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    So my name is Coldfreeze, I am 23 years old and live in the Netherlands, I am friends on the outernet with our trusty mascot Unease P34nut.

    I got into gaming when I was just a young boy in the 90's due to my dad, who loves the legend of Zelda.

    I grew up playing games such as:

    The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall
    Duke Nukem 3D

    Halo resembles a turning point in my life for me.
    I usually only played competitive shooters. Halo showed me that a story is just as important. in those 13 years I never stopped playing the games.

    If you ask me for my favorite Halo it will always be Halo CE.

    If you ask me what my favorite MP halo is it will always be the newest.

    Hit me up on xbox if you want to play Halo, or GTA.

    I'll see you all on the battlefield.

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  1. Oh dang, well goes to show that the hammer of bans does not discriminate. Shame to see him go he did a lot and I liked him.
  2. I have been reading up on these new creatures (the Covenant's Aliens races are based upon animals from our planet) 343I has the hastags for team Chief and team Locke and inside sources confirm that these are part of another story line (think ODST for covies) with the #otterteam as hashtag.
  3. This was one of the problems witth the Halo 4 campaig and I had the same problem, you have to restart that level. Sorry to tell ya buddy. Seems the save of that checkpoint has been corrupted in some way.
  4. Dude that skull that you had to jump trough holograms in a certain order, how could anyone ever find that on its own.
  5. Well, it was difficult, I had to do the third skull multiple times with splitscreen, my bro saw it on his screen, I couldn't see it on my screen, it was terrible.
  6. The chief sounds pissed off, the infinity seems incredibly damaged. On one side we have Locke who wants to find the chief and his reasons for "betraying" the UNSC on the other hand see Chief here, about to execute Locke for everything he has done, which seems like a traiterous move, without context we don't know.
  7. If they have any images or anything hidden in the HTML code that would be quite sloppy of them. Tumblr pages however are completely customizable via standard HTML and CSS. Going into the F12 mode won't get you anything worth while since any photo has to be uploaded first and every part of a theme can have a photo as them (avatar, background, header, background of the posts) Any worthwhile info is probably going to be on there on sunday, I followed the blog. This reminds me a bit of the Cortana letters
  8. Maybe it has something to do with the images that leaked before?
  9. I would have never thought, that I would make an impact on someone on a internet forum, at least big enough to get a mention. I am doing fine and while my boss blocked netflix, the site is still free, life caught up to me and college has been stressfull, running a guild in ESO is quite stressfull as well. But besides that: IT IS GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK FISHY!
  10. In al fairness, big boss ain't solid snake and while his character development is focused upon this. Changing the voice actor was a strange choice, but as someone who has been and still is a long time fan of the series, they picked a great voice voor big boss. Not to mention that there are rumors that Solid Snake will make an appearance. If you play ground zeroes you will notice that this snake is not the Solid snake or naked snake we know. Keither Sutherland delivers a unique voice to an already unique character. Give it a shot, ya might like it.
  11. 343I stated that they wanted to give spartans the feeling of being a walking tank. To even the playing field while yet keeping the individual progress of getting your own play style. Some people will focus on the ground pound others on other options like locomotion. I think of what I have seen in the beta, spartans ould easy out manouver an elite. So Elites need their own way of movement, the covenant is a force to be reckoned with or else humanity would not have had trouble with them all. They're going into a direction I quite like, because for the first time I felt like a genuine super soldier.
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