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  1. Thought I’d pop in. Been a long time, how is everyone?  Anyone still here from when I was?

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    2. Halo6 Follower

      Halo6 Follower

      Always a pleasure to see you around. If you have Discord, there's some people there that would love to chat with you again I'm sure

    3. Jack Of Harts
    4. Melody


      Not quite from the time you were, at least I don't think. But hi nevertheless. ^_^

  2. What a show, cant wait for Season 4 to start in the fall
  3. Reached 500? Yeah I saw you replying to questions asked nearly a year ago Chasing rank and color? Pointless thread is pointless
  4. I rebought h4 before Xmas as damaged original copy, I didn't have to reinstall disc 2 as it was there in marketplace Put disc1 in press x for game details go to extras and it was there for me to download
  5. I've been mulling over what to say in this thread all night, and finally have found the words GO AWAY AD!!!!! Only kidding.... Even though I've known this has been coming for a couple of weeks, the news still hit like a sledgehammer to the face (or arrow to the knee!!!) You are one of the originals, back in the old days when the forum was buzzing with Halo discussion everywhere. We struck up a banter instantly and would to and fro discussion in the forum. It became became obvious that you were one to watch with your enthusiasm for Halo knowing no bounds, I still say if we cut you in half you would have Halo written through the middle of you. When you were promoted to Community Moderator, and myself moved from Community Moderator to Site Moderator, it became noticeable to all that we had struck up a great working team for the forum. Your ideas flowed, the endless hours talking (well me listening) on XBL were commonplace The chats on XBL were legendary, hours would go by in an instant, (something I do miss) a couple of gossiping old ladies I believe was one comment made. The forum started to grow, and with that your stature within it, the focus point for all members, staff, moderators and admin. You knew the way to move this forum forward to make it number 1 among the Halo community, playdates and competitions sprang up everywhere. The staff were born twitter / facebook / youtube all came into being because of you. The affiliates came on board, Certain Affinity, THFE, HaloCustoms, Ducain23, ForgeWorldMaps, ForgeCafe. All this because of you The forum was reshaped, new areas sprang up everywhere, my inbox would fill up with requests, ideas and things to implement within the forum. The forum shape as we know it know is all down to yourself, the pm's we exchanged would grow and grow and grow, not 1 pm for everything but multiple pm's, would fire back and forward (happy times) We were there through the good, the not so good, the downright awkward, then the backlash. We did it with a smile on our faces and laughter in our hearts. You made the job here effortless and enjoyable, which rubbed off onto myself. There have been many things said about yourself in this thread but I feel Choot'em summed it up best for everyone. I never realised you could strike up such a friendship with someone you have never seen or met, until yourself, you said friends for life, you better believe it.. It has been an honor to work with you. It has an honor to know you. and finally it is an honor to call you my friend. 'Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there' The forum will be a different place without you at the helm, there will be others but there will never be an ABSOLUTE DOG.
  6. these have been there since champions bundle dropped you can glitch them in custom games (if you know how ) if you dont know how, 10 seconds on google will solve that!
  7. Microsoft has acknowledged that government snooping - moreover, the monitoring of internet data - is an "advanced persistent threat" in a blog post written by the company's General Counsel and Executive VP of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Brad Smith. “Many of our customers have serious concerns about government surveillance of the internet,” Smith writes. “We share their concerns. That’s why we are taking steps to ensure governments use legal process rather than technological brute force to access customer data. Like many others, we are especially alarmed by recent allegations in the press of a broader and concerted effort by some governments to circumvent online security measures in order to surreptitiously collect private customer data. “If true, these efforts threaten to seriously undermine confidence in the security and privacy of online communications. Indeed, government snooping potentially now constitutes an ‘advanced persistent threat’ alongside sophisticated malware and cyber attacks.” As a response, Microsoft has declared that it will be offering safeguards, boosting its encryption services and bolstering the legal protection for customer data. The company also promises to be more transparent about its own coding in an effort to ensure consumers are better able to understand how Microsoft handles their data. “Ultimately, we’re sensitive to the balances that must be struck when it comes to technology, security and the law,” Smith continued. “We all want to live in a world that is safe and secure, but we also want to live in a country that is protected by the Constitution. “We want to ensure that important questions about government access are decided by courts rather than dictated by technological might. And we’re focused on applying new safeguards worldwide, recognising the global nature of these issues and challenges. We believe these new steps strike the right balance, advancing for all of us both the security we need and the privacy we deserve.” <via MCV>
