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Found 12 results

  1. IGN has released forge mode games of Grif Ball and Odd Ball, these all time favorite games types look amazing in Halo 4. The quality isn't 100 % but still can be viewed clearly. These game types will surely provide one of the most fun and memorable moments in Halo 4 and some frustrating moments too, Check the videos to see the changes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GkDYD9MRLI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsC-R8Us3XU Source: IGN
  2. WHATS UPPPPP!!! Hey listen friends! so.. I LOVE forging.. my issue is... sometimes I feel like i'm the only one.. like seriously.. I want to start a group... or maybe join a group.. idk or maybe just make a friend :,( I love making slayer and objectives maps, but sometime I need that push for someone to help me out and give criticism or help me actually build.. THUS! im starting this thread! if any of you awesome friendly people like to forge as much as I do.. Id like to get a group going! id like this group to make maps for the purpose of Fun, but at the same time make maps that are professionally built for Multiplayer community forged maps.. My GT: v Zealous v and im ready to male a map with some one.. INTERESTED MUCH!? (this is basically a game invite.. as I am forging this very moment...)
  3. I have koth, oddball, regicide and dominion are so close and I can only find regicide, oddball and koth in the rumble pit playlist and I suck at ffa. I consider that team objective should return it should be a 5v5 with team regicide, koth, oddball, and dominion game types on the maps that we barely see used from the map packs. One week is to short if you want to master all of the victories it should stay in for 2 weeks or a month and I know that we also have things to do and you might miss a certain number of days of that week to play or you just don't have a team or you get paired up with those that suck at the game and you keep losing because of them. 1/13/2014 should be the day of its release.
  4. I noticed that objective playlists are being cycled in and out depending on their popularity. For example, right now there is no Team King or Team Extraction playlist. I say instead of fragmenting the objective players into several groups, lump them all together into one playlist. And now with the option to choose from one of three gametypes in a game lobby, the most popular gametype will be chosen so no one will have to play, say, Team King if they don't want to. I know my friends and I would enjoy staying with one group of players for a while playing different objective gametypes compared to now where we have to quit out whenever we get tried of, say, Team Ball. The playlist could look like this: Team Skirmish - CTF - Team Ball - Team King - Team Extraction - Team Regicide Thoughts?
  5. All my big team buddies have quit playing halo 4 because there is no big team objective. We have played big team CTF together since halo 2. It is our favorite game type. My buddies are not good at just slayer, but put a flag on the map and they shine. The current CTF team size is too small. Why is there still no big team objective. Halo 4 has some great maps that are not being utilized well because there is no BT Objective. We are a team of 8 and we are begging you to please add this game type (that should have been released with the game). To say my buddies are disappointed is an understatement, they have quit playing halo period. Please help.
  6. So Team Throwdown was recently released and it definitely plans on staying. That game is competitive - I love it! You don't spawn with an AA; it's an Ordnance drop. There are preset power weapon spawns on the map, so its all about timing and getting to the weapons again. Also, the gametypes feature pre-set loadouts; no more custom loadouts. I'm pretty sure you get a BR, and Resupply and the thing which makes grenades do less damage with more range. There's a mix of Objective and slayer. I'm telling you, it's pretty....-ok- competitive. Probably 70% of the players are actually trying to win, 30% of those 70% have the skill to carry their team, and the remaining 30% are randoms trying out the gametype. I mean, when I get into a game, I rarely expect teammates to go negative unless the enemy is truly great during the game. First game: 49-49, I got the game winning kill just half a second before the enemy killed my teammate. Its great. If you have a team with Mics, even better. Sad that I don't. What're your opinions?
  7. CGN is a thread and movement dedicated towards bringing the community together through custom games. Many times players want to play a few customs, but without the hassle of setting up an event and such. This thread is to be used as a one stop solution to on the fly matchmaking. We will also feature main events in which you can PM me to add. Next main event: Saturday February 1st, 2013 9:30 EST Gamertag: YamaMX Event: Throwback Night | Various forms of gameplay on classic maps! Customs can be found through two different methods: Using this thread to matchmake for on the fly customs Scheduled events / game nights When attempting to matchmake, please post in the following manner: Gamertag: Your Gamertag Time: Now, 5:00pm EST, etc. Preference: Anything, 1v1, 2v2, FFA, CTF, etc. In an attempt to keep this thread both active and current, please do no post days in advance. Only events should be planned ahead of time, other forms of matchmaking should be the day of. Other uses of this thread can consist of summarizing your experiences. Please do share stories, player feedback, videos and anything else!
