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  1. Map: Receiver Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (lowercase L) Gametypes: Team Slayer, CTF Player Count: 12 Notes: updated a decent bit of stuff, keen to get some more feedback
  2. Map: Receiver Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (lowercase L) Gametypes: Slayer (no personal ordinance), CTF Player Count: 8 Notes: Never played more than 3 people on this map. It's about time for some proper testing.
  3. I can see your point about slayer pro. But, the more playlists there are, the less populated each playlist will get. lately I've been having real trouble actually finding matches in the less common playlists that I like. It would be cool if 343 did a poll to find out which playlists people prefer so they can remove the least popular ones. I'm kinda wondering why game developers don't release more surveys and development questions to the community. It can't be that hard.
  4. Sweeeet looks cool, Ima go an check it out ya
  5. Can't help it. Have to do a list! 1: Halo 2 (pre xbox live) a bit of nostalgia here, but my favourate halo moments were with my friends all crammed into one room playing halo 2. Also had my favourate campaign in any game ever. 2: Halo: Reach It's tough to decide between 3 and Reach but thinking back the multiplayer mechanics of Reach were so good it allowed for so many awesome moments. 3: Halo 3 Amazing game, so much fun, almost on parr with Halo: Reach 4: Halo CE I wasn't really old enough to fully appreciate how revolutionary this game was, but the campaign was pritty awesome. 5: Halo ODST The campaign was awesome, but I really missed having spartans around. 6: Halo 4 I'm disappointed with this game. Every aspect of Halo 4 is lacking in some degree. I'd like to give 343 the benefit of the doubt and say that they are still learning and things are improving, but they are taking Halo in a direction that I'm not interested in. I still play Halo 4 but compared to other Halos, and the capabilities of video games today, it has missed the mark. 7: Halo Anniversary Simply because I don't consider it a stand alone game. It's just a better looking Halo CE with a messed up multiplayer. 8: I haven't played halo wars so I don't know what it's like. Aaaaahhhh It was good to get that off my chest
  6. sorry guys, the real world is catching up with me, I'm not going to be able to make it this week
  7. interesting. I will download and let you know what I think, I might even get some decent gameplay testing in there.
  8. Map: Dispatch Gamertag: L0 000 people Gametypes: CTF, Slayer, Dominion (smaller format 8-10 player) Player Count: 8 Notes: Finished making this map a couple of weeks back so now I need to find out what works and what doesn't. Especially concerning tele-porters, vehicles and the overall balance of the map.
  9. Thanks a lot man, I am really blown away by all this, its great to be recognized like this. The only annoying thing is I keep getting messages and comments from people saying they wish it was playable, and it definitely is, i made it first and foremost to be playable but people don't take the time to notice. But its all water under the bridge now, I just hope my new map gets some decent testing soon so I can tweak it and get it out for people to see.
  10. I appreciate your effort in trying to remake Sword Base, it must take a while to figure these things out, but the scale and just the overall attention to detail is quite off. There are a lot of areas that are far too big or too tall to really get the feel of the original sword base. Also there were random holes in the map like down behind the red lift. Again I appreciate what you are trying to do, but it needs a lot more work before I keep it as a map.
  11. this looks cool, i'll check it out
  12. I'm so frustrated by the fact that everything is all caps in Halo 4. Gamertags use both Capitals and lowercase, which means that all caps is A BAD IDEA. It obscures peoples gamertags, which makes it difficult to search for people and content, and it ruins gamertags that specifically use lower case for a reason. A good example is my gamer tag, which should look like this: l0 000 people Instead it looks like this: L0 000 PEOPLE I am really annoyed by this. I don't see any good reason not to include lowercase. I don't see this problem being at all difficult to fix. 343 should fix this.
  13. Well I am thoroughly impressed sir!!!!! I cant even figure out how you managed to do most of those buildings, which is a rare thing.
  14. Hey dude, I've downloaded the map and had a good look around..... Heres my thoughts. Firstly, I appreciate all the work you have put into the aesthetics of the map, your attention to detail is awesome. That large interior space is beautiful, the rock garden and screen were a nice touch, and I absolutely loved those half closed doors down the bottom. Ive never seen braces used quite in that way. The map looks great! But. You have put a bit too much focus on aesthetics. Halo forge is still in some serious need of optimization, and until that day comes there has to be a compromise made between aesthetics and gameplay. Having a look around the map I noticed several areas where frame rate drop was an issue. I know that in forge by yourself, it doesn't seem that big of a deal, its only slightly noticeable. But the more people you have playing, the more information needs to be processed, and the worse the frame rate will get. 8 players at once on this map will create major issues and 14 players probably won't be playable. I've had a really good look around and I've noticed lots of places where you could cut down on how much stuff the game needs to render. For example using a large building piece or impact piece where even something as small as a railing would have done the job. There is plenty of room here to cut down on the number and size of the pieces you are using while still maintaining all the features the map has now. Sure some details might not be quite as good as they are now, but it's a compromise that you have to make if you want some good gameplay. Also I think the Flood game type would play very well in this map. So those are my thoughts, take them or leave them, I don't want to upset or offend you in anyway, i'm just letting you know how I think you could improve an already very good map.
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