Duel Wield) Grenades: • Frag • Plasma • Spike • Pulse Armor Abilities: • Thruster Pack • Evade • Jet Pack • Bubble Shield • Regeneration Field • Hologram • Slide *New* • Jump Pack *New* • Repair Kit *New* You can have weapon skins like in Halo 4. Weapon skins return in the Infinity gametypes in matchmaking, and in Firefight (343 said they have no plans for Spartan Ops Season 2 so there will probably be no Spartan Ops in Halo 5). Also for weapon skins I want the ability to change the colors of the camo on the weapons. An example would be the DMR MONOCLE skin from the Champions Bundle, you could change it from being gold and black to blue and white. And having every weapon skins from Halo 4 brought back along with a ton of new Halo 5 weapon skins. Another idea is that maybe we could choose different designs for each weapon. Like being able to choose between the Halo: Reach and Halo 4 Assault Rifle designs or the Halo 3 and Halo 4 Battle Rifle Designs. There would be no difference in gameplay other than having a different layout of the weapon and also having a weapon skin to go with whichever weapon design you choose. With all of these ideas, have multiple weapon layouts for each weapon, multiple weapon skins and choosing what color you want for that skin, this will give the player a ton of varietiy and customization, more so than ever before. ----------------------------------------------- Customization Armor Customization To unlock armor in Halo 5, you should have to complete difficult challanges, get achievements in campaign and multiplayer, and complete vidmasters challanges in the campaign, which I think needs to return. I also think they need to make more vidmasters than Bungie did with Halo 3 and ODST, perhaps playing the campaign solo on Legendary could give you an awesome set of armor. Finding skulls and terminals in the campaign and any other campaign related achievements could also unlock armor in multiplayer. Now some armor could be unlocked in multiplayer, but they need to take time and real effort to try to unlock them. In Halo 4 it was too easy, in Halo 5, it needs to have a challange in trying to get the Armor you want. Also many of the old multiplayer armor from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach that were forgotten in Halo 4 needs to make a return. Out of all the armor in the past Halo games, these are all the armor confingurations that I think need to return in Halo 5. Halo 3 Armor • Mark VI • Mark V • EVA (Halo 3 Design) • CQB • EOD • Hayabusa • ODST Helmet (Halo 3 Design) • Marathon Helmet • Rogue Helmet Halo: Reach Armor • Recon • CQC • Hazop • Operator • Scout (Reach Design) • Commando • JFO • Grenadier •Sniper Sholders • Jump Jet Halo 4 Armor • Recruit • Warrior • Air Assault • Soldier • Scout (Halo 4 Design) • Hayabusa (Unfinished Halo 4 Design) • Aviator • Deadeye Helmet • Defender • EVA (Halo 4 Design) • War Master • Orbital • EOD (Halo 4 Design) • Pathfinder • Rogue • C.I.O • Venator • Raider • Scanner • Strider • Mark V (Halo 4 Design) • ODST (Halo 4 Design) • Prefect • Ricochet • Vanguard Plus all Halo Forearms, legs and I also want Halo 5 to give us all Visor Colors. Any color that we want for our visor. Now all of these armor pieces do need to be designed to look like Spartan-IV Armor and not just having the exact same design. Plus any new Armor they bring into Halo 5. Keep in mind, I think they should keep multiple designs for some armor configurations like Scout, Mark V, ODST, EOD, EVA to satisfy players that like one one armor design from one game over another. An example would be me prefering the Halo 4 Scout Helmet over the Halo: Reach Scout Helmet. All armor from past Halo games before Halo 4 would have to be updated slightly to fit with the Spartan-IV design. I also want to be able to have armor attachments like you could do to your helmets in Halo: Reach. Maybe we could choose what spot we want a knife on our Spartan, plus adding other armor attachments like Halo: Reach did, but add them to different spots like our leg, helmet, chest or arms. In Halo 5, I would like to transfer my Halo 4 armor configuration into Halo 5. The armor configuration you have in Halo 4 would transfer over and only that armor set would transfer, no other armor set would transfer over so you have to choose wisely as to what armor that you liked in Halo 4 to bring over to Halo 5. Although the idea of transfering you're armor to Halo 5 is probably just me, which I definetly understand if some people don't like the idea. Its just my Halo 4 Spartan just looks perfect to me, I want to be able to bring it into Halo 5, so I hope you can understand. Heads Up Display Customization I would also like to customize the HUD (Heads Up Display) for our Spartans and Elites. Change the layout of it, and the color of it. I want to be able to have a Blue visor for my helmet while being able to have a green HUD, or have a red visor and have a blue visor. Have any visor color and I mean "every" visor color and have a HUD with a different color. Halo 4 only had 17 different visor colors, I want every basic color you can have, plus have a different effect on the visor. Like how Engineer had blue and purple, you could have any two different colors. And what Blindside and Legendary had. I also want to move around each part of the hud like moving the shield indicator to the top right of the screen or moving the motion tracker to the top left if you want to do so. I think we should even be able to change the color of the reticle when you look at a friendly, so when you look at a teammate, it could turn blue instead of green if you want. If you look at a enemy player, it could purple instead of red if you want it like that. You could even set it to have no display at all, no shield indicator, no reticle, or even no motion tracker if you want. This would be for the hardcore players that want a hard challenge when playing multiplayer. You could change the shape of the player on the motion tracker from a triangle to a circle if you want and even remove or add the pulse that the motion tracker does in every Halo game, although Halo 4 didn't have this. There would be pretty much no purpose to this, but it would make things even more interesting. Emblem Customization Like in both of the Cod: Black Ops games, I think that you should be able to create and customize your own emblem. Now of course, there will be people who will make sexual pictures or anything else that is inappropriate, so while you can make your own emblem, anyone who makes an inappropriate emblem in Halo 5 will lose there ability to create another custom emblem and will go back to Halo's original way of making a Halo emblem. You can choose to have the classic way of making an emblem if you choose to do so. You can also have up to 10 different Emblems for yourself and one emblem for each clan that you're in. I'll get clans later. ----------------------------------------------- Elites in Multiplayer Elites Return in Halo 5 multiplayer with their own customizable armor and are playable with Spartans in Team Games just like in Halo 3 with no difference except size, so playing as an Elite is your own choice and your own risk. You can also choose to play as a Spartan or an Elite at the beginning of a game, like choosing a side in Star Wars Battlefront, instead of having to switch between Spartans and Elites before the Game like in Halo 3, you can choose before your first spawn. When the Elites