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  1. yeah I know that because MLG didn't have a playlist back in H2, meant once MLG game into place they got rid of a lot with updates
  2. definitely think the game will be unbalanced if you could choose between the DMR or BR in a game, so I too agree that they'll have different game modes which we then veto or specific playlist's. Not a huge fan of the DMR tbh
  3. You took the words straight outta my mouth Agreed with this all............... just have to wait and see I guess
  4. ah forgot about that lol..... but even then they took it out eventually with the updates so it changed over time... definitively one map which people would cheese it up with the sword which was very sad to see but yeh totally forgot about that map and it having a sword so my bad lol still stand strong on MLG not having sword playlist though and without that map we still in the same boat at it being a cheesy weapon is what I think
  5. Agree to the point when you say should it be professional, I do agree and from what I see it don't think it should even be called a MLG playlist as there's so many leagues nowadays that MLG just doesn't fit in but guess that's up to 343i. I wouldn't mind seeing a professional playlist which is similar to MLG settings... Sword Battles? you got to be kidding me mate, MLG will never have a sword in it because of how cheap and cheesy it is... lol Fun yes but professional when someone comes along and swipes you aint being professional one bit. especially with how easy it is to use locking onto people, just tap a button and bammmm you're dead lol so I'll be nice and say no thank you to that playlist
  6. From what I remember there wasn't a Halo2 playlist for MLG so not sure why people say they preferred it when they only release MLG as a playlist on H3 and used normal playlist's back in H2 If you meant you miss the quad ****, bxb, BXR etc then Ill agree.... I miss the super bouncing sooooooooo much
  7. L4B

    Sig Gallery

    Cheers mate. And will always be designing just not sure if it will always be sigs lol but yeah I'll definitely keep going so thanks again mate
  8. L4B

    Sig Gallery

    lol thanks Luke, only time can tell mate so keep going dude... years it took me mate some sick work you have, like i was telling a few ppl you've given me inspiration to go out and learn the ways again and get back into it. been a while since i was designing sigs! doing more web design work now ow and yeh i do have devianArt just cant login and cant remember the email I set it up on and I cant access the emails they try sending me to reset my PW lucky I have my work backed up on my hard drive so going to start a new account when I get back from the easter break. but yeh need to upload more of my work which ill add here soon just haven't had time we should colab sometime mate? make a sick piece maybe for 343i or something Halo
  9. very nice work mate! Best I've seen in a while... thought I was pretty good until i noticed I'm slacking lol
  10. L4B

    Sig Gallery

    lol thanks dude, plenty of hours put in over the years so you'll get there. hit me up for any ideas or if you need any help
  11. L4B

    Sig Gallery

    Was speaking with a few people the other day and decide it was time..... what you think? Some of my work More to follow soon...
  12. Agreed but with the way EGL is going it will be the dominate league within Europe, so give or take the end of the year it will be massive mate... not as big as MLG of course but especially with MLG dropping MW3 for the first event! not sure if they doing that for all events but so far from what we've seen it doesn't seem so which again EGL are gonna be the ones benefiting from it all Like I had said in another thread previously I think its fare for 343i to make a competitive playlist rather than a specific one based off MLG ect, makes things easier when you have leagues just as big as MLG down the line. anyway don't mind which playlist is there, just hope there is a competitive one for those who enjoy it
  13. good choice mate, would have definitely chosen that over the Dazzle...
  14. Top Gear hell yeah but Eastenders no thank you lol do enjoy though mate
  15. no who said that? don't see me saying that but yeah did say how I find myself falling into doing it when trying to avoid it! I don't hold the melee button down just tap it and still it finds a away to lock onto the assassination so not sure what you on about there bud... on that note I think its a waste of time but if people enjoy it then by all means ill be happy to yonk that kill off you
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