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  1. OK so most of us except the N00Bs outhere can tell you the H4 gametype "flood" sucks, well why cant it come back better like this: starts out with the player being a Infection form "little bug like popcorn things" then you latch yourself onto someone and they become an Infection form but you become a combat form "actual fighters" and you wield whatever weapon that player had as also with AA and Player species. After being killed as a combat form there is a chance that depending on what kills you got you could turn into a stalker form (Halo 3 ones that climb walls), Ranged form (Halo 3 form that shoots needles at you from the wall), and very rarely a tank form (big hunter like ones in Halo 3) flood base would either be gravemind or proto gravemind. Can operate vehicles flood announcer would be the gravemind carrier forms are a "place" to spawn at if you are a infection form and you can operate them, by the way if you get stuck by a grenade, you explode entirely, and if shot by a rocket or fuel rod will just end you flying undead. flood HUD would be all the same for each except the combat form who would have the previous user HUD but just with pestilence and flys in front. Hope you like the ideas!
  2. wait I have an even better idea to add the elites would be taking hostages rather than rescuing them, just to make since
  3. Neither rather there older versions the hornet and the spectre
  4. It would be a game where you would have to defend a evac zone and then a pelican would spawn and you would have to take it and drive it to a ship above a map and drop off some civilians and then return to the surface and do another evac. also the teams would be Spartans Vs Elites and the Elites would get a phantom. max people 16 Personal ordinance NO
  5. I like most of your Ideas, but i don't like the Hardlight bow, or Blast wave. although I REALLY like the idea of the return of the sentinel beam!
  6. OK so my Idea today is Forge World Version 2 with Islands, caves, a Canyon, Desert Plains, a Structure, and a teleporter that leads to space. It would also have these vehicles: UNSC: Mongoose, Warthog, Scorpion, Hornet, Pelican (Maximum of 2), Elephant (Maximum of 2), Sabre, and Frigate (Base, Unusable) Covenant Separatists: Ghost, Spectre, AA Wraith, Heretic Banshee, Phantom (Maximum of 1), Shadow (Maximum of 3), Seraph, and Corvette (Base Unusable) Rebels: Ferret (Human Motorcycle), APC (Armored Warthog), Wolverine, Kestrel (Small Space jet) Storm Covenant: Chopper, Prowler, Wraith, Banshee, Spirit (Maximum of 2), Locust (Maximum of 1), Space Banshee, Cruiser (Base, unusable) And also new forge categories: Covenant Structure, Human Structure, and Forerunner Structure
  7. Yeah but also its like maps too like you start out with a few missions for example: Pillar of Autumn, Cairo Station, Ardent Prayer, Truth and Reconciliation, Regrets Carrier, and Forward onto dawn. then DLC (free) like Infinity, Pious Inquisitor, and High Charity.
  8. Playlists: Slayer CTF Assault Extraction Dominion Infection Space battle Grifball SWAT team Double Team Snipers Rockets Invasion Free for All Campaign Firefight ODST ops NO MORE "INFINITY" MULTIPLAYER, THAT WOULDN'T ALLOW ELITE CHARACTER MODELS Mark IIV helmet would be most expensive spartan helmet Arbiter helmet would be the most expensive Elite helmet
  9. Okay, here we go: Master chief is delivered to Lunar Military Base (LMB) to Be given the Honor to Lead Infinity's fleet (Frigates, Marathon class Cruisers, Carriers and Infinity). After Receiving the reward the base is Broken into by Jul 'Mdamas Strike force of Ranger class Infantry and Vehicles. after the strike a Elite Aquired 2 HAVOC bombs and was sent to Mars to destroy a Misrah Armory were another Infinity was being constructed They fail after Jul's fleet was half destroyed by Orbital Defense Platforms and Cheif. Jul then Slipspaced to another Halo: 07 were they and Infinity uncovered a enemy that was thought to have been completely gone... the flood. Mean while we remeet Arbiter who currently is fighting storm covenant and brute terrorists on the elite home planet of sangheilios and is orders by UNSC to return to Earth for a favor. find halsey fix cortana and give her to Cheif which he successes at while discovering the Didact is still alive. Chief is so happy that his AI was revived and finds and kills Jul and then finds out the storm covenant and Prometheans built a second high charity called second charity but this time equips it with a cleansing beam powerful enough to destroy even threshold and plan to use it against requiem for example in which pisses off the Didact right away and makes the Prometheans, UNSC, Covenant Separatists, Sentinels, and surprisingly flood join up to destroy this Space station and this battle is known as The great Overkill because they almost completely decimated the whole Storm Covenant and that ends halo 5 with the flood separating and the Prometheans returning to kill the UNSC
  10. I do really want a H2 remake, if you were to ask me why? Heres your answer: alot of people start playin' halo after H2 or even the original trilogy! I had never knew H1s story until I bought CEA! If I were head of 343 I'd even make a H3A, just for peple who didnt play it and also give tribute to Bungie for making the first 3 games! But Halo Reach and Halo 3 ODST dont need to be remade, and Halo Wars is out of the Question!
  11. Space Maps: No I dont mean maps like Anchor 9 or Impact, I mean like heres how this would work You have two bases Example: Blue base Frigate, Red base Corvette. then have things like Space Banshees, Seraphs, and Phantom Gunboats for Red Team and Space Hornets, Sabers, and Pelicans for blue team. New Playlist: Boarding: Almost same as space slayer but instead of those space vehicles you get Boarding Phantoms and Boarding Pelicans and have to plant a bomb, CTF, Retreive the core etc Vehicles all these + scarab Weaponary all these
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