are teaming with Spartans like in Halo 3, the Elites start off with the same weapon as them, except for a few gametypes in which they can start with a Storm Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine etc. I also want to have the Plasma Repeater to return from Halo: Reach, but I think is should now be the Covenant's version of the LMG. Elites have the default ability to Sprint if they are in the Social Playlist but will not be able to sprint in the Arena and Ranked Playlist as there will be no sprint in the Ranked Playlist. Elites are in both Ranked and Social Playlists. Elite Playlists would also be a choice in the Social Playlist for everyone who wants to play as an Elite only. When playing as a Spartan in Halo 5, if you look at a teammate, it shows green on you're reticle and motion tracker. When playing as an Elite, it shows blue on the reticle and motion tracker. Elite Customization When customizing the you're Elite for multiplayer, I would like the ability to change the race and color of the Elites. Kind of like how humans have whites, blacks, asians just to name a few. I would like to have my Elite to either have the rough looking skin the Elites had in Halo 4 or the smooth blackish grey color the Elites had in Halo: Reach; and to choose the color of the skin between black, grey, brown and light brown only, obviously no pink skined Elites. The Elites would have the same body build seen in Halo 4. With the ability to choose your race, color and what armor you want with your Elite like in Halo 3, this would bring in even more diversity in Halo 5 than ever before. Here are the Elite armor that should return… Halo 2 Armor • Combat Harness • Councilor • Sangheili Honor Guardsman Halo 3 Armor • Combat • Assault • Flight • Commando • Ascetic Halo: Reach Armor • Minor • Spec Ops • Ultra • Zealot (Halo: Reach Version) • Officer Halo 4 Armor • Storm Minor • Ranger • Commander • Warrior • Zealot (Halo 4 Version) • Arbiter (Only employees from 343 Industries can have the Arbiters new Golden Armor from the Halo: Escalation comic books that even includes the doarmir-fur cloak) Now all of these armor pieces would need to be updated and redesigned to look like armor that would fit the shape the Elites have in Halo 4 and not just having the exact same design, they shouldn't have the exact same design, they just need to be a bit updated slightly to fit in with what the Elites look like now. Keep in mind, I think they should keep multiple designs for some of these Armor configurations like Minor, Zealot to satisfy players that like one one armor design from one game over another. An example would be me prefering the Halo 4 Zealot Armor over the Halo: Reach Version. Another thing is that the Elite armor from Halo 2, 3 and Reach, storywise you could say are the armor pieces that the Seperatists have while the Halo 4 armor are the Covenant Remnant Elite armor. ----------------------------------------------- Gametypes • Assault • Capture the Flag and 1 Flag CTF • Dominion • Extraction • Elite Slayer • Flood and Infection • Griffball • Headhunter • Invasion and Invasion Slayer • Juggernaut • King of the Hill • Oddball • Race • Regicide • Ricochet • Slayer • Stockpile • SWAT • Team Snipers • Territory • VIP ----------------------------------------------- Weapons I want Halo 5 to have over 40 Weapons! Most of these weapons are classic weapons that we all know and love while some of them are either new weapons or are weapons that were cut from the final game. These are the weapons that I want in Halo 5, with details and a few changes. UNSC • Assault Rifle • Battle Rifle (Halo 4 updated) • Designated Marksman Rifle • Submachine Gun (Duel Wield) • Magnum (Duel Wield) • Shotgun (Halo 4 updated design with blue lights on it like in Halo 3) • Rocket Launcher • Sniper Rifle (Halo: Reach updated design) • Sparan Laser • Railgun • SAW • Sticky Detonator • Flamethrower • Missle Pod • Machine Gun Turret • Frag Grenade • Incendiary Grenades • All UNSC Weapons can have a silencer attached to it for the "Silenced Gametypes" except for Ordinance weapons. Plus any new UNSC weapons they bring into Halo 5. Plus Machine Pistols seen in Halo: Spartan Assault. Covenant • Storm Rifle • Covenant Carbine (Halo 4 updated design) • Plasma Rifle (Halo: Anniversary updated design + Duel Wield) • Plasma Repeater (Covy's version of the LMG) • Brute Plasma Repeater *New* • Plasma Pistol (Duel Wield) • Brute Plasma Rifle (Duel Wield) • Brute Spiker (Duel Wield) • Brute Shot (Finally Returns!) • Gravity Hammer • Energy Sword (Halo 4 Shape with smokey effect seen in Spartan Ops Episode ) • Needler • Concussion Rifle • Focus Rifle • Beam Rifle • Fuel Rod Cannon • Plasma Turret • Plasma Grenade • Hunter's Fuel Rod Cannon *New* (two versions of the hunters fuel rod gun, one shoots the single shot and the other the long beam) • Plus any new Covenant Weapons they bring in Halo 5 Forerunner • Light Rifle • Suppressor • Bolt Shot (more accurate with single shots but weaker with a charged shot) • Stasis Rifle *New* (deleted Halo 4 weapon) • Scattershot • New Forerunner SMG (duel wield) • New Forerunner LMG • Binary Rifle (no line to indicate a player is scoped in) • Incineration Cannon • Sentinel Beam • Pulse Grenade (can stick to other players and desinigrates them) • Any new Forerunner weapons that they bring into Halo 5, and a new Promethean Turret similar to the Plasma and Machine Gun Turret. ----------------------------------------------- Vehicles UNSC • Warthog • Guass Warthog • Rocket Warthog • Troop Transport Warthog (can now sit in the back of it) • Mongoose • Falcon (Heavy Modified Version) • Scorpion Tank • Grizzly Tank • Mantis • Elephant • Mammoth • Pelican • Broadsword (Forge Worlds and Space Battles only) • Longsword (Forge Worlds and Space Battles only) • Plus any new UNSC Vehicles they bring into Halo 5. Covenant • Ghost • Banshee • Spectre (Finally Returns!) • Chopper • Wraith • Anti-Air Wraith • Halo 2 Scarab (Forge Worlds only) • Space Banshee • Phantom • Seraph (Forge Worlds and Space Battles only) • Lich (Forge Worlds and Space Battles only) • Light Shade Turret (Halo 2 version) • Heavy Shade Turret (Halo 3 version) • Any new Covenant Vehicles they bring into Halo 5. Forerunner War Spinx (if its not too big?) Any air and ground vehicle used by the original Prometheans ----------------------------------------------- Armor Abilities Like I said earlier, most of Halo 3's Equipment returns but some of them are some of the old armor abilities from brought back from Reach and Halo 4. Equipment that are returning are no longer equipment but are now as armor abilities, but for some of them, you can only use it a few times before they break. Armor Lock returns, BUT, along with very few others, these few armor abilities are ONLY avaliable in Custom Games In the Ranked Playlist, you do not start out with armor abilities as they are scattered around the map like in Halo 3 and down below shows all of them and how many times you can them. Some of them can be used from 1 time to 5 times, onced it has been completely used, it will be rendered useless, you will lose that ability and can pick up another ability to replace it. Few can used permanetly until you die in which you drop your ability and another player can pick it up or replace there own. In the Social Playlist with multiple preset loadouts like in Halo: Reach and Custom Loadouts like in Halo 4, most armor abilities avaliable in