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  1. Although, there are many different theories, some can be the correct and some wrong. What do you think? SOME OF THE FAMOUS TOPICS ARE: The Arbiter is comming back Cortana being alive The Flood is still here The dictator is still alive The librarian is still alive and helping. If you are asking me what i think, i think the Arbiter is comming back to help master chief find something. The Flood is still here. Cortana is alive, but is used as a slave by the dictator, but is still hiding something from him. The dictator is indeed alive. The librarian i am not sure. Post and vote what you think!!!
  2. I think Halo 3 becomming free was the best idea ever. In fact, when you have gold, you are actually paying for all those free games, as a bundle along with buying Gold. Still, when ever my friends found out, only 4 people on my friends list has it. Im a gamer, and Ima going to get it again, after I buy a 230 GB hard drive.....
  3. I also agree that the classic music they used in all the Halos, but perhaps they could remix all the music into one major classic musical remix, very well organized and not confusing. You know what I mean? I can make you really think if you want. I also agree that the classic music they used in all the Halos, but perhaps they could remix all the music into one major classic musical remix, very well organized and not confusing. You know what I mean? I can make you really think if you want.
  4. It did seem in the Halo 5 trailer that they have ripped off the clothing line from Destiny. But I also see many theories and possibilites on why he was in wearing those clothes. Most likely, during the explosion in Halo 4, His armor was damaged horribly. Also, I think that he was hiding something, something the UNSC would disapprove, and appearently Dr.Halsey has faith in him. Why else would Dr.Halsey show up before we could even start the Game Play? There are many possibilites but i think that he was trying to find a way to revive Cortana or find her. These are the main theories i think is the most reasoning to me, perhaps you guys have something different in mind, but I hope mine at least made you think...
  5. My name is Abigail, also known as HaloGirl592. I love Halo, because It just makes sense to me for some reason, that everything I can picture and have connections. (None of Aliens, though). I research alot of Halo and I love to play COD and Modern Warfare, of course. I am a gamer by heart. This would be my third time at least signing up for a forums for Halo, and many other games including Bungi and 343 Industries. Both companies I strongly recommend with games, but I also wish that 343 Industries will follow the books, otherwise, I'm going to get more confused by the minute, but i also like a little mix to the stories, but the main important parts the same. My favorite characters are Master Chief, of course, and Cortana, although I strongly met some amazing characters that have died along the battle in the Halo series, espicially in Halo 3. I hope Halo 5 will come out strongly, and when i get enough money, I may be able to buy the Xbox One, but I highly doubt I will get enough money.... Although that may not be with you, I hope Halo 5 will become one of the strongest games and memoriable like it has been so far, in the time period 2000-2020. And i cant wait till i can lock and load and shoot some aliens
  6. I for one think that 343 Industries should add all the weapons from all the halo games into Halo 5, to make an epic battle between the new enemies in Halo 5, as you all saw in Halo 4 that there was some new enemies such as The Dictator and many more, such as the planet's protection aliens. As for the allies, I suggest some new characters and some of the old. Such as Cortana, Dr.Halsey, Serina, (cortana and serina possibly teaming up some way or another) or Master Chief saving Cortana in some way. There are many possibilites for vehicles in Halo, though. I do want the Banshees in, the warthog, the pelicon, and many other old vehicles mentioned throughtout all the Halos, including new inventions of the human mind, possible that Dr.Halsey creates a new type of vehicle, or something. I also think we should have more plasma weapons but this time more deadlier. Such as a Plasma Machine Gun, which can easily burn you up if you don't have the right stuff. But thats just me...
  7. This may be just me, but I do believe that the flood will come back, and yes, probably stronger than ever. Although Master Chief kindof killed the flood, they are a weird disease, and disease can't simply be destroyed by guns,etc unless it was the thing that is causing it. Since diseases take years to track, i believe in Halo 5 that Master Chief will finally destroy the flood for once and for all with a type of cure, with the help of Cortana or Dr.Halsey, because they was some reason Dr.Halsey was shown in the beginning before the game play. The Arbiter, I believe, will come back and possibly be the one who finds the cure's location, after they find out what may cure the disease of the Flood.
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