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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I got into the Destiny alpha and thought I'd share some gameplay with you guys. Made a video in my spare time, enjoy!
  2. These would make terrible movie's, no doubt about it. Weeds This is an action comedy about a guy struggling to make ends meet(played by will smith ). He mows lawns to make money. Then one one day a plant experiment escapes a lab. The entire city is infested with giant, man eating plants. In the end, the guy has to use an experimental lawn mower to fight the weeds and save the city. The Grim Harvester The Grim Reaper is having trouble killing people. Everyone has guns, and hes stuck with a scythe. Don't get him started about the time when the swat teams came. Then he gets a combine, and well, you get the idea. TOTAL CHAOS. post your own terrible ideas!
  3. So it goes without saying you people really don't care about us. Its hilarious to think your greedy organization would in any way benefit the halo universe. at the end of the campaign it thanks me for trusting you with the game I've grown up loving. news flash, it wasn't our choice. you selfish, greedy people already have our f%#$ing money and the front of page of your forums top story is the upcoming release of the STUPID MAP PACK. for people who have been playing this series for years, who followed all your guidelines in thinking they would receive their additional specializations, and then forcing the same people to remain at the same rank of 70 for 2 weeks without so much as an announcement is absolutely, ungodly awful. you should be ashamed of what you've done to this game and players perceptions of it. As well on your home page, you have a story ranking Black ops 2 as the current leader in multiplier numbers. DID THEY PAY YOU FOR THIS? ARE YOU THIS MUCH OF A SELLOUT? get the F%$#ing dollar signs out of your eyes, get your heads out of your A#@es and make your SH%$y game worth playing. at least with Reach when everyone hit the cap and started getting pissed off, BUNGIE LISTENED. what can your studio honestly be doing all week that warrants or requires such shameless money grabbing without so much as a confirmation of your inability? that's all we really want as a gaming community, for you to realize you are nothing in comparison to Bungie in terms of customer satisfaction or overall passion. I mean.. both the monthly challenges have been wins: do you have a [email protected]#ing monkey in charge of creating the challenges? put less time into art design and more time into retaining your fan base. oh wait, its not YOUR fan base. you stole it, milked it for all its worth (thanks to Bungies Success), and are now content with the next 3 years of your life paid for. YOU MAKE US ALL SICK, FIX YOUR SERVICE. the removal of this post will be undeniable proof of this comany's complete lack of accountability, and I look forward to when you're no longer feasible.
  4. I've been a Halo fan ever since it came out, it's probably one of the most compelling and amazing stories if you really get into it. Halo 1 (or Anniversary) was an interesting story, Halo 2 was the best story of them all, Halo 3 was great, ODST was just based on the events of 3, and Reach wasn't that good. However the art concept of Reach was amazing and online game play, but the campaign was like any other shooter game... random missions and isn't very deep or compelling. Halo Wars was interesting and did grasp the meaning of Halo in a sense, while Reach didn't. Halo 4 is going to be similar to Reach, and it's not looking very good in certain spots (however game play looks amazing and the art and the graphics are phenomenal). Now many people are like, "Well it's a new story!" and the ORIGINAL fans are not happy about it though. If you actually play the whole series and study it, you won't want it to change. There's still many unanswered questions. Bungie had an idea for the story from beginning to end, then Bungie separated from Microsoft and 343 Industries took over Halo, and now the story is altered in a few major areas. A minor issue that I've heard A LOT of complaints about is how terrible the new armor looks (I can actually agree on this...). Come on 343, why did you make it look like some crazy 1970's version of Halo? That's a disappointment. However, there are parts I am excited about! Like how Cortana is now diminishing and going crazy, what's going to happen? That's something I'm eager to know! One big thing a lot of people are asking about in Halo 4: "What about the Elites?" That's a huge question for this. Is 343 being arrogant and too afraid to follow the series and decide to alter the story more to make Elites enemies again? Or is there something more deep? That's a question to be answered. People loved Elites when they separated from the Covenant in Halo 2. In Halo 3, you could actually customize your Elite in key areas and play as it on ALL game modes (except campaign of course unless you do multiplayer). Then Reach comes along, you can hardly play as an Elite on hardly any game modes, plus you couldn't customize it, only with full body armor. This made a lot of people disappointed. That was Bungies fault though. Now in 4 you cannot play as Elites at all, but now a lot people don't care because they're now used to it. I really don't mind but I really wish we could have more options. My main concern is the campaign, is it the beginning of the end for Halo? Will Halo turn into a basic, pointless shooter game? Or will it keep going and people will still love it? I'm leaving that for you to decide! ****UPDATE: Thanks for all of the replies, I'm now pretty hyped up over Halo 4, I read Halo: Glasslands, and Halo: The Thursday War. It's starting to make sense. Thanks again for the replies and have an Awesome Day! **** ***UPDATE 2: I've played the game and it was amazing, thanks for the replies, have an Awesome Day! ***
  5. Name that one game, that one evil game that still haunts you in your nightmares. You raged, you died, you didn't want to respawn. What game is it.
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