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  1. I think the one in the Halo Infinite trailer looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g-! So definitely rolling with the new/old look on this one man.
  2. That's a good idea man, I'll spit the money with peeps, it will make every one happy. 40$ eShop bruh
  3. Ayy, that's a nice thing of you to do bud. I'm interested, keep me posted, but I want to see if anyone else wants it too. In the event no one else claims it I have a Nintendo Switch game in mind that I could use with an eshop gift card.
  4. Combat Evolved Anniversary had it, played with my friends all the time.
  5. wrong again boi im going to guess you next
  6. I dare you to take a picture of yourself with a banana or some fruit on top of your head.
  7. I actually was considering it, the one he has up is hilarious.
  8. I'm getting in the art kind of mood so spread some good cheer I'll be taking requests for my beloved trash art! Type of drawing you want Background/etc Text/etc Size Stupidity of the piece / Less stupid or very stupid Examples of my beloved masterpieces This one contains strong language, move along kiddos, adults only. As a reminder, I'm doing one masterpiece per member absolutely for free. Make sure to have your expectations incredibly low as you witness literal trash on your computer screens. InfinityDusk out!
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