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Found 4 results

  1. So far i believe we as a community of gamers have a huge and might selection of games that are coming out this year (and in early 2016). I honestly can not wait for some of the games that are coming out! some of the Games that i am most looking forward to would have to be the massive amount of games that Bethesda is remaking / creating. And of course the new halo looks amazing, I actually am thinking of buying a Xbox One just to play it. But with new games there can be multiple issues, and with issues comes lack of trust with major companies. The Arkham knight is one of these examples, as well as horrible launches from multiple companies. For all those Star Wars fans out there (including me ) i have my fingers crossed that battlefield 4 won't crash and burn at the launch. I want to hear your voice and opinion on the year of 2015/16 for gaming! From Xbox to PC, and PlayStation
  2. Yes you read my title correctly! (Check again if you have to) I'm going to host my very own event! (I know you're excited) So yea let's do this. This event will take place in Halo 4. Now I can hear some of you thinking, "But P34nut, I don't have Halo 4!" My answer to that is "WHY THE HECK NOT?!?!?!one!" (Calm down P34nut... Nothing to worry about) We will be playing a variety of stuff depending on the turn-out. Little turn-out? Doesn't matter! We can hop on multiplayer like a fun group of friends and gossip about anyone who didn't show up. Great turn-out? Great! We'll play some competetive custom games on some maps you've created! I'll download some maps that are linked in this forum. I already have one from Zandril. Shoutout to him Diarrhea and Wang We can of course still play some custom games with a low turn-out and multiplayer with a high turn-out if you all want to. No restrictions! After all this event will be about having fun time! Now about the time and date: On a sunday! (SO NO EXCUSES!) 4th of may (I heard there is another event in the making on this date so it might change) 7PM GMT Which is 2 PM EST Check here for other time zones I hope to see you all! Have a good day! List of people who will be joining us: thank you guys (: -UNSC Spartan-II -Mr.Biggles -Yang -Warm Bnus -Halo5willbecool -Gemeni Dragons -DeathByFae -Tyrone King -JXZAW -EliteSpartan -ShadowFiend -The "MoM" Marine
  3. I figured the other thread was good for Text-only reviews, so I've made a new one for my video reviews. If you have a game you'd like reviewed, Please let me know, either in this thread, or in a private message. So, here it goes! my first Review!
  4. Warning! may contain spoilers! Have a game you'd like reviewed? let me know! Post in here, or PM me. I may not be able to do it though. I have a constraint Money-wise, but I have played a vast number of games, in all genre's. I've decided I'd start reviewing games as I play them. these could be new games, old games, low key games, or high profile games. Basically whatever I feel like playing, and have. Currently I'm playing Assassin's Creed III. I've been a fan of all the games so far. and as it looks now, 3 will be no different. Below is a short synopsis of what i've played so far, after which i will give it a preliminary score. So far the story has been building characters, so the action has been rather tame. but it has been interesting, the graphics are not ground breaking, but good, and the game play is tighter and more responsive than in previous titles. Preliminary rating 8.5 / 10 A Ten is very hard to get from me. so yeah. theres my review as of now. as i play more i will keep telling you the story, (Spoilers possible of course.) And i will change my rating as i see fit. remember though, these are my opinion so don't decide whether or not you'd buy a game on my word.
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