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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Tacos and what not

    Okey. Finished up The Arbiter, and might add Elites in the background. I post ALL my drawings on Instagram if y'all want to go see it. @joe_winfree is the name.

    © @joe_winfree on Instagram

  2. Although, there are many different theories, some can be the correct and some wrong. What do you think? SOME OF THE FAMOUS TOPICS ARE: The Arbiter is comming back Cortana being alive The Flood is still here The dictator is still alive The librarian is still alive and helping. If you are asking me what i think, i think the Arbiter is comming back to help master chief find something. The Flood is still here. Cortana is alive, but is used as a slave by the dictator, but is still hiding something from him. The dictator is indeed alive. The librarian i am not sure. Post and vote what you think!!!
  3. I have had a idea about a new Halo ever since they annouced The Halo Series will be a Saga. So, I thought since it will be a Saga, well get different characters to play as the series progress. I thought of Arbitter having his own game, much like ODST. The story would take place after Halo 3. Arbiter makes the peace treaty with Humans and the story would center around Arbiter's war with the Evil Elites in the Elite Homeworld. Idk about you guys, but I thought the idea is cool. The title would be called "Halo 4: The Arbiter" or some variation of that. What do you guys think ?
  4. Besides playing as Master Chief for Halo 5, do you think we will play as someone else ? It could be something like Halo 2, we did not know The Arbiter was gonna be a playable character before it came out. Perhaps we'll play as FireTeam Crimson again. Or we will play as Sarah Palmer or a new Character. Or maybe Thel 'Vadam (Please 343i ) again.
  5. I have been going through my head with a thought about the time between of the Halo 3 Ending and the Beginning of Halo 4. First let me put out there that this is based off really evidence (which I will be providing) and not just Fan made up propaganda. This article is purely for Documentation purposes only, and does not intend to encroach or disrespect the Halo Franchise in any way shape or form. Now on to the ever growing Mystery of the Scenes and Evidence that discombobulates the ending of Halo 3 and the Beginning of Halo 4. Let first take a look at the great ship called the Forward Unto Dawn. Here is a model of have straight from Halo 3 itself showing the exterior of the ship and is wonders. http://screencast.com/t/Pr1hdfzvHyoh This is a model straight from the game, and has a full view of the whole entire ship. Here is where the Mystery Begins. As we know, at the end of Halo 3 (Legendary Ending or not) The Elite know as the Arbiter goes onto the ships Bridge to get himself and the Master Chief away from the crumbling Halo Installation (with some help from Cortana of course). And as we know, the ships bridge contains all the abilities to control and maneuver the ship, as well as the Weapons, Communication, and Other impotent stations. Here is the thing, the bridge, as prior to previous Frigates (such as the In Amber Clad) is located at the highest point on the ship itself. An image of this can be found here. The thing is, in Halo 4 the Bridge seems to be replace with the Observation Desks. As right from what Cortana says "Our best bet it figure out who's boarding us is the Observation Desk - four floors up" Here is a image of the Bridge AND Observation Deck of the Forward Unto Dawn. http://screencast.com/t/2iSksPdo If that image is confusing, then take a look at this one. http://screencast.com/t/v5sZYnOEDG9s As I have labeled, the Bridge is the top most point of the ship (which makes since because it would allow the best view for navigating the ships while in space. While the Observation Deck is the lower part, this allowing the crew to see ahead and allowing them to see how the ship is functioning. Here is where it gets complicated. The Arbiter went to the Forward Unto Dawns Bridge and sits down to enjoy the ride home. This is, the bridge that the Arbiter sits down in and the so called Observation Deck the the Master Chief go to BOTH have a set of windows that allow the crew to see in a almost 180 degrees view. Thing is, there is only one known location on the Forward Unto Down and that is where both the Arbiter is seen sitting down at the end of Halo 3 and where Master Chief finds out about the Massive Covenant Fleet in Halo 4. Here is a screenshot of The Arbiter sitting down at the helm of the bridge. http://screencast.com/t/zx3Zq8Eh (If this image is not enough you can watch the regular ending to Halo 3, Legendary or not and see for yourself) And here is a image of the same room (just bigger) with the same circular windows (currently barricaded from a unknown reason). http://screencast.com/t/9Qn10kKfiZN So...If you are still confused as I am, let me make it worse. Here is a screen capture of the same model from Halo 3. Notice the area with the same window setup? I have boxed in the area I am talking about for helpful purposes. http://screencast.com/t/1ktYYh5iblz See what I mean? What is going on? Like I stated above, the bridge on other Frigates has been the upper most part of the ship (that being the area with the windows in a circular form). There is one more Mystery that has yet to be spoken of. When the Master Chief leaves the interior of the Forward Unto Dawn and goes onto its hull. The entire area is in the shape of a "U", meaning there are two walls of the area formed from ships hull (and not a wall made up completely of chucks of scrap metal or debris). Also notice that the Master Chief exits onto the ships outer hull from the lower right hand part of the bottom of the "U" shape? This does not correspond with the model from Halo 3, seen here. http://screencast.com/t/ZMuzsnk7x2 The area where the Master Chief launches the missile could be where the circular pods are. I say "could be" because Cortana kept saying the word "Missile" this could be a reference to the UNSC weapon called the Archer Missile, but it could also be the weapon called the Shiva Warhead. But it is most likely not the Shiva Warhead because Cortana never says the word Warhead or Shiva, this intern leads me to believe that Cortana can only be referring to the Archer Missile which are stored in circular pods that are white capped. One of these pods can be see in Halo 4, the one that Master Chief has to fix by kicking a mechanical part to allow the Missile to be launched. As seen in the above screen capture, the pods are all in a row and are positioned atop a protruding platform. Where as in Halo 4, they are indented into the ships hull, and are separated into two separate pods instead of six pods total. This leads to the other question of: Where exactly was Master Chief fighting on the hull of the Forward Unto Dawn? If anyone know what in the world is going on, then please feel free to post a reply. I now leave you with one final image, or a comparison of two images. http://screencast.com/t/M9Cco0COXtrW
  6. Kurt S 051 received 1st Place - The Arbiter imakequilts reeived 2nd Pace - The Master Chief This is a simple contest that requires you to answer Halo and Halo related questions. The titles will be applied by 8:00 am EST 11/16/11 and will be a permanent title for the member. The questions will be offered each hour starting at 6:00 pm EST until 11:00 pm EST for two days and answers will be accepted up until 11:59 pm EST 11/15/11. Here is how it works. There will be two questions given per hour at the beginning of each hour starting at 6:00 pm EST until 11:59 pm EST. That is 2 questions per hour times 6 hours each evening for two days for a total of 24 questions that need answered. Some will be general knowledge, some will be a bit tougher. Members that already retain a "Special Title" that play and win will receive the stated title, but not be allowed to revert back to their previous title. You must be a member at the start of the contest which begins at 6:00 pm EST today. You may answer the questions at any time from the start at 6:00 PM EST today until 11:59 pm EST on 11/15/11. You must answer all questions correctly to have a chance at winning. Use the "Edit" mode to answer the questions so you have only one responding post. DO NOT enter a string of posts answering the individual questions or groups of questions. Just one post that you can edit to show all of your answers. Only post answers, period. This is not an open thread for discussion, only answers! If you post anything other than an answer you will be disqualified from the contest. Anyone caught using multiple membership names will be disqualified. Good Luck! 1st Place Kurt S-501 2nd Place imakequilts 1st Place Kurt S-501 2nd Place imakequilts Here are the titles being offered: THE MASTER CHIEF THE ARBITER The 1st and 2nd place winners will be chosen from the members who answers the questions correctly. The 1st place winner will get the choice of their title from the two offered. The second place winner will receive the remaining title. Here are two sample questions to give an idea of the type of questions that will be asked. 1) What production company created the comic science fiction series "Red vs Blue"? Answer: Rooster Teeth Productions 2) Who did the voice of the original Master Chief? Answer: Steve Downes This topic will remain "Locked" until 6:00 pm today when the first questions will be asked. Questions For: 6:00 PM EST 1) What is Sgt. Johnson's full rank and name? 2 ) What armor did John 117 receive during the Fall of Reach? 7:00 PM EST 3 ) How many levels are there in Halo Combat Evolved? 4 ) Who trained the Spartan II's and the Spartan III's 8:00 PM EST 5 ) Who was Captain Foucault's A.I.? 6 ) What is the name of the Arbiter in Halo2 and 3? 9:00 PM EST 7 ) Who was chief's friend who died due to a suit breach? 8 ) Who is the last player noted for playing Halo 2 online and what was his message to Bungie and their response? 10:00 PM EST 9 ) Which Spartan carried a teddy bear with her for good luck? 10 ) Who is the commanding officer of the Spirit of Fire? 11:00 PM EST 11 ) What was the name of the main character in the halo Evolutions short story "Dirt"? 12 ) In Red v.s. Blue, what do they call mongeese (mongooses)? 6:00 PM EST 13 ) Which Spartan sacrifices himself to get the Spartans II's and III's along with Halsey and CPO Mendez into the Onyx Shield World? 14 ) Who is the first human to kill a Covenant member? 7:00 PM EST 15 ) Who is the only rebel spartan with a clawlike hand? 16 ) Which ship led the Covenant to Reach, and who was the pilot? 8:00 PM EST 17 ) What condition protected SGT. Johnson from the flood parasite and what causes it? 18 ) Who is the spartan who writes letters to Master Chief while they are recovering from augmentation failures? 9:00 PM EST 19 ) What is the offical name of the magnum from Halo:CE? 20 ) What type of ship is the Forward unto Dawn? 10:00 PM EST 21 ) What is your favorite Halo sound track of all the Halo games? 22 ) Who were all the playable characters from Halo CE, 2 and 3? 11:00 PM EST 23 ) When the A.I. Mellisa was sent to the 21st century, where did she put herself, and where did she battle with the Seeker? 24 ) What is the best forum in the known universe for Halo fans to come and have fun, relax and come up with the best ideas and thoughts for Halo? *Create a post to enter your answers. Use the same post to add additional answers using the "Edit" mode. Place your answers in order of the questions and number them. Read the Rules of the contest above. Next questions at 10:00 pm EST 11/15/11 Be sure to read the whole question and offer the complete answer! Halo Nation/The Mona Lisa/Wikipedia/The books The last player for question 8 is all that is necessary! Good lusk to those who played. You have till 11:59 PM EST to answer the quetions. By default if the members with the most correct answers will be chosen as the winners. 1st Place Kurt S-501 2nd Place imakequilts
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