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  1. that's true. but i'm actually gonna be studying in two colleges. first one has little bit of what i'd like to learn. second is little bit more professional. i'm studying Nursing, Adult High School Diploma, ESL (improving my english little more) Music, Theatre and Film. second college is advanced, you actually learn about astrology, career experience and jobs it requires specific skills to learn. so you basically learn in the field.
  2. hello, i'm actually former user of my old forum account here, can't even remember the password and email either. but i'm getting back into Halo games, i had just fired up my 360 and started playing Halo 4 MP few days ago. i started new on my current XBL account to have fun playing all those games i had previously played on old XBL account. i had actually started the current XBL account back in January 2013. i hope you don't mind me explaining about myself a bit. i'm quite open and very talkative about myself, you might probably have questions to ask afterwards, but it's all good! i don't mind it. i'm deaf and is transgender woman. (Male to Female) and well, i'm also going to College soon. wish me good luck!
  3. welcome back Kaiser, and Xia, i love your banner. it's awesome!
  4. Hello. As title says.. I'm looking for anyone that still has Xbox 360 and halo 4 who will be making time to help give a feedback for my game map and its mode. Basically, I'm just looking for a test players. The custom map is: Ragnarok VE1 (Slang for Version Edition One) it'll have more heavies and units. Game type: Infinity Slayer CS ER1 (slang for Edition Revision One) it'll have very better setup for everyone involved. Send me a message if you want to help test the mode and map. Note: I'm deaf, so you gotta use thread or message me on XBL. My GT is CassandraSaturn hope to see you on soon!
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