matchmaking have an unlimited use while a few can still only be used once. All Armor Ability and Details • The Thruster Packs boosts the player farther, having a slightly shorter distance than in Halo 4 with the Speed Boost. The Thruster Pack has an unlimited use in both Social and Ranked. • The Evade ability is the Elite equivilant of the Thruster Pack with the same distance and recharge time. Spartans can use Evade just as Elites can use Thruster Pack, but usually Spartans have Thruster while Elites have Evade. The Evade has an unlimited use in both Social and Ranked. • The Jet Pack lets you fly around the map as seen in Halo: Reach and Halo 4. It acts like how it was in Halo 4 but slightly shorter. The Jet Pack has an unlimited use in Social and Ranked. • The Active Camoflauge lets you move around the map almost invisible. It acts like how it was in Halo 3, you can move fast without the Camo losing its affect, no change to the motion tracker and it can only be used once in Social before its rendered usless and is not avaliable in Ranked at all. • The Bubble Shield lets you deploy a 3-dimentional sphere where the player is and no ammunition or explosive can penitrate it. Players and vehicles can enter the Bubble Shield and only in the Ranked Playlist, it can only be used once before its rendered usless. In Social, it has unlimited use. • The Radar Jammer jams every players motion tracker in the effect area, this time not including you or your teammates. In both Social and Ranked Playlists, It can only be used once. • The Regeneration Field brings out a 3-dimentional sphere like in Halo 4, with green sparks coming out of the center like in Halo 3. It heals all players inside its effect radius and in the Ranked Playlist, it can only be used 3 times before its rendered usless. In Social, it has unlimited use. • The Hologram deploys a hologram of the player that deploys it. It shows red on the motion tracker and is hard to tell if it is a player or not. There is no name over the hologram and can only be used 5 times in Ranked before its rendered usless. In Social, it has unlimited use. • The Hardlight Shield deploys a shield in front of the player. Shields do not recharge when being used. It can only be used 3 times in both Ranked and Social before its rendered usless. • The Trip Mine is an explosive that the player deploys on the ground the destroys or damages any vehicle that drives over it and kills any player that walks over it. It can only be used once in both Ranked and Social before its rendered usless. • The Flare blinds all players in the area with a bright light that lasts for 8 seconds. It can only be used once in both Ranked and Social before its rendered usless. • The Power Drain will drain the shields of all players in the area and stops any vehicle that drives in its effect radius. It can only be used once in both Ranked and Social before its rendered usless. • The *New* Slide ability lets the player slide on the ground as seen in Bungies new game Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The Slide ability has an unlimited use in both Social and Ranked. • The *New* Jump Pack ability lets the player jump high from one area to another as seen in Star Wars: Battlefront and Titanfall. The Jump Pack has an unlimited use in both Social and Ranked. • The *New* Repair Kit lets you repair vehicles and turrets. When you activate it, it brings out a repair torch and can be used to repair vehicles and turrets. You deactivate it by pressing the Armor Ability buttom. It is the only armor ability with unlimited use and no recharge time at all. • The *New* Overshield ability is for Custom Games Only! It lets the player have an Overshield for up to 45 seconds, depending if the player does not take damage. • Promethean Vision is for Custom Games Only! It lets the player see though walls and other objects to find other players highlighted in red. • The *New* Teleporter ability is for Custom Games Only! This lets the player teleport from one part of the map to the other with an average recharge rate. • The Armor Lock is for Custom Games Only! This makes the player invulnerable to damage for 8 seconds with a slow recharge rate. • Sentry Drone is for Custom Games Only! This lets the player deploy a drone that follows and defends the player for 20 seconds with a slow recharge time. All Armor Abilities for both Matchmaking and Custom Games (Every armor ability that is not mentioned in this list are only avaliable in custom games) • Thruster Pack • Evade • Jet Pack • Active Camoflage • Bubble Shield • Radar Jammer • Regeneration Field • Hologram • Hardlight Shield • Trip Mine • Flare • Power Drain • Slide *New* • Jump Pack *New* • Repair Kit *New* Armor Abilites [Only] avaliable in Custom Games (Besides the Campaign, this is the only place you can use these armor abilities. Every other armor ability in the entire game are avaliable here. • Promethean Vision • Overshield *New* • Teleporter *New* • Sentry Drone *New* • Armor Lock Thruster Pack Upgrade When using the Thruster pack, I would like to be able to land safety to the ground when fall. In the Halo 4 Prolouge, three spartans dropped out of a pelican dropship and used the Thruster Pack to land safely. I would like to use this feature in multiplayer by possibly just quickly tapping the button to use it, and save yourself from falling to your death, but you have to time it just right. Otherwise you will either do it too early or too late and either way, you die. You can still fall and thrust in any direction you want, but you have to tap the button "and" move the thumbstick in the direction you want to go, so that way you wont get the two mixed up and don't do the opposite of what you want to do. The Repair Kit can only be used to repair Vehicles and Turrets and nothing else. Its a good way to promote teamwork, help your teammates yourself. ----------------------------------------------- Powerups • Active Camoflauge (blue orb obove the ground like in Halo 3 that makes the player almost invisible to other players for 45 seconds. Moving faster does not make the camo less effective like in Halo: Reach and Halo 4) • Overshield (Red orb above the ground like in Halo 3 that makes the players shield 3 times stronger and lasts for 45 seconds) • Custom Powerup (Yellow orb above the ground like in Halo 3 with any effect that the gametype the player is playing gives it) • Speed Boost *New* (Green orb above the ground like in Halo 3 that makes the player movement, reload and jump farther and faster) • Damage Boost *New* (Purple orb above the ground like in Halo 3 that makes the players damage given to other players increase by 2 times) ----------------------------------------------- Maps and Map Packs I think that Halo 5 should have at least 6 Map Packs. Each Map Pack would have 4 New maps, 2 Map Remake and 1 New Firefight Map. Out of all the Multiplayer Maps, I want… 1. Waterworks from Halo 2 2. Breakneck from and Halo: Anniversary 3. Coagulation from Halo 2 4. Terminal from the Halo 2 Maptacular Map Pack 5. Containment from the Halo 2 Bonus Map Pack 6. Ascension from Halo 2 7. Last Resort from Halo 3 8. Valhalla from Halo 3 9. Lockout from Halo 2 (the same snowy environment just enhanced) 10. Gemini from a Halo 2 Maptacular Map Pack 11. Sandtrap from Halo 3 (or make it Snowtrap) 12. The Pit from Halo 3 (just as colorful like it was in Halo 3, but with the trapdoor below the sword room) 13. Relic from the Halo 2 