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  1. Armor Ideas. I know at least 80% of Halo fans have soooooo many armor ideas that haven't been added yet as well as gametype ideas, weapon ideas, etc. but those can be saved for another thread so what I want you guys to do is just post what you would like seen for armor in the comments whether it be a picture or just a description or both I just want to see that the halo community can voice it's ideas to the fullest possible spark in fact I'll start us off. Armor Name: Titan Armor Style: Heavy Helmet: A mix between Grenadier(third attachment option) from Halo Reach and Protector from Halo 4 Chest: A mix of ODST from Halo 4 and Katana from Halo 3 Shoulders: A mix between ODST and EVA from Halo Reach Forearm Left: Mix of Tacpad and Assault Breacher from Halo Reach Forearm Right: A Jackal Energy Gauntlet Legs: Hardlight from the knees down with grenade pouches on the right calf Visor Color: Gold and Red Unlockable Skin: WARTRN (War Torn) which takes the armor and puts it into as much action as you've been in in Halo Multiplayer history by cracking the visor a bit as well as the tacpad, showing some skin by cutting up the jumpsuit some, putting a couple of energy sword marks in your chest, and Putting some blood on the armor wherever. How you unlock the Armor: Get SAW-Distinguished in Halo 5: Guardians How to Unlock the Armor Skin: Get Human Ordnance-Master Special Weapon Skin unlock criteria: WARTRN Which is like TRM (Trauma) from Halo 4 but beats up your weapon a bit too and you can get it by unlocking the WARTRN armor skin. EXTRA CREDIT(NO WORK NEEDED): If you can give me some weapon ideas that you've got stored in your memory banks I'll do everything in my power to try and get it to be possibly put into the game's engine (no promises but I will try) -Sincerely, The team at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary
  2. A couple of questions for all of you. Question 1: What do you think The Arbiter's HUD (Ammo Counter, Radar, Helmet Decals, etc.) will look like in Halos: 2, 3, and Guardians? Question 2: Would you like to see both the TrustySnooze falcon and the generic Reach Falcon brought back in guardians? Question 3: Would you like to have either Hayabusa or Raider armor as a Waypoint Unlockable? Question 4: Would you like to be able to make your OWN, PERSONAL armor whether it be intimidating or silly in multiplayer that only YOU can possess and tinker with as you please in multiplayer? Question 5: Would you like to be able to have your emblem on your elite character again like in Halo 3? Thanks for answering, ladies and gentlemen. -Sincerely, The Men and Women at TeamHostileTakeover Machinima and Commentary
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