  8. Hi guys, we got a lot of interesting Forge maps circulating on the forums, and several topics devoted to getting people together to play-test them, but I would like to set up something a little more organized. I'm going to begin scheduling Game-Test Nights in an effort to give all us Forgers a chance to play our maps with full parties! For this first outing we will focusing on big team maps, so check out the details below: Game Night! Big-Team Battle / 8v8 Objective Map-Test Sunday Jan. 6th, 8 PM Eastern Standard Time To join, send a message to Gamertag "Rev Righteous" with the text "game night." You'll receive a friend invite in response. Have a big-team map you want tested? Post in this topic before Sunday night with the name of your map and the details of it. Get online at 8pm EST on Sunday Jan 6th (this Sunday) and look for the party Invite from Rev. Share your feedback for the maps in this topic! We aren't just playing, we're play-testing! Remember, the focus for this night is big team maps, so submit your maps and invite anyone you know so we can get a full lobby of 16 going. See you Sunday! Keep you eyes on the forum, as I hope to post future game nights on a regular basis. Game Night Map Submission - Broadside First up, I'm subbitmiting my own map for the night; check out this preview and submit yours to! Name: Broadside Players: 8v8 Gametypes: Dominion, CTF, Big-team Slayer Description: "The UNSC salvage ship 'Hand-to-God' never saw combat until recovery of a Forerunner artifact drew unwanted attention..." The idea for this map is to have a large spaceship being attacked and boarded by a team of banshee pilots. The defenders must risk crossing the open and exposed areas of the ship in their defense vehicles to race the attackers to the objectives on top of the ship. The main aspects I need to test is if it is too easy for one team or the other to get to the objectives. The DOM bases are at the top back on the conning tower, at the top front in the bunker, an in the ship bridge. (Pro tip: if you get stuck on the asteroid behind the ship, there is a teleport back to the ship inside the artifact base) Also, banshees are really powerful, so balancing the defenders defensive weapons, available cover, and vehicles is a challenge. I have several ideas of how to modify/finalize the map, and a good play-test should help me identify the right direction to take it in! Pics Below (until they get Fileshare up and running, some sloppy TV pics will have to do)
  9. Since this seems like an official site of 343i (apart from waypoint), I thought I would just ask, I know it's the lead up to christmas and all, but what is the news on how the playlists are being affected and when the full playlists will be implemented? I've heard that they will be up in time, but has any sort of a timescale been set to do this? I don't think it's just me who wants to know this, i'm sure other community members are keen to find out when that little bit of something extra in matchmaking is going to be added, making this already awesome game, perfect (popular classic gametypes, map rotation etc.). I also think that there has been a lot of input from the community about this sort of stuff and yeah, it's a great game and I realise it hasn't been out for long, but I can't help but wonder if 343i will take up the role that bungie left with as much enthusiasm towards the concerns of the community as bungie originally did. Anyone hear what i'm saying?
  10. Dear Everyone (especially 343 Industries), In previous Halo games such as Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, there was more than just Big Team Infinity Slayer. Mixed in there was a large variety of objectives, such as capture the flag, assault, and territories. I know that you have these game types separate, but it's just not the same without vehicles. Objective games with vehicles on a large map allows players to be creative and strategize, on top of having fun. I remember I had some of the best times playing capture the flag on Valhalla in Halo 3; basically, objective with the big team is excellent. About those maps: Forge World from Halo: Reach immediately comes to mind, seeing as there are nearly infinite possibilities. Also, Sand Trap from Halo 3. The Elephants gave way to so many different strategies and game types. Please consider everyone, Your Die hard Fan
  11. Capital This is a small, fast-paced map for 2 - 8 players. It works with with all game types except Race, Infection, and Invasion. This forerunner-themed map features narrow corridors and 2 levels of intersecting bridges. Hope you like it. Download it from: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30379860 Gamertag: RyderRules101
  12. Creator-ShadowFalcon777 Map-Reactor Game types-Team slayer, FFA, Multiteam, CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball, Territories, KOTH, Headhunter. Recommendations- 8-10 players for -FFA,Team Slayer, CTF, Assault, Territories, Stockpile Discription- This is a Slayer+Objective map made in the Quarry area of Forge World. The aesthetical feel to the map makes you feel like your at a forerunner power plant of any kind, hence the name "Reactor". 4v4 or 5v5 is best played on this map for the CQC and long range combat on the map. As far as objectives, CTF and Assault are best played on this map, again with 4v4 or 5v5. Weapon placement is quite balance and very good. no team is over powered at all unless they are lucky to obtain all power weapons. The map is ofcourse completely symmetrical, other than the occasional terrain. I hope you all enjoy this map and have blast....... literally. Download link- http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30730948 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wTi8Cvm8JI&feature=youtu.be Screenshot
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