Maptacular Map Pack 14. Uplift from Halo 2 Vista 15. District from Halo 2 Vista (can now drive the cililian vehicles) - All of these past Halo Maps I want to return sometime in Halo 5 I know its alot, but if Halo 5 could have 6 Map Packs, with 2 Map Remakes in each, then 3 of the maps listed above could be in the original game, while the rest of the maps listed above would be DLC. Halo 5 should have 5 Forge Worlds • Forge World from Halo: Reach, but even bigger than before. With access to all of those areas at the top of the mountain that we could never get to before. • Impact from Halo 4 but even bigger than before. • A Lava filled Forge World • A Snowy Forge World • A Desert Forge World • A Swampy Forge World And other Huge Maps for Forge. Possibly twice or even 3 times as big as Forge World from Halo: Reach Plus all of the maps that I want remade, I want remade with the exact same environment as listed. The only diference is the detail and graphics, kind of like how 343 updated Beaver Creek into Battle Canyon and Headlong into Breakneck Halo CEA. They had pretty much the same environment as before, they just updated the graphics and detail on the maps. Which is exactly what I want 343 to do in these maps. Halo 5 maps also have to be built specifically for certain gametypes as Halo 4 didnt do a good job at that, plus they need to balance out the number of small maps to large maps. Halo 4 did terrible at this. I also want the Multiplayer Maps to have a story behind them. What happened there and when it took place. In the Halo 4 map Landfall, it did a decent job because in the background it showed a Covenant attack of the city in the background. In Halo 5 I want more of that, a history of what happened on each map, and by looking around the map and finding some clues, you figure out exactly what happened on the map. Perhaps if you get to a hard to reach part of the map or somewhere you never would first think to look. I want 343 to somehow tell us about the maps history and the significance of that map and how important it was before, during, or after the Human-Covenant War, or the new war going on now. ----------------------------------------------- Map Environments If you've looked at Halo 4's Forerunner environments, you've obviously noticed how awesome and shiny they looked. The design they gave to Forerunner structures are perfect, but in the Halo 5 teaser trailer at E3, if you look closely at the Bird-like Forerunner machine, you will notice how it still had that Halo 4 Forerunner look to it, but it looked rusty, which looked pretty cool. In Halo 5, I want there to be both Forerunner structures that are rusty like that Bird-like machine was, and have Forerunner structures to look shiny like Halo 4 had it. Halo 4's environments were either mysterious, dark, or creepy. In Halo 4, there wasn't really that many maps with beautiful scenery. Yeah, Halo 4's graphics were beautiful, but I'm talking about the environments. Halo 4's multiplayer didnt offer maps that looked beautiful to look at like Avalanch, Longbow and Halo 3's version of Ragnarok, called Valhalla (I didnt like how many of the rocks and cliffs in Ragnarok were colored light brown instead of grey) It wasnt until Spartan Ops came out that we got a awesome, and yet beautiful map to look at called "The Apex", but thats for Spartan Ops, not multiplayer. Sense Halo 5 is supposed to be more darker than any other game before it, I want Halo 5 to have dark environments like in Halo 4, but I want it to also balance it out with nice beautiful environments like again, The Apex map in Spartan Ops or the beautiful scenery in the Silent Cartographer in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and also definetly have a snow map and a map with a lava filled environment. I would also like to have a level that looks like the environment in the Halo 4 Epiloge where Chief and a bunch of Marines were just walking forward as Halsey was talking about humanities next step. I dont mind Halo 5 having dark environments, I just hope that they dont have either the or dark or beautiful environments overshadow one over the other. I just hope they can ballance it out equally. ----------------------------------------------- Main Menu and Lobby At the Halo 5 Main Menu, it will show Campaign, Infinity and Halo Waypoint. Inside Infinity, it will have Multiplayer, Firefight, (Possibly Spartan Ops should it return) Forge and Theater Mode. In Multiplayer, it will have Custom Games and Matchmaking. In Matchmaking, it will have The Arena, Ranked, Social, Community and Cooperative Playlists and during the weekends, a Double XP Playlist. In the player options, you have armor and emblem customization, custom loadouts, controller settings and other settings. You will also be able to see what ranks you are in the past Halo Games that you've played when you go to Legacy. It will also show how long you have played, and your K/D for each Halo Game you've played. Many players including myself didnt like the design of the Halo 4 matchmaking lobby. I personally didn't mind the Halo 4 main menu, but the design of the matchmaking lobby, search lobbies and game lobbies didn't look like Halo. Most of us want the Halo: Reach styled lobbies back. In Halo: Reach, it showed the planet Reach in the background for the matchmaking menu, but in Halo 5 it should show wherever Halo 5 takes place or it could be the UNSC Infinity in the background for the matchmaking lobby. I dont want the lobby to be tilted to the left like it was in Halo Reach, I think you know what I mean when I'm talking about it being tilted. I also don't want the lobbies to look like paintings like in Halo: Reach though. ----------------------------------------------- File Share You can store up 100-250 items in your file share, either if every item be Film Clips or having each item in your file share. They are divided into sections like in Halo 4 with… • Film Clips • Films • Screenshots • Gametypes • Maps I don't know how many items Halo 5 could have in file shares. If it can have 250 items, then it should hold up to 250 items. ----------------------------------------------- Clan Support Idea by Wangtime: The Reclaimer http://youtu.be/CoOsG_rbMBA At the Main Menu when you press start, where you can go to Clan management. There you could create or manage your Halo 5 clan. You can create a name for the clan, a profile which will gice you information on the clan and an emblem for the clan, while keeping your personal emblem of course. Whoever created the clan is the Overlord who is the administrator that runs everything and can promote and demote pleyers for getting better or getting worse. There would also be a messaging system in it where you could message your clan members to play custom games, clan battles and so forth. You could also message other clans for battle or collaberation if you want. You could manage or create you clan in Halo 5 and Halo Waypoint, whether it be on the Xbox Version of Halo Waypoint, or the App. The Halo 2 clan system had a ranking system that consists of the following: Peon: Lowest of all the classes. Can only participate in clanmatches. Usually used as a punishment within a clan. Member: Average member of the clan. Can recruit others via clan invite and participate in clanmatches. Staff: Managers of the clan. They have all of the privileges granted to the lower ranks, along with the ability to change lower-ranking members' ranks (to Staff or