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Found 7 results

  1. A couple of questions for all of you. Question 1: What do you think The Arbiter's HUD (Ammo Counter, Radar, Helmet Decals, etc.) will look like in Halos: 2, 3, and Guardians? Question 2: Would you like to see both the TrustySnooze falcon and the generic Reach Falcon brought back in guardians? Question 3: Would you like to have either Hayabusa or Raider armor as a Waypoint Unlockable? Question 4: Would you like to be able to make your OWN, PERSONAL armor whether it be intimidating or silly in multiplayer that only YOU can possess and tinker with as you please in multiplayer? Question 5: Would you like to be able to have your emblem on your elite character again like in Halo 3? Thanks for answering, ladies and gentlemen. -Sincerely, The Men and Women at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary
  2. If you are on this website you will agree with me when I say that the Halo games are good. But only halo 1&2 are on PC. People will tell you that they stopped porting to PC because everyone pirates games on PC. Even if that was true (not that pirating does not exist but its not as bad (with some exceptions like World of Goo) as some people might tell you) then with the ending of the 7th gen and the Xbox one not being backwards compatible not than many people will be that eager to develop for the 360 (give it 2 or 3 years and they will stop making games for the 360). I chose to switch to PC because the games are a lot cheaper and there are lots of indie games, but I still want to play my Halo games. My 360 will only last so long. Also why worry about how much money you make seeing as most of the money is made in the initial realise of the game (Halo 3 game out 2007, ODST 2009 and reach 2010) so if 343 were to go with a digital distribution method of selling the Halo games that policed prior to the Xbox One you would have to spend practically no money. Not to mention how easy (when compared to the other jobs that a game company could do) it is to port a game from one platform to another. I can only see 343 profiting from this. Just put Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST and Reach (maybe wars) on steam. I would gladly pay for all the games again just to have it on PC/steam. So what do you think? Would you like anything to be added to the games if they were ported (and if so, what)?
  3. So, Halo 5 is slated to be released holiday 2014 (around Thanksgiving/Christmas of next year) and I thought a great way to get excited about the release of Halo 5 was to look at the history of Halo, from the beginning to now (chronologically). So let's begin. Halo: Combat Evolved This is the game that started it all. Inspired by Marathon, ONI, and a few other games, when it was first thought of by Bungie Studios and Take Two Interactive, it was originally intended to be a game for the Mac. It was even announced as such in 1999 by Steve Jobs. Little did Bungie, Apple, or Take Two know at the time Microsoft was actually scheming how to turn the "two horse" (Sony and Nintendo) console race into a three way free-for-all. Halo, at the time code-named "Monkey Nuts" (which was later changed to "Blam!" because Jason Jones couldn't say Monkey Nuts in front of his mother) was one of the games that Microsoft wanted for "The X-Box Project", which was a console designed to compete with the Nintendo Gamecube and the Playstation 2. To make sure the console was a success Microsoft wanted to get as many top-notch games as possible for the launch of their console. In June of 2000, Bungie accepted Microsoft's offer to buy both them and the game. Take Two Interactive didn't want to work for Microsoft and thus left project "Blam!" and took the rights to Myth and Oni with them. The stage was set for Halo to finally come to life. There was some discussion as to whether Halo should be third person or first person, but with better technology in play Bungie decided that the game played more "fluid" in first person. Not to mention the added bonus of being inside Master Chief's head made players more sympathetic to the character. The two weapon system was integrated, and the Cortana letters had been received with joy from fans. Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nyland released October 30, 2001, paving the way for Halo Canon and going more in depth on the story of the "Halo Universe". Both the X-Box and Halo: Combat Evolved hit the shelves November 15, 2001. Halo CE was an instant hit. Raving reviews and gold stars all around, it sold a million copies in five months and is credited for 50% of all X-Box sales. Five months after the game was released (right on the millionth game mark), Microsoft authorized a second Halo. The success of Halo: Combat Evolved also led Bungie to further pursue "viral marketing" as well as more books similar to the Fall of Reach. Halo 2 Halo 2 was, once again, authorized by Microsoft just as Halo CE hit 1 million copies sold. Halo 2 was going to be the game to play on X-Box Live, which was the "online multiplayer" element that we today take for granted. With this in mind, Bungie realized that a good deal of the weapons in the game were unbalanced for online multiplayer. So, Bungie started off trying to balance the weapons while adding on to the story that they had started with Halo CE. With Halo 2, they decided to go with distancing the player from the characters by switching the player from Master Chief to a newly introduced character that we all know as "The Arbiter". They also introduced a bunch of new features (new to Halo, that is) like boarding and duel-wielding. Bungie created a 9 minute demo that debuted at E3 2003 (or E3'03, if you'll recall). This demo showed off a good chunk of the new features and enemies (drones and brutes) and got fans excited for the new game to come. However, Bungie was about to hit a very big snag. The engine that Bungie had built the E3 demo on (and so far the game) was not compatible with the X-Box hardware. Bungie had to basically start over with only a year until the deadline that Microsoft had set for them. Bungie pushed for as many extensions as possible, and cranked up the viral marketing with