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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, there has been a lot of debate as to which controller layout is the best. Personally I believe that the advantages that bumper jumper provide make it the best choice. So I was wondering what controller layout do you use? Also check out the video bellow for a full explanation as to why I like Bumper Jumper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBoV5yxkP8M&feature=plcp
  2. Will 343i ever release Bungie chest in Halo 3, like Bungie did on bungie day 2010? They can unlock recon, can' t they unlock bungie chest for everyone, too? inb4 Bungie made a custom code, 343i coders are as skilled as Bungie ones, so it won't be difficult for them.
  3. Hey, everybody. So, I got Halo Reach for Christmas, 2014. Surprisingly enough, it was an early copy edition, meaning they provided a redemption code for Recon. Anyways, I entered the correct code and it showed that the download was pending, but it didn't even start downloading for about a half-hour. So stupidly enough, I canceled the download and tried to re-enter the code to see if it would work again. But it said the code was already used. So if any employee reads this, (By some chance) please tell me. I will provide my redemption code and my account.
  4. iv'e had a 360 for about ten months now. and halo 3 is my absolute favorite game on it. i have all the spartan armor except recon. everyone says to play the game for a month and it should unlock, but i played the game religiously forr the first few months and i still don't have it. can somebody help?
  5. So I just finished Halo 4, and I loved it. I've got nearly all of the achievements, and I'm well on my way to getting specializations. It made me want to go back to play Halo 3 again to get some of the online achievements that I never picked up (in fact, if you're looking for someone to do vidmasters with, send me a friend request: Grant DeNasty). I came to the realization that with Bnugie no longer running things, I might not be able to get Recon ever. I looked it up and I guess 343 gave Recon to everyone. I don't have it though. Is 343 ever going to give me the Recon armor? I know I've been away from Halo 3 for some time, but it pains me to think that I've missed out entirely.
  6. predatorx24x


    From the album: Armor

    Current Armor @ level 44

    © © predatorx244x

  7. Just curious, I find bumper jumper to be by far the best (unless using claw) I made a video about it as well. Let us know what you guys think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBoV5yxkP8M&feature=plcp
  8. I am a creature of habit. Ever since I got Recon back in Halo 3, I have worn it ever since. It lost most of it's value in Halo: Reach because everybody was given it for free, so it wasn't something that you rarely saw, it was a common thing to see someone with it on. I am going to wear it in Halo 4 because I love how the visor looks and what it still means to me, getting it from Halo 3 after doing all the Vidmasters with friends. What is your favorite armor type that you're going to wear or you wish you could wear? Edit: This is an interactive guide on Halo 4 where you can look up vehicles, armor, weapons, and basically any information that has been released by 343 so far. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-US/halo4guide
  9. Found these in an ign video, I screenshot'd them for you guys. Scout (I know we've seen it but it was there): Recon: Hazop: Infiltrator: Orbital (Sorry for the blurriness, the video was cutting to a different frame, it was the best picture I got): So far, I'm liking Scout the best.
  10. Im talking to my friend Arron and he is wondering if 343 are doing anything along the lines of the Halo 3 Recon Helmet which could only be acquired by creating a great forge map or completing the Vidmaster Challenges. If anyone has any information could you please let me know and I understand if nothing has been said yet it is a bit early. Edited: People are getting a little confused here, Im just wondering if theres going to be a special armor like recon not if recon is a special armor. Your Friend, Connor AoT x EpiczZ x
  11. Anyone up for Vidmaster Challenge Annual with me? I'm desperate! I have every single achievement on Halo 3 exept that one, as well as every other Vidmaster. All my friends consider Halo 3 a dying game and most of them already got the achievement, so they don't want to play it. If U R interested add as a friend! / HaWx z SpyKe
  12. Since 343i have full control over Halo and something lingering in my head since Bungie Day 2010... Do you think that 343i should give the flaming armor to the Halo 3 players and permenately!? :spiteful:
  13. Would you like the armory to be updated? Yes or No? Why? Would you support the removal of all non-preordered versions of the recon helmet? Personally, all people who wear any recon helmet excluding the pre-ordered version of recon are just jealous of us who pre-ordered. (My opinion. Don't yell at me for it) Bungie>343i
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