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Found 5 results

  1. What do you guys think about this, and possibly why do you (people that have played Bad Company) want back from the old Bad Company? What would YOU like to see? Eurogame sat down with DICE to discuss a possibility that Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will come into effect, possibly making the best decision in their whole damn company. This is the conversation that Eurogamer and CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson had, discussing how they "don't know how to deliver it": --------------------- Concerning a new Bad Company installment, it’s not a matter of DICE ignoring their fanbase, they’re just unsure what made Bad Company so popular, CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson explained in a recent interview with Eurogamer. “Some people say they found the multiplayer controls faster and more direct,” Troedsson told Eurogamer. “Some people liked the single-player and the characters and the humor. People love different things about it. It’s starting to almost get to that place where, if we were to make a sequel to Bad Company, what would than even imply? “It’s scary to go back and try to remake an old fan favorite when actually no-one can really put their finger on what it is people love. Bringing back the characters and creating a great single-player out of that, sure, I can understand that. “But some people say this: the Bad Company 2 multiplayer is the best you’ve ever done. Okay, why is that? It’s hard for people to articulate what that is, which is actually hard for us. It would be hard to remake something like that. Can we do it? Of course. We have our theories when it comes to the multiplayer.” It sounds to me—and you can call my crazy here, Karl—that both the single-player and multiplayer were so good that the Bad Company games offered different things to a multitude of players. Maybe the reason you can’t put your finger on what made it great and people keep giving you different answers is that you appealed to such a wide audience, for once, that a lot of different people found something to love. Definitely not something that can be said for Battlefield 3 or 4. Troedsson closed by offering Bad Company fans the faintest glimmer of hope, saying the sub-brand is not dead and it can be revived—unless it’s suddenly revealed that Preston, Sweetwater, Haggard, and Sarge have suddenly become the funniest boys in blue since Steve Gutenberg and gang in Police Academy—but those fans will definitely have to wait at least a little while longer. ---------------------- Source: http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/ea-dice-knows-fans-want-more-bad-company-not-sure-how-to-deliver-it/ *I KNOW THIS IS A DIRECT COPY! I DID TO FOR YOU GUYS SO YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO GO TO THE SITE!* Your Welcome
  2. http://gamerant.com/battlefield-3-end-game-air-superiority/ Air superiority, The game mode from Battlefield: 1943, has been confirmed to be added in this new expansion, as well as maps based around fast paced gameplay, new vehicles including a speedy dirtbike, and finally CTF mode. Battlefield 3: End Game will land on all platforms in March 2013.
  3. Hey, I'm looking for people to play Battlefield 3 with. I am on XBL almost every weekend. I would like to have a squad to play with. Mics are required to join, without then there wouldn't be a point in having a squad. If you want to start up a squad with me either leave a comment with your GT here, or msg my XBL account. My GT is Reaper2148. I will not be getting on the forum on the weekends so if you don't get a response from me on here try me on XBL. Positions: Assualt - TSMMG Engineer - Reaper2148, Quentmnaster Support - SoullessOnyx Recon - [Available]
  4. BF3 Premium Pros and Cons Why this thread? I was having a conversation with some friends about BF3P, and it turns out that even though we were premium members, we weren't exactly clear about what we were getting. So I placed a few calls and wrote a few emails, and this is what I got from it. What is BF3 Premium? Battlefield 3 Premium (BF3 Premium) is a service that allows it's members to have special privileges while playing BF3. These privileges include but are not limited to; weapons, maps, camo's, weapon camo's, preferred server access, etc. Pros of BF3P: 1. All map packs are released for premium members a week early. 2. All of the map packs are free to premium members (they are about 1200 each). 3. Some premium weapons are more powerful than normal in-game weapons. 4. Preferred server access allows premium members to "cut in line" during server ques. 5. Extra in-game content such as character and weapon camouflage, Assignments, and Dog Tags. Cons of BF3P: 1. It is 4000 MSP. 2. It shows that you are a BF3P player in-game during kill-cams (making you a target for haters). Battlefield 3 Premium not only allows you early access to map packs, but gives you them for free. It also allows you to unlock weapons that would otherwise be inaccessible, and allows you to join games faster than non-premium members. The Cons list is a bit short, but that's because the only real con of it is the price (even though paying a one time fee of 4k MSP is a lot better than paying 1200 for each map pack). If you can think of any other's, please post them below.
  5. Hello community! I would appreciate playing Battlefield with some people either it is 1 person or 10, i don't care! Multiplayer or co-op. (You don't need a mic, i don't have either) Just send me a request on XBL or PM. Thanks.
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