ilovebees.com, but Microsoft was pretty stern. So, Bungie had to release Halo 2 not quite as they had imagined it November 2004 with a cliffhanger ending due to the crunch. That being said, however, the game sold. A lot. And was praised, despite it's flaws (which some say made it even more fun) as one of the most competitive and best online experiences that you could get out of a console game. It also left canon lovers wanting more, which brings us to the next part of Halo history. Halo 3 In 2006, Microsoft and Bungie announced Halo 3. Bungie had started on Halo 3 following the process that they had set with Halo 2, and they did not take much of a break between games. Bungie had a bad taste in their mouth with the way that they had to end Halo 2, so they took everything that they weren't able to put into Halo 2 and put it into Halo 3. They also took Halo 2's multiplayer and did everything they could to improve it, including adding in a much desired Forge Mode as well as more weapons and the addition of equipment. Halo 3 went over more smoothly than Halo 2 and broke all of the records that Halo 2 had previously set. It was released September 25, 2007, two years after the release of the X-Box 360. Shortly after the release of Halo 3, a few Bungie employees set out to see about getting a Halo movie made, and then not long after that (which apparently didn't go over so well since we don't have a Halo movie [except for FUD which doesn't really count imo]) Bungie announced their decision to leave Microsoft. The decision by Bungie to leave Microsoft caused a bit of a spat between Bungie and Microsoft officials, but after everything Bungie agreed to do two more Halo titles before going off on their own. Halo Wars Halo Wars was released February 26, 2009 (March 3 for North America) and was the first Halo game made entirely out of Bungie's control. Microsoft owned Ensemble Studios, who specialized in RTS games, and picked them to create the Halo title for 2009. After Ensemble created Halo Wars, it came up with an idea for a Halo MMO, code-named project Titan. However, Microsoft said no, and Ensemble was shut down. One month before the release of their game. On a brighter note, Halo Wars received good reviews and to date is one of the top selling RTS games for consoles. Halo 3: ODST Halo 3: ODST was the first of the two Halo titles that Bungie Studios promised to make before leaving Microsoft. Originally title Halo 3: Recon, it was released September 22, 2009. It took a grand total of 14 months to make, from start to finish. Bungie spared no expense in the casting for the game, however critics maintain that the game felt more like an expansion than a full Halo game. Halo 3: ODST introduced firefight mode, which was a fan-favorite all around. It also came with all of the DLC multiplayer maps for Halo 3 AND Halo Reach beta access (for newer copies). This put a lot of cries to rest about Halo 3: ODST costing $60. Halo Reach Halo Reach. The last Halo game created by Bungie, and the end of an era. This time around, it was all about the game for Bungie. They seemed to ignore the canon that they had created throughout the years (and I know this is a controversial thing but it is documented that they did override previously set canon, therefor breaching it) to create a very fun and gripping experience. Halo Reach released September 14, 2010 and broke tons of sales records. It came with a ton of critical acclaim and had some fans in an uproar (over the little things mainly, everyone must complain about something). It also set the stage for 343 Industries to take over the reigns, which happened on March 31, 2012. But I get ahead of myself. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary November 15, 2011 343 Industries released the tenth anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. This was their first big trail in taking on the Halo series, and by all accounts they passed it. 343 Industries took Halo CE and gave it a HD face-lift and added as much as they could into it (such as skulls, new control schemes, and achievements) without changing the game entirely. It gave the fans who started from the very beginning (and those who joined in a little later on) some much appreciated nostalgia. The game included a disc that gave players access to the Halo Reach "Anniversary" Map Pack, which included some good ol' fashioned maps and gametypes to complete the nostalgia. Less than a year later, 343 Industries took the reigns of Halo and brought us to where we are now. Halo 4 Halo 4 was a game that a lot of fans doubted would ever come after the release of Halo 3. There was a lot of speculation about it when Bungie announced that they would be letting go of Halo, including that Master Chief would never come back from being stranded in space. Then, June 6, 2011 Halo 4 was announced. As it turns out, development began in 2009 and was kept pretty hush hush. Which in this day and age is hard to do. Halo 4 took around three years to complete. When it was announced there was WILD speculation on what the game would be about. There were rumors running rampant about what the enemies would be, hoaxes on leaked documents, actual leaked documents, and even a stolen copy of the game after it was completed resulting in a bunch of bans from X-Box Live. This was definitely one of the most anticipated Halo titles ever released. When it was released, it was met with critical acclaim and grossed $220 million dollars on it's first day and had over 1 million active players in the first 24 hours of it's release. Halo 4 introduced more weapons, more multiplayer modes, and the new storyline for Master Chief. So there we are. The Halo history. The thing about history, though, is that there's always more of it. There is going to be a Halo 5 and 6, and possibly more after that. We will have to see what is to come. Anyways, this has taken me literally all day to research and write and it is now almost 3 in the morning, so I am going to sleep now. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. 343 Industries could make a lot of cash doing the following thing: Assuming Halo is completely under their control now - release Halo 3 and Halo ODST for the PC on Steam.