lower). They can also boot lower-ranking members from the clan. Overlord: Administrators and leaders of the clan. They have all of the privileges of the Staff, but with considerably more power. This is something that needs to return in Halo 5, the difference is now you could hold up to 250 members in the clan. Now I dont know if the Xbox One would be able to support that much, but at the very least 150 players. ----------------------------------------------- Custom Fireteams Much like Squads in Call of Duty: Ghosts, you would be able to make 4 custom Spartan-IV's with there own name and loadouts. You customize each Spartans armor and choose each of there weapons and abilities in each loadout. There are 2 playlists that will let you set your Fireteam against another players Fireteam to see whos team is the best. One is with custom or preset loadouts, another playlist is with Halo 3-like standard loadout with the same weapons and non-armor abilities at the start. Another playlist is for fireteams is a Firefight playlist that lets you play with your fireteam survive against any enemy in firefight. ----------------------------------------------- Gameplay Medals Weapon spree medals were given a significant overhaul in Halo: Reach. While in previous games they were only awarded for consecutive kills with the same weapon, in Halo: Reach, the player needed to only accumulate the number of kills without dying. Halo: Reach had the best Medal System in any Halo Game. Halo 5 needs to have medal overhaul bigger than that. Having "all" the gameplay medals in Halo: Reach and all the new objective and new combat medals that were added in Halo 4 and the new spree, multi-kills and co-op medals in Halo: Spartan Assault. Plus bring back the old medal designs from Halo: Reach. Plus get rid of the "Generic Kill" medal from Halo 4 and let it just be a kill with no medal, and when having any Sniper weapon, sniping someone doesnt give you a headshot medal like it did in Halo 4, it should be a snipe medal like the one designed in Halo: Reach. (New Medals) • Vengence - Kill the opponent who just ended your killing spree • Head-on Colision! - Crash into another player who is also driving a vehicle and cause that vehicle to explode • Tricked ya - tricked another player to board your vehicle so that they drive off the map • Ninja - Jump behind a player that was behind you and pummble or assassinate them • Ninja Spree - 5 Ninja kills in a row without dying. • Ninja Frenzy - 10 Ninja kills in a row without dying. • One with the Shadows! - 15 Ninja in a row without dying. • Long Shot - Kill another player across the map with a Standard primary or secondary weapon. • Long Drop - Assassinate or pummble another player after dropping from a great height Thats all the new medals I could think of. If you have a better name for them, let me know and I might update it later. ----------------------------------------------- Gameplay Info given to the player In Halo: Reach, when your teammate was killed it would say "player 1 was killed by player 2" and if your teammate killed an enemy player, it would say "Player 1 killed Player 2". In Halo 4, it just said "Player 1 killed Player 2". You couldn't tell who was on your team unless you knew from the beginning who was on your team. Also in Halo 4 if one player killed another player with the sniper, it again just said "Player 1 killed Player 2" instead of "Player 1 sniped Player 2". It was the same thing when someone beat down the other player. I really liked how Halo: Reach did it because you could tell how you or someone on the other team was killed. It gave you more information on what weapon your team was using but also what weapons the other team was using. Examples: Player 1 killed Player 2 Player 1 was killed by Player 2 Player 1 sniped Player 2 Player 1 was sniped by other Player 2 Player 1 splattered Player 2 Player 1 was splattered by Player 2 Player 1 stuck Player 2 Player 1 was stuck by Player 2 Player 1 lasered Player 2 Player 1 was lasered by Player 2 Player 1 assassinated Player 2 Player 1 was assassinated by Player 2 Player 1 pummbled Player 2 Player 1 was pummbled by Player 2 Player 1 beat down Player 2 Player 1 was beat down by Player 2 Halo: Reach gave us more information than Halo 4 ever did. More information to the player so he/she could think more strategically and think of what approach to take. I hope they bring this back and add the oddball assassinations, airsassinations and flagsassinations senerios. Plus bring back pummbled medals. Example: Player 1 flagsassinated Player 2 Player 1 was flagsassinated by Player 2 I also want it to go back to how it used to be when the announcer said "1 Minute Remaining", "30 Seconds Remaining" and "10 Seconds Remaining" instead of 1 Minute Left", "30 Seconds Left" and "10 Seconds". It just doesnt feel Halo-ish to me, it didn't like how it was said in Halo 4. I want the announcer to talk like he did in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. I didn't like the sound of the voice in Halo 4 as much. ----------------------------------------------- Thanks for everyone that read this and if any member 343 Industries saw and read all this. Remember that non of this is confirmed except for 60 FPS and Dedicated Servers. To 343 Industries, please take all of this into consideration. Special Thanks to Pureeey, HaloFollower and Wangtime: The Reclaimer for there ideas. Please be sure to tell me what you want in Halo 5 and to also send me feedback about this list. Both positive and negative responses are welcome. Tegether we can make Halo 5 the very best it can be!
  3. Star Wars: Battlefront is going to receive a greatly anticipated reboot in 2015 by Dice Studios. I was a huge fan of the Battlefront series and had a lot of fun blasting droids and rebels alike. So I've compiled a top 3 list of battles I'd like to see debut or return in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game! The Battle of Umbara This battle debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The battle consists of the 501st battalion (normally led by Anakin Skywalker, but led by Pong Krell because of the situation) and the 212th attempting to take the capital of Umbara. I think the plot from this battle would be great for the campaign and the map would be a quick favorite for matchmaking. The map would be very dark, neccessating the use of night vision. There are many vehicles and weapons (some exclusive to this battle) that could be implemented, and would be excellent for a large sized map. The Battle of Kashyyk Another large scale map, The Battle of Kashyyyk looked absolutely beautiful in Battlefront 2. I liked how the map played, and it featured some very fun sniper spots, and excellent tactical gameplay. I'd like to see this map reappear in the upcoming game, but I'd like to see it expanded even more to fit the depiction of the battle portrayed in Episode III. The Battle of Hoth The battle of Hoth almost doesn't even need a description. Held in high regard among those in the Star Wars community, this map is a fast favorite. The huge AT-AT's seem to be quite the advantage at first, but this is balanced due to how slow they move and how easily they can be destroyed if a skilled pilot is around. I want this to be an exact remake of the map from Battlefront II. It's already perfect, nothing needs to be changed. That's my Top 3, list your Top 3 below along with a description, and why you want them below.
