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  1. Old staff members become legendary? I did not know that.
  2. Welcome Back! /uploads/emoticons/default_happy.png" />)>

  3. Leaving from the site. Hope some of you enjoy what you can of it, for how ever long it will remain. Goodbye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WibmcsEGLKo
  4. Anybody else have a list of other games that might get released?
  5. The death of Halo is so close. It barely competes with the top 5 online games anymore. Microsoft is just speeding up the process.
  6. Their announcements are horrible in my opinion. They've sabotaged themselves at every turn. And buying a console for just one game doesn't make sense to me either so...
  7. Found a great detail video about classes, armor, and alien races in Destiny. Watch and be amazed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufeImJJEqqU
  8. Agreed. A new Halo game will not stand a chance against Destiny. Bungie remains the better company.
  9. Yeah. For me I think I'm just falling out of the competitive side of gaming. Not playing anything but RPG's at the moment so.
  10. Very nice MoM post. Sound like a good person. Mostly because you watch football =)
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