  5. Hello, guys. I bet you guys know about a game that came out after Halo 3 ended called "Halo 3: ODST". The game was about this particular ODST squad that got scattered during the events of Halo 3. As most of us know, the events of ODST also took place on New Mombasa(?) on Earth. Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but I wonder if we will ever see a what happened next after the ending sequence of ODST. Actually, wouldn't it be great if we could get a sequel to this gem?
  6. What halo games do you and did you expect more from and expect from? I have created this topic to ask you what you think of what bungie and 343 industries have done in the past games and what you think they will do in the future halo games. Do you think that they will do better then there past or that 343 industries shouldn't have taken over. This is what I thought of there past 5 games: Halo 3- Bungie has done an amazing job on halo 3 and even today in 2012 people that have the newer games like reach and anaversary are still playing. Halo odst- halo odst had a good campaign story a little glitchy though. They had an awesome idea when they brought in firefight and I didn't expect much more from a half priced game other than online firefight. Halo reach- halo reach was a very good game I think it's future will be very similar to halo 3. Halo reach is holding the record out of the halo games for biggest forging map. The campaign was good I missed master chief though. Halo anaversary- was a ok game I was expecting alot more. I was disappointed because really the only good thing they added was the option to switch graphics. Halo 4- halo 4 has a lot of expectation manly because it's a new company but so far I'm liking the thing they have done. Personally I'm pumped that chief is back new weppons vehicles and more. I have got some realy usefull information http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=CA#/watch?v=ICDnykh71PM . Notice at the beginning he says ai's are like a voice of god guide and narator. He also says theirs is a ai named bb in glasslands and we will be hearing more about him in halo4. Also it says that they are not done with the covnent and we will be hearing more about there story in halo 5 possibly. Grave minds are minds that form when enough flood mass gets together. He says that 1 of the noble team could have of survived possibly jun because in reach it did not show him die maybe he could be in halo 4 hostage on the planet. Says chief is one of the last remaining spartain 2s. 343 industries has changed master chiefs armor they took the cod piece a.k.a. The space diaper and replaced it with a hard black plating you can see the change in this link http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=CA#/profile?user=Halo4Follower . We will be able to predict that some of the halo 4 multiplayer maps will be from halo maps in the pasted this is possible to predict because of halos history . We know for a fact they bring back maps here are a couple of examples Reflection from halo reach was a remake and was broughten back from halo 2s version ivroy tower, Pinicle from halo reach was a remake of the map ascension and hemorrhage was broughten back from halo two except it was called blood gulch. Here is the video link I got this information from http://m.youtube.com...h?v=MFDEMHl0e-M . Here is the halo 4 trailer brought to you by ign. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=CA#/watch?v=Y9iQiHNXgMU Most people thought the weapon master chief is holding is a pistol, well it is not it might be a new hand gun. Do you think this gun will make the game better post your answer below? If anyone was wondering about the so called jet pack in the halo 4 trailer, it is not a jet pack it is a 0 gravity pack said frank o'conor. So that means that there might not be any armor abilities we will have to wait and see some gameplay?
  7. Have you ever played a prank on someone on Halo? Or have you had a prank be played on you? If you have, share what happened below! I'll start: Funniest thing EVER. XD When I was 10 years old I started a custom game lobby on Halo 2 on the map Warlock- (Snowy version of Blackout) ok before I actually tell the story I'm gonna tell everyone in case they didn't play Halo 2 that in the center top of the map there was a glass tile that you could see through the ceiling into the floor below. I started up a lobby and within minutes I was able to have a completely full game of people. (All which were older than me XD) Despite me being either 9 or 10, -I cant remember- I convinced everyone that if everyone stood in a circle around the glass tile that it would break if we all shot it at the same time. ...but only with Rocket Launchers. XD I got EVERYONE. EVERYONE. -to stand in a circle all on top of the tile hoping to see the glass shatter beneath their feet. I stood on top of them all, counted to 3, and right before I said 2 I jumped off of them, in mid-air stuck the middle guy with a sticky grenade, and when I said 3 I got a Killionaire! The rest of the game was filled with the gametype change from 'Slayer' to 'Lets kill RANMAN'. XDDDD
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