  4. It's been revealed DICE will be creating the next installment in the Star Wars Battlefront series. So what do you most want to see in this new game? I want to see Hoth(SWBF2), Kashyyk(SWBF2), and Tatooine. Something new I'd like to see is V-19 Torrents for space battles and the A6 Juggernaut for ground battles.
  5. Hello everyone I would like to make a topic speaking a little bit into the future, the future being Halo 5. I have a few unlikely ideas for H5, but that's what I want this to be about. Unlikely, cool-if-it-happened, kind of things. Things that are probably not going to make it into the game, but you would talk about it all week if they did. I have a few ideas... Pulse field (new AA): Startup time and recovery time like autosentry/regen, range slightly less than regen field. Sends out a strong pulse of kinetic force that pushes upwards and away on everything around it. Vehicles, teammates, active grenades, you name it. Could provide a BLAMing awsome solution and punishment for splatter-happy ghosts, make for some great grenade theater clips, and force enemies to stay away from cliffs. Drop Pod: ONE ITEM in forge. get in, nullifies fall damage, breaks off when you hit the ground. Vehicle pods could also drop vehicles, nullifying fall dmg, and a timer could be set on when the pod drops after being activated. Small splash dmg to nearby enemies, death if dropped on someone's head. Damage Despawning: Set a dmg value on any forge item. When it takes that amount of dmg, it despawns with the forerunner 'disintegration' effect. Collapsing buildings made easy! Halo spleef made way more awesome! Vehicle Constructors-: Forge-only single-use items, costing as much as their respective vehicles. One type for every vehicle in the game, another for random. Replaces grenade. carrying cap of 1. Use to digitally construct a vehicle on yourself, Tron Lightbike style. Useful in obstacle corses as well as creative maps. Imagine Jumping off a cliff and digitally constructing a banshee around you, or doing something similar with a mantis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GBLtnxxtzQ Share your ideas/thoughts!
  6. Feel free to post any speculations you have for 343's second Halo game, as well as what you would like to see be added or improved in the next game.
  7. Halo 5 Wishlist They changed so many things in halo 3 that shouldn't have been changed. To me Halo 3 multiplayer was perfect. -No loadouts -No Ordinance -Back to halo 3 ODST firefight where you don't spawn with a rocket launcher.... -More customizable armour -longer campaign -Add elites in multiplayer -More weapons including promeathean weapons -Dual wielding -More vehicles -More smaller maps and less vehicle friendly maps. It feels like I have to run forever to get across maps like complex -change lobby format back to previous halo games so the playercards are at the right instead of bottom -Keep up with awesome campaign -Bring back timed weapon spawns in multiplayer. -Add skulls that have to be found in campaign. -Add 1 or more forge worlds -Explain why elites have turned against the humans which should have been explained in halo 4 -Add Covenant, Promeathean, and flood to firefight. -Take out join mid game matched. After a game ends and another one starts, it's always 2v1 or 2v0 because everyone leaves. This wishlist is mostly all the things they changed from halo 3 but it's like this. Why fix something when it's not broken. Again Halo 3 was perfect and nothing major should have changed
  8. Hey guys, Though i may be new to the 343i forums, i've got some great ideas to share for Halo 5. What if you were able to have your own customized assassinations in matchmaking? How amazing would that be? The creater tool would kinda be like a WWE game (don't judge me for playing them) where you could create your own unique customizable "finishing move." You're given a huge list of Starting Moves, Secondary Moves, and Finishing Moves, like a three-tier system. You would be able to choose a starting type of move where you grab the enemy SPARTAN, a secondary type where you say, drop him to the floor, raise him over your head, tackle or body slam him, and a finishing blow of a stab, a crack of the spine/neck or the blow of a bullet. All selections would be compatible with each other and there would be a set amount of time that you're assassination would have to take in order for the multiplayer aspect of it be balanced. Now when you get assassinated, you can gasp at each unique creation that each person makes. It would add that much more into the Halo Sandbox and be a fantastic touch to the franchise. I've thought of a real cool one where the SPARTAN grabs the other one by the neck, choke-slams him and makes a finishing jab of the knife to kill his opponent. -Nerdboy132
  9. Okay so if you guys haven't noticed, ALOT of people converted back to halo 3 after the release of Reach. Before the release of reach however there were alot of complaints on things that people hated about halo 3, like.....the idea you can hit and kill someone with a melee after their shields are down just halfway......you wanted bloom..enable to separate the "noobs" from the supposed "pros"......and you wanted abilities, like jetpack, or armorlock, or even invisibility as examples. Each time after though, you complained alot more about the wishes you were granted, and in the end, lot of the community resorted back to the more classic halo ways of halo 3. I'm pointing out that for one, alot of you want the whole "shoot-beatdown" thing back now. Alot of you don't want bloom anymore. And alot of you don't want AAs. Making it closer to Halo 3 and the other halo games before it. I'm here to say that, you don't know what you want it seems. Bungie, when making reach, listened to the community alot more than they did with the previous halos, and in return, the community is leaving to play it's predecessors. The community seems to be wanting Halo to play more like old times. Does the Halo community actually know what it really wants? I mean it seems the more leash you give a dog, the more it pulls you. I'm here to ask, what do you actually think Halo 4 needs? I mean, just because you want it to be a sandbox game, doesn't mean it will turn out so great, there are plenty of sandbox games that haven't even got near a tenth of what halo 1-2-3 has brung in. It seems the Halo community always wants more, like a black hole. I would like to ask you today, what do you think the halo 4 actually needs?
