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Found 5 results

  1. Do you need a few Custom Game maps to improve your Halo 5 experience? If you answered YES than you have come to the right place. I have compiled a few maps that are worthy of any great Custom Game playlist. MINI-GAMES (Please Note that certain gametypes will need to have Honour Rules in play for effective and fun gameplay) Map Name: Tankworld Gametype Name: Tankworld Elimination Map Author: Home World Hero Map Name: Reaper Gametype Name: Reaper Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Red Team and all other players must be on the Blue Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Battlegoose Stadium Gametype Name: Battlegoose Map Author: Debo37 & CaptainPunch Map Name: The Great Griddle Gametype Name: Flapjack Frenzy Map Author: SplinterBL Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players must be on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Simon Says Gametype Name: Jump On the Colours! Map Author: FatAussieFatB0y (Forum Owner) Map Name: Warthog Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Crash Up Derby Gametype Name: Demolition Arena Map Author: NGX Alpha Map Name: Rocket League (Big, Small) Gametype Name: Rocket League by Turb Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: They Spin Me Right Round Gametype Name: They Spin Me Right Round Map Author: UnknownEmerald Map Name: Turf War Gametype Name: Turf War Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Map Name: Mantis Arena (1.0) Gametype Name: Mantis Breakout Map Author: MorsLupus Map Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Gametype Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Map Author: Deadly Daybreak Map Name: Avalanche Gametype Name: Avalanche Map Author: Julianoz1224 Map Name: Interstate Gametype Name: Splat Splat Map Author: Mr Q Prime Map Name: Trenchwars (V2.0) Gametype Name: Strongholds Map Author: RBG RAMPANT Map Name: Mongoose Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Jenga Tower Gametype Name: Jenga Tower Map Author: UnknownEmerald Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. COMPETITIVE AND REMAKES (As suggested by Infurnomancer) Map Name: Delta Ruins Map Author: Eshkii Map Name: Havalla (V1.1) Map Author: No God Anywhere Map Name: Sandtrap (26) Map Author: WyvernZu Map Name: Rust Map Author: Kr1pL3r Map Name: The Pit Map Author: IISilentII Map Name: HCE Battle Creek Map Author: AUREL1EN Map Name: HCE Boarding Action Map Author: Blackmist523 Map Name: Chill Out Map Author: JoeDannyMan Map Name: Chiron TL-34 Map Author: Evilbrothers4 Spoiler: Please note that a few of these maps will not be playable on current Halo 5 Gametypes such as Strongholds and CTF. Those were a few maps that you don't want to be caught without inside your Halo 5 Custom Game Playlist. Now get out there and grab your friends and enjoy all that Halo 5 has to offer. (Remember to check up on this list from time to time as I will be adding new maps every week) Well that's all guys/girls, hope that this list has come in handy for you all. See you on the WarZone. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  2. To celebrate Canada's 147th birthday, why not play some Halo with some chums? Many photoshop skill, much edit, wow Since the long weekend was a bit of a dud due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm going to host another event on Canada Day! Here are the details: GAME: HALO 4 + Forge Island DATE: CANADA DAY (July 1) TIME: 1-6pm Pacific (convert it!) MIC?: Preferred but not mandatory What's on tap? Take a look: Halo Gear Solid Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium Koridai Holy Gamelon Route 666 Husky Raid Mario Kart 64 Halo Tactics Fort Leonard (not really) Ice Breaker ...and more! Who's going? 1. Maestro 2. Butch Flowers 3. Bnus 4. Yang Xiao Long 5. Self Destruct 6. Unease P34nut 7. BeckoningZebra1 8. Edward Kenway 9. HaloGeek 10. -Sparky- 11. ShadowFiend216 12. Rue 13. Ledgend1221 14. A New Challenger (Yang/DarkAngel's friend) 15. ? 16. ?
  3. Maestro


    MMM? No, I'm not talking about food or drinks, although this is the time of year the best goodies are made. It's the result of a nice bit of alliteration in this event's title... Since there's a lack of playdates focusing purely on mini games, I thought that I'd host one in time for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or Ramadan or Boxing Day or whichever holiday you celebrate if there are any I didn't list. So for the next little while, I'll be forging up a storm to make more mini games that I personally will contribute to the roster. If there are any other mini games that attendants have made or have found in the vast expanse of cyberspace, feel free to list them below! EDIT: Whoops, how could I forget? This is being hosted on HALO 4. If you have that, a microphone, and Forge Island, you'll be all set for fun and games and laughter! Here's what's on tap right now: Mini Slayer at Portal Tower Hockey at Kappital Imperial Stadium Convoy King and/or Flood at Holy Gamelon Route 666 Convoy King at Koridai Race at Holy Gamelon Indy 666 [CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS] ...among other minigames! Now you might be asking: "Hey Maestro, when are you hosting this?" And to that I answer: "Vote for either 1pm on December 14th, or either 1pm or 7pm on December 21st!" Keep in mind that these times are PACIFIC TIME [uTC-8]. Let's celebrate the holidays with a bang! And fun! And games!
  4. Hey guys! If your interested in playing customs message me at 7:00pm AUS time zone We will be playing every Saturday. and I will invite new people every time to be far. My tag is: JA1E35 We will be playing these types of game modes: - Infection - Race - Mini games Australian players. We will be playing at 7:30. message me before 7:30 and I will invite you. American players. We will be playing at 5:30 message me before 5:30 and I will invite you. If you don't make it in I'm very sorry please forgive me. Steps to joining 1. To find me go to chat, 2. Send private chat invite, 3. Enter gamertag then go to my profile and send me a message saying you want to join! 4. then hopefully you get in!!!
  5. Hey Guys! I've run into one annoyance in halo 4's forge and custom gaming. Its not custom games anymore!!! Half of the options are already chosen for you, remember in Halo 3 and Reach how it was possible to edit EVERYTHING, thats how we ended up with so many crazy mini games like Speed Halo, but 343i has gone and messed it all up, now we can't choose many things in our custom game options, namely in the flood gametype. I was trying to do a "Flood Survival" gametype in which players must search for weapons on the battlefield but my weapons do not spawn and I can not find the option to make them spawn anywhere! Also the flood loadouts are uncustomizable, it is impossible to give a zombie a gravhammer, which means no speed halo, and also many mini games like duck hunt are now impossible, if there is a way to make these things happen please let me know, otherwise I would like to know why they aren't there anymore, 343i has ruined infection for me. As a side note, does anybody know how to contact 343i directly?
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