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  1. Only issue I am a bit annoyed about is FILESHARE. It shows NOTHING. says that there are no gametypes, no maps, no films, nothing. This need s to be fixed as alot of people rely on this for Custom Games and other things.
  2. I haven't met these players but I have had my fair share of modding experiences. For instance, yesterday a guy had an assault rifle in Flood mode.
  3. If you dont like it than dont play it. Just "Throw it on the ground!".
  4. You need the Specs code to continue.
  5. Just a "small" group of covies that belive in the great journey. It's simple really.
  6. Good question. Why do grody aliens get an aerial vehicle but spatans don't?
  7. Not 343's website! Vent on waypoint. Not here.
  8. From my experience some of the achievements have been a bit buggy. Ex. Getting one while I was running.(Nowhere near anything important or relevant to the achievement I recieved).
  9. Unless you just started playing Halo, you should know that the flood were eliminated in Halo 3.
  10. Why does everyone simply follow the other guys post? "Welcome to the forum...".
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