  10. Halo 4 Super Wishlist I have a massive wishlist that cant fit into others threads. Im new to the forums but I love halo and have played it for awhile. Sorry if its not organized very well, but it is alot and none of it is crazy stuff that would stop Halo from being Halo. 1. Social and Competitive playlist separation- There are 2 main types of players, those who want to be the best and play to win, and those who play for fun. Separating them is extremely important, as the 2 types dont like playing with each other. Tryhards dislike casual players who mess around instead of winning. Causal players dont understand why the tryhards want to win so badly. 2. Ranking and leveling- There needs to be 3 forms of progression: --1st. An experienced based leveling, like Reach's credit system. You gain experience points for doing anything; kills, assists, flag caps, bomb defuses, etc. This is mainly to show how long you have been playing, while good players will level up fast at the beginning, by midways levels will begin to even out. This is also for casual players, to have something to show for playing. --2nd. A performance based ranking, a form of the H2 and H3 1-50 ranking system. This is for competitive players, where your level can only be increased by winning in the competitive playlists. It is an overall player ranking were only the best players can reach the top levels by defeating others. --3rd. A rating for how good you are at any given playlist. This is only in competitive playlists but should not be a copy of the 1-50 ranking system. Instead I feel like it should be a S through F rating. By winning you can increase your playlist ranking until you reach the rate S or whatever the best is. The point of having 3 forms of progression are to show what kind of player you are. If someone asks, what your stats for slayer are, you can reply 40 General B and they would know how long youve played for, how good you are overall, and how good you are at the playlist. So you can also see the difference between a 20 Colonel B and a 20 seargent B. 3. High level of armor customization- Every part of the spartan and elite should be customizable. From the gauntlets, to your backpack, to the guns. The more variation, the more your spartan feels like you. Also, do not bunch up armor pieces, like how the Artificial Arm comes with other chest pieces. If you dont like the chest pieces, your forced to wear them to get the arm. A good "armor piece" would be to remove the armor itself. Also, create some form of specific weapon customization. Like different models, different camos, etchings on the gun, etc. To add even more flair. So weapons you spawn with have these personal changes to them (only ascetic). 4. Customization based on ability- Armor pieces should be unlocked based on achievements/challenges/ accomplishments. Like getting 10 sniper kills in a game unlocks the recon helmet. This way, your armor shows off your personal accomplishments, and you have to work for the armor you want to obtain. The way Reach works now, armor only shows off your leveling, which everyone knows already. Quite stupid really. AND its rather random to when you unlock armor, pieces are randomly scatter through levels which creates discrimination for low level pieces that look just as good as later pieces. But now your armor can show off how good you are with having to check your stats. Some games are entirely based off customizing and showing off your avatar, having this option will bring alot of people back to Halo. And earning pieces makes them feel more valuable. 5. Casual and Competitive Firefight- Casual firefights are fun and can cause nothing but laughter! But people also love testing how good they are against tough AIs, like in CoD:BO Zombies. That is a huge part of why CoD has done so well, and Halo has the same potential. Please make 2 playlist for firefight, one in Social thats fun, and one in competitive that starts easy and scales to be tougher and tougher. 6. New gamemodes- New gamemode need full support, like invasion. And if you have the time, new modes are always appreciated and helps to keep the game fresh. 7. No bloom- Bloom was not a part of the original halos and rewards randomness. 9/10 players hate it and its partly responsible for Reach falling from grace. Really, there is almost no argument for it. It feels like bungie wanted to include CoD mechanics since Mw2 had become so popular, and it screwed up Reach. Everyone has had times were bloom has screwed them out of a kill. Its a bad mechanic. 8. No armor abilities- AAs could have been brilliant, but in reach they failed. At this time, the majority of players want Halo3 or halo2 back, and dont ever want to see armor abilities again. If they are brought back, they could be viewed as contaminating Halo4. Maybe they could return in Halo5 or Halo6, but Halo4 CANNOT have them. 9. Power-ups- Having camo and overshield strategically placed added a great amount of depth and strategy to the game. Turning them into armor abilities (armor lock and camo) gave every person that power, which unbalanced the game. And also created campers. 10. Expanded Forge (MUST HAVE COLOR!)- I dont use forge much so I dont know what the forging community would like. In reach, forge is literally almost perfect! The only thing needed is color. Which I bet everyone has said atleast once. 11. Spectator mode ingame- There must be either 1 or 2 slots for spectators for each game. This is mainly for competitive tourneys and MLG. Also, players could possible select to be a spectator to watch how others play and learn from them. But the main focus is for competitive play. Please check how Gears of War 3 did it, with available cameras on all players AND an amazing ghost cam. The ghost cam is what is most needed, to make viewing halo more like viewing sports instead of watching a single player. 12. Upgraded ingame scoreboard- Please update the scoreboards so they show more than just kills and deaths. They should show: kills, deaths, assists (in slayer), flag caps, flag returns, bomb plants, bomb defuses, rank, level, rating, number of infections, if your in a vehicle, if your dead, etc. The idea is it gives important information which good players can use to change their playstyle. Such as seeing one person doing all the objective work on the other team, then you can make the decision about what to do to stop him. A good example from CoD:BO: http://gyazo.com/37c...08d43272aea.png http://i51.tinypic.com/oksscp.jpg 13. Upgraded killfeed- Also, please update the killfeed. Halo has the WORST killfeed in gaming right now! The players dont need lines of text scrolling across a screen, and we dont need everything to appear in the same place. So, symbols should be used instead. Being specific and concise is best, so different symbols should be used for assassinations, backsmacks, and melees. This way, if someone is running around with a power weapon, all the good players will know. Here are a couple of examples: http://dumbwire.com/...96-killfeed.jpg http://cdn1.gamepro..../206674-1-1.jpg http://i4.ytimg.com/...o/hqdefault.jpg Another important part of this is displaying important information and medals in its own space. So earning sprees and rapid kills are now displayed via the highlighted medal to all players. This is really helpful for teammates, to know if someones is doing very well, and for the other team, to know if someone on the other team is becoming a huge problem. Also, rapid kill medals should not be displayed until you run out of time to continue the line of medals. This way, good players cannot abuse the feed and hide from players when one person has a triple and is looking for the overkill. Showing these medals makes players want to obtain them and show off how good they are. Also, do not show easy medals such as lasers, melees, headshots, etc. 14. Penalty for leaving- There needs to be a penalty for leaving. Barely any game in reach keeps all players until the end, especially in BTB. So there should be a weak penalty for every time you leave or dashboard out, like losing EXP. Or there should be a heavy penalty for quiting multiple times a day/week, like 3 leaves in a day deranks you. 15. Forge playlist- This is the most important addition. Forge is a wonderful tool that is close to copying PC modding. Having the community constantly adding to the game will ensure that it has a long wonderful life time. HaloCE is still used for this on computer 10 years later, imagine Halo4 lasting that long with the current games coming out. The best way to do that is to have 2 social playlists: --1st. Maps and Gametypes are submitted by community members, 1 per person. The best are chosen and are featured for 1-2 weeks in this playlist. Players get to vote whether they liked the map or the gametype. Limits should be made for what is acceptable to submit. If this gets popular there might need to be a screening process so employees arent overwhelmed by the submissions. Or whoever looks at the submissions. --2nd. A 'Golden Games" playlist that has favorites from the tester playlist. 