  8. Fantastic Dog, so pleased for you, back where you belong, Congratulations Dog Power is back
  9. Since handing over the reins on the Need for Speed franchise to Ghost Games, UK-based studio Criterion is now apparently working on a military shooter, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter. Moreover, the game could be a Battlefield spin-off. Pachter offered up the nugget of info in response to speculation that EA could be delaying Battlefield 5 into EA's fiscal year 2015 (ending 31st March 2015), following DICE's troublesome launch of Battlefield 4. "We believe this speculation is unfounded," Pachter claims. "Although EA has as yet to announce a Battlefield extension for FY15, we believe Criterion Games is working on a military shooter that may become a brand extension for the Battlefield franchise in FY15." Normally, we wouldn't lend much credibility to the predictions of analysts, but there could be some legitimacy to this particular claim. "We spoke with management on Thursday afternoon, and although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for FY15, they confirmed that our understanding is spot on and that if a version of Battlefield were to be released in FY15, it would be developed by a studio other than DICE," he said. A new Battlefield title not in development at DICE? If this turns out to be true, it would certainly be an unusual turn up for the books. Criterion downsized to 15 people back in April, moving away from the racing genre with the studio's Creative Director declaring that it's time to make "something new". We'll have to wait for confirmation on what exactly that "something new" might be. Thoughts? <via x360a>
  10. No to Arbiter returning, and playing as Arbiter / Chief in Halo 2 is why I love the campaign in H2 so much. Reason I say No, is simply this, Halo needs to move forwards not backwards!!!!! If people want Arbiter back then play H3 or H2. Halo needs to move forward with new ideas, plus and most importantly of all, Microsoft need to give 343 time to perfect the game, not release a game that is only at 75% like H4......
  11. Look into those eyes. They're the eyes of a man who has been deceived. They're the eyes of a man who has been conned out of £450 ($734 USD). They're the eyes of a man who read the word "photo" and decided that meant "not a photo". It's a tale of heartbreak, as reported in the Nottingham Post. 19-year-old Peter Clatworthy thought he was buying an Xbox One but instead he was buying a photo of one. "It said 'photo' and I was in two minds," Peter told the paper, "but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine." We think we can see where he went wrong. As if the con wasn't bad enough, the crooked eBay seller even trolled their victim: "They'd written on the back of it 'thank you for your purchase'," Peter said. "I was fuming." Joking aside, we hope the evil man responsible for this is given the karmic equivalent of a swift kick in the plums, because nobody should be pulling this stunt so close to Christmas. As for Peter, it's good news (otherwise we wouldn't have been quite so sarcastic earlier) - eBay is going to insist the seller gives Peter a full refund by Monday. "I've had to make a joke out of it because I was that angry," he concluded. "At least we've now got something to laugh about in the years to come." That's probably a mature way of looking at it. Had it been us, we'd have sent the crook a badly-printed photo of a prison cell. <via CVG & Nottingham Post>
  12. As you may all know Paul Walker lost his life last week in a car accident, the makers of Fast & Furious have released a tribute video, which was shown on Sky News yesterday. To all F&F fans I ask you, give 2 minutes of your forum time to watching this video and share a thought for Paul, his daughter and family. I couldn't watch this video and keep a dry eye. R.I.P. Paul Walker - Gone but never Forgotten Although your a man I've never met, I feel as though your an old mate and a good friend, you've given me some much loved and cherished memories, you have no idea the impact you've made on my and many peoples life's thank you Paul Walker, my prayers are with your family and loved ones, Rest in Peace.
  13. Now that the Xbox One has released, I'd like to get your thoughts on what has been your best ever DLC on the Xbox 360, this could be anything, best ever maps, best ever add-on campaign DLC, so come on forum, whats been the best DLC you've downloaded and why? heres a few of mine and why 1) Gears of War 3 - RAAM's Shadow, not only did it tell a bit of back story, but it also let you play as the great General RAAM himself, I always love campaign DLC, especially when it fills in the gaps 2) Red Dead Redemeption - Undead Nightmares - its not often a DLC is sold as a standalone game, this is what Rockstar did when they released Undead Nightmare, it took the game of RDR and turned it on its head to bring a game which is a LOT of fun. 3) Halo Reach Noble Map Pack - for me the best of the map packs for Reach, not only were the maps aesthetically pleasing, they also played well, Breakpoint still being my favourite map to play on.... 4) Batman Arkham City - Harleys Revenge - Batman DLC has historically been challenge map after challenge map, which lets face it blows, Harleys Revenge, took the campaign and expanded on it, harder gameplay, played as Robin, and filled in a few more gaps, plus some interesting achievements to boot. 5) Halo 4 - Champions Bundle - buying the whole lot for 800MSP, was definetly value for money, maps, armor, stances, emblems, and a new gametype, who doesnt love Ricochet??? I'll add more at a later date after giving it some more thought so whats yours?
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