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  1. Hello community. As you may have noticed, you're seeing less and less of your pink bullet. School is in, along with hockey season as well. So, as a result, you will almost rarely see me around. I'll pop in when possible, though, so you guys behave yourselves! Bullet
  2. Moderators=Staff. So no, moderators are not permitted.
  3. I just BBQd my pork back ribs on the sun likeaboss.
  4. That's good to know, I'm thinking of a best buy job!
  5. Sorry, I worded my post oddly. What I meant was, they cannot and will not come back to halo, even if they want to.
  6. Welcome to our FANTASTICSPACULAR FORUMS! I hope you decide to stay a while. If you need any help, just pop your question in the shoutbox, it will usually be answered right away!
  7. I actually like the name AND it's looks. It looks like a really powerful gun. I think that's the entire point, not to complicated. The name could actually have a bit of irony to it, because an LMS, it's powerful, and used to tear apart an opponent. Just like a saw! xD
  8. Definitely the carbine. It's an excellent precision weapon, and has an extremely high rate of fire, basically as fast as you can pull the trigger. Very good weapon.
  9. That's different, this should be fun
  10. AHA! CALLED IT! I always wanted linda to make a return, she's an awesome character. I'd be a bit disappointed if it's palmer, but that's ok.
  11. NO! This can't be! My arch nemesis has returned! I have a burning passion of hatred for this vehicle... so annoying! You'd fire a burst of rockets, and they'd flip the hog so easily >.> End up getting yourself killed half the time.
  12. See you sometime biggles, I'll be awaiting your return.
  13. I nominate myself! Lets hear it for the young gun! Errmm... oh... no one? Uhm... ok...
  14. Hey, welcome back buddy! I remember seeing some of your posts Good to see you again!
  15. Hm... I would have the power to control.... The air. I could direct the air around me to any spot I want, and basically move anything I wish. Also, if someone ever irritates me, I could just suspend them upside down in the air for a long period of time
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