16. Return of assassinations- assassinations add a fun flair to the game that inspires people to try and outsmart and flank their opponents. But a few things need to be changed: --1. Assassinations should have an ability to be turned off in the controller/setting menu. Pros find it very frustrating. --2. Assassinations should have new versions that unlock like other armor pieces. They should be equipable, but only have a certain amount of slots so players must choose which of their favorites they want to use. --3. If you can choose which assassinations to use, please make some faster or slower than others. Right now the speed of some seem very slow, and people have different tastes. Some just want to get it done, others want to embarrass the other player. 17. Clean campaign- Just, no silent sniper missions please. They are over used, and Spartans are not fun to play when theyre suppose to be "quiet." Half the fun of the Halo games is getting to destroy gigantic weapons and space stations because you can. 18. Community website- Please make waypoint or some website the center of EVERYTHING halo. For noobs, casuals, forgers, pub stompers, montagers, GB players, semi-pros, and MLG pros. Because CoD has that right now, and is a central reason why its become so popular. I might just be stupid and it already exists and I havent found it yet. 19. Skulls- They are awesome. Halo CEA seems to have the best blend, although some of them make legendary less of a challenge. 20. Beta- having a Beta gets the game out there and helps to fix many glitches. Reach is almost free of issues that plague other games because of the Beta, and it also got alot of new people to buy it. When the game came out 1million people were online, that publicity is crazy. 21. 343i support- Please please please give Halo4 crazy support! The difference between game quality is obvious when the developer supports what they made. If bungie had given full support to Reach, it would have turned out much better than it has. HaloCEA is a great remake and shows that you guys can do work. Please continue to do your best to make Halo4 the King of FPS again. 22. MLG Pros support- These guys base their lives on your game, most have been playing since HaloCE. Go to them for help on map designs, so that they are balanced and can be used in the competitive scene. The Hang 'Em High remake could really have used this help, since its spawns are horrible and one-sided. 23. No map pack achievements- I find it frustrating and a cheap business idea. The point of an achievement is to say "I did this!" and most DLC achievements are crap. 24. Return of Theater- Halos theater is perfect, just want it to return in all of its glory. 25. Muting- The perma mute option is strange. Sometimes i just mute everyone because I want quiet, not because theyre doing anything wrong. 26. Weekly Challenges- The idea behind them is good, but it doesnt reflect players ability. Instead, a reward system for doing things online would be better, like the BF3 ribbon and medal reward system. This could be even linked into the armory, by getting a reward or a certain amount of rewards you can unlock armor. As long as players strive to do more than get kills in the game, the reward system works. 27. Movement speed- Please bring this back up to the original Halos. Reach is just too slow. 28. Noob support- There must be support for new players. CoD:BO combat training was amazing, either there must be something in game or community built to help. Otherwise new players will leave when they get constantly destroyed. 29. Matchmaking and story universe tie in- It would be awesome if there was a universe tie in for why were fighting each other in matchmaking. Check out how Assassins Creed did it for their mulitplayer. 30. Living dead/zombies- This is one of the favorite playlists on Reach and it has gotten almost no love. Please make sure its supported in Halo4. 31. RoosterTeeth- These guys are amazing. If you worked closer with them, Halo4 will become the best game of 2012 or whenever its released. They have all kinds of innovative ideas, and their Red vs Blue series carries alot of weight with the community. They also work their butts off. One HUGE thing: --> Red vs Blue Firefight voices. Really, this would be amazing.<-- 32. Player Card- Allowing customization of the player card is also cool. It allows more flair and more personalization that everyone loves in games. Also, players stats cannot be hidden like they are in Reach. People want to scout lobbys, please have the rank, level, and playlist rank for the current playlist on the player card or their ribbon on the board when scrolling through people. Its frustrating how the only way to see how good people are is in commendations, and thats hidden by like 3 menus. 33. Assists- Assist medals should only be rewarded for doing 50% or more damage without getting the kill. But you should get experience equal to the amount of damage you did. So if you get 10 exp per kill, and you do 30%, you get 3 exp but no medal. This is another aspect from BF3 and it feels like you dont get cheated when a teammate gets the kill. A few things to 343i, please make the game as good as possible. Even if that means delaying the game, do it. Only idiots dont understand that delaying a game a day makes it last a week longer. This list comes from my time on Reach, my close friends who have been playing far longer than me, MLG pros, and other community members. Incorporating ANY of these ideas will drastically improve Halo, and doing them all will boost Halo back to the legendary level it was at before. I hope someone from 343i eventually reads this. Oh, and one cool idea, Nutshots. This should be possible and have an obtainable medal. Because, its awesome and comparing how many nutshots you have with friends would be crazy. http://www.blogcdn.c...shotmarch25.jpg Sorry if I've broken any rules on the server or if my grammar is bad. Thanks for reading <3 -SixWaysToSunday
  11. Before i start, this is my personal wish list and i know that there will be alot of ideas that alot of people will disagree with... Glue tool in Forge Higher Max item spawns in forge More/unlimited money to buy items in forge Kill Walls in forge (instead of a kill zone where you die when inside the area, a kill wall where you die when you exit or enter the outside of the area, like a quarentine zone) UNSC and covie vehicles from Halo Wars New UNSC 'Buffalo' (http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=41fbaa5d35de8115b8eced526ddc241c) Usable ODST Drop Pods Playable Pre match lobby (where you can interact with other players and use credits to buy things from shops e.t.c) More armour in the armoury Skins instead of just colours A Garage where you can customize the outer skin of a vehicle. Customizable H.U.D (colours, e.t.c) Object creator Vehicle creator Map terein editor Placable water (puddles, waterfalls/ rivvers) Map effects (day/night, rain/sun/snow) More playlists in MP Longer campaign (or just more eventfull) Ability to be able to play as something other that a spartan ( maby an elite, a brute e.t.c) Ability to chose a faction to play as in the campaign (covie/UNSC/ Forerunner (3 seperate campaigns) Weapon attachments/skins Ghillie suites (instead of/as well as active cammo) in-game clan/group join (an actual official clan base in the game instead of just changing the servise tags and emblems) + tester maps a combination of EXP and cR (EXP is used to rank up and you earn a cirtaian amout per game performance and cR is like a paypackage, its not used to rank up but you still earn the according to performance, other wise a noob earning 50 cR a game can still rank up to inherictor EVENTUALY where as with EXP he/she wont.) better and new assassination animations new weapons improved turrets improved maps (with gauze hogs) i do have alot more i just cant think of them ATM please leave your opinions, i wont reply for the next 2 days as i am away but in that time i would expect alot of coments PLEASE KEEP THIS ALIVE, I WOULD LOVE 343 TO SEE THIS. Thanks this did take me about 1/2 an hour so please make as much effort leaving comments (and i know that many of you have spent like 2-3 hour writting similar things, so dont compare me please)
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