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  1. I find it unlikely that they would remove split screen. Not to mention I believe split screen was mentioned somwhere on one the recent halo bulletins on halo waypoint.
  2. Its pretty common to get pitfall when you play richochet...
  3. Heck yes! I would totally do that as long as my schedule allows it.
  4. Halo wars for sure. Mostly because the only reason spartan assault exits is because microsoft is one of the greedyest companies on the planet.
  5. I love halo 4. It added tons of depth to the universe, and thats what I think is most important for a Halo game to do. I enjoyed the gameplay, espesially the aggresive and powerfull prometheans. I can definitely understand the general opinion that it was too linear though. The soundtrack was nice, but still far inferior to Marty's work. So overall, great campaign, but not quite bungie level quality.
  6. Spartan-104

    Halo Drawings

    My sketches and art pieces of halo stuff.
  7. Halo 5: Guardians. Hmmm... I wonder if these are the same guardians that have been killing me in the last few halo games. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Guardians
  8. Granted. You get a live angler fish(BIG TEETH), and it eats you. I wish for awesome sauce!
  9. Not to mention, the games online experience lasts longer, because you dont have to worry about the console getting its servers shut down because its outdated.
  10. Granted, but since that isn't possible, by doing it, you rip the fabric of the universe, and destruction ensues. I wish for $250.
  11. The smoldering Spartan-104 got up off the blackened floor. He checked his railgun; luckily it was undamaged. He turned towards the elevator. Fred heard Sikslik7 graon. Satisfied that his opponent wouldn't be moving anytime soon, he left the area. He heard gunfire on the upper decks, and headed for the stairs. He was met by a group off elites. Fred quickly switched to his magnum, used his special to break all their shields, and took them down with headshots. He winced. The elites had inflicted several plasma burns on him as well. He decided it was time to summon reenforcements. He continued toward the source of the gunfire he had heard earlier, now supplemented by a force of ODST's.
  12. Granted, but its because you drowned in it. I wish I had some ODST armor.
  13. Granted, but you are dissapionted with it how lame it is. Also its batteris explode, catching your house on fire. I wish I had more ink in my printer.
  14. Well, you just met someone who does. Anyone who removed forge would literally be out of thier mind.
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